Decorating a home requires a lot of hard work. The worst thing about decorating your home is that you don’t know what mistakes you’re making. Wrong colors, wrong furniture type, and so on are common mistakes people make when they try to design their home. There are many decisions to make and lots of things to consider. But here’s the thing: you don’t have time for mistakes! This blog post will talk about the common decorating mistakes that you need to stop making in your home right now!

1. Choosing the wrong wall color


Choosing too many colors and not enough neutrals. Choosing a color that is too bright or “warm.” Bright colors will make the room feel smaller and can be overwhelming. The wrong hues will make the room feel drab or outdated. While also choosing a light color for the space – if you have dark furniture and darker area rugs, it’s best not to choose lighter colors because they won’t show up well. The mismatched or contrasting colors will clash, and all you’ll see is the wrong color! Another mistake is choosing a dark color that doesn’t show dirt as easily. Choosing too light of an accent wall or choosing one with patterns on it will be challenging to keep clean because of the patterned design.

On the other hand, contrasting shades will make the space feel more spacious. The wrong color will be overpowering in any room, and picking a complementary hue that mixes well together is essential to having a successful design! And we all know how much of an effort it can be to try decorating your home – choosing colors, wallpapers, paint hues. The list goes on and on.

2. White as the Only Accent

Choosing white as your only wall color. White can look empty if you don’t have any other focal points in the area of your home. This is why you should always add smaller focal points like a piece of bright artwork, an area rug to tie the room together. An all-white look will be great for a family with children. Just remember to include the right amount of color in your decorating. If you have a more sophisticated space, white is an excellent color to use throughout your home.

3. Unmatchable Furniture


Not using light-colored furniture in a dark room will make it feel gloomier than ever before! Stick with lighter shades or even white if you have a lot of windows and natural light. The unmatchable or darker furniture will absorb the light and make it feel as if you’re living in a dimly lit cave. Mismatched furniture is also the biggest living room decorating mistake, making it appear as if you have not thought about how the pieces of furniture will work together. Another option is dressers that are too small for your bedroom, so they look like a child’s dresser in an adult’s room. To buy one new piece of furniture, make sure all the other pieces in that room are similar or complement it!

4. Going Too Rustic

The most common mistake we often make is going too rustic. Rustic design is often seen as a way to make your space seem more cozy and welcoming, but it can also be overdone. The opposite of rustic decorating mistakes is making the room feel too sterile or cold by going with overly matchy-matchy furniture that feels stiff rather than inviting. Always try to strike a balance!

5. Hanging Short Length Curtains


It’s tempting to hang shorter-length curtains in a high window, but this only makes the room feel smaller and more cramped. If you want to contrast with your curtains, then go for floor-length ones or try using different colors all together! The short curtains will make you feel hemmed in. Always go for full-length curtains no matter what the window size!

6. Bad Lighting

Lights are the main source of light in a room, and they can make or break how your home feels. Avoid using overhead lights as the main source for lighting by adding lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, etc. It will instantly control your mood! One way to keep overhead lights from being too harsh is by installing dimmer switches, allowing you to control your light’s brightness.

7. The Wrong Rug


Rugs’ size and material should depend on the type of room you are decorating and its function. For example, an area rug is a good idea in living rooms to define space, while runner rugs work better for hallways or foyers. The size of the rugs should be proportional to the size of the room and furniture. A too small or too large rug will be an uneasy fit.

8. Ignoring Scale and Sizing

The size of the furniture should be proportional to the room. You can tell if your furnishings are too small for a space by measuring their height, width, and depth concerning the dimensions of the room they go into. Once you know what measurements work best with that space, purchase items that complement those proportions or follow them exactly.

9. Overdoing the Decor


One mistake we’ve made is that we’ve over decorated. It’s nice to give some personal touches to your home, but it can be a little too much if you’re constantly moving decorations around and rearranging furniture because everything feels cluttered. A less decor is a more comfortable home. The best way to measure out the perfect amount of decor is by looking at how much you need in relation to the size and shape of your space. If it’s an L-shaped room, for instance, then a few smaller decorative items will be enough because we typically don’t have too many corners on that type of floor plan. On a rectangular room, however, you’ll need more decor because the space is long and narrow–you don’t want it to feel like everything’s crammed up against one another or that all of your furniture is being pushed into an L-shape as well!

10. Ignoring Primary Colors

One mistake when decorating is not using primary colors like reds, yellows, and blues. These colors are the easiest to incorporate into space because they work well with so many other color palettes. The shades also work well when you want to brighten up a space.

On a Nutshell

Here are 11 mistakes you need to stop making in your home. These decorating tips will help keep your rug looking its best and the rest of your space clutter-free as well! Do visit RugKnots so you can buy a beautiful, high-quality rug that is just right for any room. They will also guide you through the process of choosing a rug that is perfect for your space. We hope you enjoyed these decorating tips, and please let us know what other horrible decorating mistakes we should stop in our homes too!