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No matter how strong your furniture is when you buy it, just be sure that it won’t last forever. It will get to the point that you’ll need furniture removal experts to help you haul it away. Or better still, you might want to sell it.

Selling furniture is a great way to recoup your investment when you don’t need it anymore. Instead of calling a furniture removal company to come and haul it away, taking it to the disposal area, why not make a few bucks? But just how do you make a top-dollar profit from old and worn-out pieces of furniture?

1. Be Proactive

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Sharing your furniture in an online marketplace will go a long way in getting you the right client. You never know who needs that piece of furniture you no longer have an interest in.

For instance, you can post it on craigslist, which has a collection of buyers and sellers from all walks of life. Just because it’s old and used doesn’t mean that no one wants it. What’s more, is that you might even find a person that’s willing to come to pick it up instead of you taking it to them. And this will help you save a lot on hiring a furniture removal company.

2. Mention Details in Honesty

Honesty pays and helps you get the right buyer. There’s no point lying about something that a client will find out ultimately. A lie can only go so long. In the end, the client will be disappointed for not getting what you had painted in their minds.

It’s always right for anyone to get what they bargained for. After all, it’s perfectly normal for furniture to suffer a bit of damage after years and years of use. It won’t look like it was years back when you purchased it. And this should be the least of your worries, as long as you’re honest. You know this, buyers know this, and even we know this – old furniture doesn’t look new. So, you don’t have to try and convince anyone that yours has a new touch – unless it actually does.

Buyers will want to know exactly what they’re coming for. If you’re upfront about any damages, an interested buyer won’t be bothered by it. They’ll only be gross when they get to your place and find that ‘perfect’ chair missing one leg. And this will even spoil your online selling reputation. If you’re unsure about the condition and don’t feel that it will sell, consider calling a furniture removal company to haul it away, suggests JiffyJunk

3. Tell Your Furniture’s Story

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People are more moved and touched by the history of something rather than its condition. That explains why vintage and old-school items sell more than even modern items. Have you ever asked the price of something old in a museum? In fact, anything that’s in a museum is priceless. So, why are these ancient artifacts so damn expensive? It’s simple – because of their historical value.

Do you share any sentimental value with your old piece of furniture? Then don’t be too quick to call a furniture removal company. Someone might just see the value it holds and purchases it at a top dollar amount.

Ensure that you mention the history and sentimental attachment you have with that item when you’re selling it. This is your moment to take on the center stage. Be as creative as you can when you’re making the listing rich with all of the details needed.

All of the things you considered necessary when you just got that piece of furniture might be the same things that drive the buyers to get a hold of it from your sales pitch. Also, details like the brand that made your piece of furniture matters a lot. Did a high-end brand make it in the market? Or did a talented lad with a remarkable story make it? People want to listen to such stories so that they can feel the piece of furniture coming ‘alive.’

Is your item a high-value piece, or is it antique furniture? Share some proof that will show the piece’s authenticity, whether by showing a label or a purchase receipt. Look, nobody’s trying to buy something with no value at the end of the day.

4. Take Amazing Pictures

Pictures speak a lot about the piece of furniture. That’s why even furniture removal companies ask for some photographs sometimes to determine how much it’ll cost to offer you the service. When you can take great pictures, do you even need a furniture removal company? Buyers will be bombarding your phone with calls showing their interest in purchasing the piece of furniture.

You should have a lesser description of the product than terrible photos. People first look at pictures when purchasing something online – according to recent studies.

5. Final Judgement

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In summary, those are the tips that can help you sell your piece of furniture at a good price. Instead of calling a furniture removal company to haul away the junk, why not take advantage of these tips to make extra money? But if you still insist on getting rid of it, feel free to bring in a professional furniture removal team.