Tattoos are a two-edged sword. You can love them, but they can be a mistake at times too, or as time goes by. Although something might look cool at one point and as the best (prettiest) design in the world, years later it may look like an awful concept that is purely out of fashion or something that has been done poorly. If you live in Melbourne and you’re looking for some helpful information on tattoo removal facts or if you’re looking for a clinic keep on reading! We have all the information you need.

FAQ about the removal process


Is it okay to do it?

Did you know that around 20% of Australians and up to 50% of University students in Australia have at least one tattoo? However, more than half of them are unsatisfied with the outcome and are regretting their decision. This is why one can turn to a medically qualified technician who knows how to do the removal process while minimizing your chances of permanent scarring or infection.

Most people need three to six months after their final laser treatment to get their skin back to its original form.

How does the removal process work and look like?

The laser works in nanoseconds and picoseconds, effectively breaking up the pigment of your tattoo into small fragments. Multi-colored or bigger tattoos are a bit harder to remove (as well as more time-consuming) and they require multiple wavelengths of laser light. The number of needed treatments varies anywhere from 6-20. If you are serious about the removal you should be equipped with time, patience, and money.

It is not as scary or uncomfortable if you find an expert.

Is the process painful?

Most people worry about the pain factor in this case. Well, the process and aftermath is a lot like getting a tattoo in the first place in terms of pain. Most estheticians will use a local anesthetic to numb down the pain and discomfort level. The sensation is described as slight stinging and mild discomfort by most men and women. This is usually similar to what you’d feel with a small burn or blister.

What Are The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Clinics in Melbourne, AU? Top 5 To Check Out


If you want to remove your tattoo you have to narrow down your search and options. Here are some of the best tattoo removal clinics in Melbourne that we recommend checking out!

1. Richmond Skin Laser

This clinic offers laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and fat removal. Laser tattoo removal Melbourne offers a treatment protocol that minimizes pain during your initial process and removal. Richmond Skin & laser clinic will provide professional laser tattoo removal with excellent results in a couple of treatments. You can book your appointment online and on their site with just a few clicks. They also offer refund policies. Prepaid packages of 10 treatments or less expire after 12 months, over 10 treatments expire after 18 months. If you plan on doing several treatments make sure that you take all of your time into consideration.

2. Fresh Start Laser

If you want a beauty salon that offers several different treatments in one place, this is your clinic! You can do tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, carbon laser peels, micro-needling microdermabrasion, and skin peels. This clinic often does great deals and amazing packages that will help you save money. You can even subscribe to their newsletter to get great discount deals and offers straight to your email. Removal starts at $100 while you can combine different packages to customize your ideal outcome. Always remember to call if you can’t make your appointment. If you fail to cancel your appointment or if you cancel at the last minute you will pay a cancelation fee of $50.

3. Collins Cosmetic


If you want to enjoy options and check out a salon that does everything you’re exactly where you need to be. Here, you can try out BBL, pigment lasers, tattoo & hair removal, along with injectables, leg vein treatments, and a lot of different facials. This is a premium skin clinic located in Melbourne’s CBD. It is led by Dr. David MacDonald and Dr. Garth Dicker, the perfect place to book your appointment online and on their site. You will have to get in touch with them to discuss prices. You can also book consultations before making your final decision. This clinic does treatments on men and women and are always sharing their results on social media.

4. Melbourne Tattoo Removal

Melbourne Tattoo Removal provides one of the most experienced services in the tattoo removal industry. They have been around for years and offer fair prices (starting at $85 per treatment). You also get a ton of discount options, such as when bringing a friend you get 10% off! You will also get free consultations on the process. During your consultation you will have the whole process explained to you in detail, any quotes or estimates you require will be supplied and any questions you may have will be answered. You can also share your own personal pictures on their site to get answers and guidelines on your specific appointment.

5. Removery

The tattoo removal specialists are highly trained in the most advanced laser tattoo removal equipment and procedures. They only do tattoo removal, which makes them trustworthy in their field of expertise. They are a popular clinic across the world and not just in Australia. In fact, you can find them across Canada and the US, with tens of clinics, all of them could be just one car drive away from you! You can speak with an expert on their site and send in your questions to get a free estimate of the price point and what the procedure is going to look like. Message them for pricing and know that you’re in safe hands! Give them a click and be amazed by the results