Halloween is an annual Christian festival. It is a religious celebration with mixed beliefs and evolved traditions, beginning from Celts in Britain. Writing an essay about an event like Halloween is quite interesting, with the history, activities, and facts associated with it. Below are a few tips to make your Halloween essay outclass.

1. Choose a Good Topic


The subject of Halloween is vast. It has multi-dimensional topics sprinkling from the origin, history, value, and traditions of the night. Besides, the current generation is also considerate about the risks attached to this night, so a topic like this can also be interesting and attention-grabbing. Below are given a few examples of topics of essay about Halloween:

  • The ancient concept of Halloween
  • The Origin of the Pumpkin Carving Tradition
  • Costume Ideas for Halloween
  • The Scariest Tradition of Halloween
  • How to Protect Your Property and Children during Halloween Celebrations

Also, mostly professors assign stories around the subject. In this case, you can write ghostly stories packed with scary scenes in spooky places like graveyards, forests, and abandoned forts. For example, “releasing the dead behind the coffin” or “waking up in a loop of space and time,” etc., can perform as the most suitable story topics.

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2. Compose the Outline

It is said that “cut an elephant into pieces to eat it.” In other words, doing your work with a perfect plan and cutting it into different sections can save your time and energy. For any type of essay, making an outline can divide the work into different sections with a short understanding of the topic of each paragraph. To make the outline for your Halloween essay, follow the structure given below:

  • Introduction (hook, background, and complete sentence of thesis statement if you are working on an argumentative Halloween topic)
  • Topic sentence for paragraph 1
  • Topic sentence for paragraph 2
  • Topic sentence for paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

You can add to the number of paragraphs as per your choice.

3. Say Few Words about Halloween


Whatever topic you pick up, it is essential to instill background information into the essay. Thereby, when you write about Halloween, it is important to make the reader understand its meaning and convention because he may not have heard about it. You can also select an informative speech on Halloween as your essay topic, where you will tell all about the festivity. If you are writing with another specific topic about the ceremony, add the concise details in the introduction after the hook and before the thesis. Also, when you have done the essay, you can also emphasize the meaning of Halloween in a single sentence beginning your conclusion paragraph. But, you should not keep on talking about the event if your topic is not about the value, origin, history, or activities of the event. Wrap up the information in a one-line description in conclusion, and connect it back to your topic to sum up the essay.

4. Talk About the Tradition

The celebrations of Halloween bring much excitement and craziness through the strange and unparalleled traditions associated with it. The most prominent customs include pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, wearing scary costumes, attending Halloween parties, bobbing for apples, sharing horror stories with others, visiting haunted places, entering into mysteries, watching horror movies, and renewing the belief in ghosts.

You can relate all these traditions in your essay by describing all-important and worldwide famous traditions in short paragraphs. Besides, you can also pick up a single tradition and split your essay into recounting its meaning, history, origin, popularity, and impacts on society.

Also, whether you are writing a Halloween essay about traditions or not, you have to describe them in a few sentences because the reader will not grasp the significance of the festival unless you show him the way Americans celebrate it.

5. The Essay Must Be a Well-Structured


Whether you are doing a Halloween essay or any other, structure matters a lot. Fundamentally, an essay structure is:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

Every writer is well-aware of this basic structure to write a Halloween essay. The confusion grows when we develop an outline for the body section because it depends on the type of essay type selected by you or ordered by your professor. For example, if you are writing an argumentative Halloween essay like ‘Halloween is dangerous for growing children. You will have to structure the body section after introduction into different segments like supporting paragraphs with appropriate evidence from authentic sources, refutation, and conclusion. It must have a thesis statement, which keeps a connection throughout the essay. But, if you are doing a descriptive Halloween essay, like ‘history of Halloween,’ you do not need to develop a thesis and prove it through hard evidence. Instead, you can simply flow from an introduction to a conclusion with 2 to 3 body paragraphs relevant to the topic. In short, before you structure the essay, be sure about the assigned essay type.

6. Edit and Proofread

To make your Halloween essay perfect and grade-friendly, keep editing your draft. Make sure you have left no stone unturned to remove all spelling and grammatical errors. The final copy of your essay must be clear, readable, and comprehensive.

For this purpose, you can get help from your seniors, family members, or friends. If none of them is available, you can get online essay help from custom writing companies. They have master proofreaders, working for several years. Also, you can run online proofreading software through your document to make it completely flawless and get brilliant suggestions to improve it.

7. Write a Strong Conclusion


The conclusion is the final part of your Halloween essay. You can begin it with a final note on the significance of the festivity of the event, followed by a short summary of your main points in short sentences. Leave the reader even more curious to know about the topic with your final sentence of the essay. Like the introduction, the conclusion needs to be brief and engaging with a restatement of the thesis statement if you are attempting to convince the reader of something.

Finally, Halloween is a big celebration among Christians and, particularly Americans. Therefore, its significance, traditions, and historical importance have initiated various writers to dig out the facts and accomplish literary works around it. So, you can get plenty of material written on Halloween to get an idea of Halloween essay writing.

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