Fitbits are activity trackers that measure a variety of personal metrics in fitness such as the number of steps walked or climbed, heart rate, quality of sleep, and others.

These wireless-enabled wearable devices track every part of your day and help you stay fit and motivated, at the same time showcasing how small steps can make a big impact. They are great for monitoring your health, staying in shape, and can even be worn as an accessory.

Besides the common features, Fitbits offer a variety of other advantages, so you should choose one that best suits your lifestyle and taste. Some of the extra benefits these watches provide include tracking your water intake, counting your calories, sport recognition, reminders, GPS, and many more. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Fitbit smartwatches you can choose from.

1Versa – when you don’t feel like carrying your phone


One of Fitbit’s original smartwatches, it includes all the essentials of an activity tracker – step, sleep, calorie tracking, heart rate monitoring, the numbers of steps climbed. You can record your favorite workouts by telling Versa you are going for a run, or doing yoga, or any type of preferable exercise, but if you simply want someone else to tell you what to do, you can use a pre-programmed workout of your choice and just follow the instructions.

This activity tracker also provides access to emails, text messages, social media push notifications and even allows you to store music on it, enabling you to simply leave your phone at home.

2Versa Special Edition – when you want to leave your phone and wallet at home


Similarly to Versa, this smartwatch has all the perks of health tracking, real-time pace and distance information, exercise sensing for when you forget to hit go, and even a music player. What makes it different from the previous one is that it also features a contactless payment system, allowing you to pay for something by simply scanning your watch.

3Versa Lite – if you prefer simplicity


This device includes 15 exercise modes and the staples like sleep and heart-rate monitors and a step tracker. If you don’t need features like watch payments or swim-lap tracking than the Versa Lite is the perfect choice for you. You can find this model on sites like

4Inspire – if you’ve never used an activity tracker


They are cheaper compared to other devices, so they might be perfect if you are debating whether to start using an activity tracker or not. This wearable device keeps track of your steps, sleep, counts the number of calories burned, and monitors your activities. It also notifies you as soon as someone texts you or sends you a message on your social media account.

5Ionic – if you like big screens

The Ionic has heart-rate monitoring, Fitbit Coach workouts, a music player, GPS-tracking, and offers card-less payment, along with the standard features. They can be paired with Bluetooth headphones and have a 5-day battery life which might be considered as a nice bonus for some.


No matter which Fitbit you choose, all of them are great, useful devices. Simply pick one based on your preferences, goals, and most importantly your budget and before long you will be on the right track to improving your fitness, health, and overall well-being.

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