Long ago, watches were considered to be essential tools that everyone had to have because it helps them keep better track of time. People were quite dependent on these watches to tell them the right time so they would not be late for a meeting, prepare hot meals on the dot, and more. In the modern world though, most rely on their smartphones where it is even possible to tell time down to the thousandth of a second.

But despite this current situation, one could never go wrong with buying or owning a watch these days. Whether it’s an Omega or a Luminox men’s watch, there are plenty of brands and models available in the market today, especially when you check out websites like Like any buying journey, it pays to do your research to gift or take home a watch that suits your requirement and budget. Still not convinced why it’s a great idea to own one today?

What Makes Owning Watches a Great Idea?


While many people will argue that having a smartphone is enough to tell them the correct time and more, some believe otherwise. Here are some reasons why owning or gifting a watch to a family or friend is still a good idea these days.

1. A watch is useful and functional

The primary use of watches back then was for the military to help coordinate missions. Unlike pocket watches, it was easier for soldiers to look at their wrists instead. Today, phones will be out of battery due to prolonged use, whereas watches will continue to work because of the batteries. In addition, modern watches have a lot of other functions than just telling time – from tracking your burnt calories and steps taken up to monitoring your heartbeat and many more.

2. Watches are convenient to have and wear

Many may be reliant and used to taking their phones out of their pockets or bags for time. But why do so when you have an accessory on your wrist that does the same thing? Even better is that you can’t accidentally drop it while running through the stairs or crowd for a meeting that you don’t want to be late for.

This timepiece will also help you avoid being rude to someone you’re talking to or for situations that call for phones to be concealed, like a meeting or a mass. You can easily and swiftly know the time through it.


3. It is a great heirloom to give to pass down to the future generation of the family

Heirlooms are items with a special value that’s been handed down from one generation to another. Of all the heirlooms you see today, watches are one of the most popular because they’re timeless and long-lasting.

Somehow, receivers will feel connected to the person who previously owned and wore it because they will now be taking care of it. And because these vintage watches have stood the test of time, it will be great to know how to continue to do so to preserve them for the next generation too.

4. These timepieces are works of craftsmanship

Not many may realize it, but extreme craftsmanship is involved in creating high-end watches as well as some lower-end and affordable timepieces. Watches, especially high-end ones, take hundreds of hours and even more to create.

Watchmakers need to have the expertise to handle such projects to provide a timepiece with perfectly designed cases, advanced mechanical movements, stunning dials, and more. You will learn to appreciate it more once you know just how much work was put into creating it.


5. It showcases your style

From luxury dress watches to dive timepieces, there are plenty of types to choose from that you can purchase for your own or as a gift these days. Are you or a friend in the corporate world asked to attend functions and meetings most of the time? Well, a dress watch may be fitting. Are you fond of the outdoors and adventures? A dive watch may just be what is missing in your outdoor look. It’s a form of self-expression and showcases your personality depending on the timepiece you wear.

6. This timepiece can be an investment too

Believe it or not, timepieces that are well taken care of can be a great investment for you. Many are looking for specific brands and models to add to their collection or to give as a gift to their special someone. Do you have a rare limited edition watch that’s well-preserved? If you do, you will know eventually that it is worth more today than before.


7. Watches complete one’s wardrobe

A watch is more than just a simple time-keeping device. It can also be a fashionable accessory that makes a statement about your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic leather strap or a modern metal bracelet, a watch can help to complete your outfit. And although it may seem like a small detail, the right watch can make all the difference in your overall appearance.

Whether you are dressing for a casual day at work or a formal event, a watch can help to pull your look together and give you the confidence you need to take on the day. So next time you are getting dressed, do not forget to strapped on your favorite timepiece. It just might be the finishing touch that you need.

Key Takeaway

More than just an accessory, these are the reasons why it’s a good idea to have a watch. In the modern world where smartphones are everywhere, these timepieces are not just worn to tell you time but are a great addition to your outfit and reflect your style. If you do not have one or you do but not wearing it, then it might be time to reconsider.