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Working professionals from various industries have a lot of tasks at hand. But with technology, these mundane tasks are efficiently completed. The advancement in technology also brings about more flexible and more possibilities for professionals to perform their functions. Accomplishing these tasks are now made possible by modern gadgets that almost a decade ago were simply ideas.

Here is a list of modern gadgets that every working professional should have.

Portable Computers

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The main device a professional requires is a portable computer in the form of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are various devices to choose from, with each device having its range of capabilities.

Laptops are desktop computers in mobile form, fitted with a monitor screen, touchpad mouse, and a keyboard. For more portability, you can opt for a netbook, 2in1, or tablet PC. Other options are smartphones that provide not just communication but productivity apps as well.

Connectivity Devices

Everything is connected nowadays through the Internet. While some devices are fitted with networking capabilities, tools such as WiFi hotspots are designed to connect multiple devices on the go. The connection can be shared with various computer devices with most modern WifFi hotspots having abilities to manage 32 devices. Its speed is significantly higher too, with some of the best tools offering 600 Mbps.

Camera and Imaging Add-ons

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If your task involves the use of camera and imaging systems, you may want to add a compact camera to your gadget list. Although DSLR cameras will provide professional-looking images, several high-quality compact cameras will do the trick. Most compact cameras or action cameras are also built to be versatile and suited to be brought along adventures.

Another great news is the availability of imaging add-ons for smartphones. An example is a thermal energy add-on that can be fitted on smartphones, thus eliminating the need for handling bulky thermal imaging cameras. Most imaging add-on devices are compatible with the USB connectors of smartphones and require its application to be installed in the machine.

Teleconference Setup

Whether you are having an office or a work-from-home meeting, it is essential to have a setup to make your video conferences exceptional. The devices you need for this setup may consist of a wireless keyboard, webcam, and a conference phone. There are a variety of these devices available while some companies offer this setup as a package. It is also common for these tools to be plug-and-play, making its installation easy, and these tools being compatible with most modern computers.

Desk Phone

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Some may debate that smartphones are enough for communication. However, most businesses and professionals still prefer desk phones due to its better sound quality, excellent coverage and reliable reception. Not to mention that most modern desk phone systems have the capability to connect with smartphones or transform it into a desk phone as it is fitted with a Bluetooth speaker and a charging dock. Desk phones are yet vital, especially for professionals who engage in phone conferences most of the time. Some of the features available in these devices include cordless phone, two-line support, headset jack, taking cellphone calls, and answering machine.


If your task relies more on audio and voice, then a pair of earphones would be beneficial. Most modern headsets have noise-cancelling features with wireless capabilities. These tools are handy during meetings and can also be used for listening to music. Bluetooth headsets are becoming the norm to lessen the need for wires. Click here to learn about the types of Bluetooth devices and the features they offer.

Language Translators


If you are a professional who travels the world or who transacts with various clients or partners with different nationalities, then language translators will come in handy. There are multiple types available in the market with more recent devices utilising Artificial intelligence in its real-time translation. Some language translator devices come with a headset for real-time and hands-free communication, while others are limited to an application installed in smartphones. It is also noteworthy that these gadgets can translate not just one language, but are commonly capable of interpreting 20 to over 30 languages.


If your laptop can keep up for more than 8 or 10 hours, then good for you. However, there are times that the right power bank will be your go-to solution to extend the battery life of your devices. These tools are especially advantageous to have when you’re often on the move or when a power supply is inaccessible. A variety of power banks are available, with smaller types used for smartphones, and larger yet bulkier ones that can be utilized with laptops.

Wall Chargers

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If you need more to power your devices in lesser time, you may want to try wall chargers that provide fast charging. These wall chargers are utilised to power your laptop computers, smartphones and your power banks too. Some wall chargers also provide multiple ports for the simultaneous charging of devices. Due to the fast charge support, these devices also lessen the time to fully charge your devices, cutting time to almost half.

At present, the types of wall chargers are Silicone and Gallium Nitride (GaN). GaN chargers are the latest technology which is smaller and more efficient at transferring electric current. Although GaN semiconductors are more expensive, other elements in the charger are no longer necessary. Its energy efficiency rate is also greater, making it a better choice.

Data Storage

If you have many files, data storage will be convenient. Although most are relying on cloud technology, having a USB storage or a MicroSD card can be advantageous. For security, most storage devices have encryption measures while some USB storages are equipped with a physical keypad for added protection.

Adaptors and Docking Stations

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Since laptop computers are becoming slimmer and smaller, most of them have fewer connectors. It is then essential to have adaptors and docking stations to give you more ports to connect accessories as well as other devices to your computer.

The devices mentioned above will surely make your work simpler and you more productive. A variety of these tools is available in the market today, so be sure to choose your gadgets wisely. Opt for those with multifunctions and think of what you need. Also remember that not all expensive devices are great choices, as there might be cheaper yet effective alternatives.