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Have you decided this is the year to transform your outdoor space into a true backyard oasis? Do you want to be able to create that sense of outdoor living and create an environment that is both ideals for entertainment and just relaxing on your own? Is your current garden space looking a bit dull and void of personality? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then there is a good chance you’re in the market for a hot tub. And hot tubs don’t just add personality and entertainment to your yard space – they are also great for those who suffer from muscle aches and pains and are looking for some relief.

This year-round leisure activity can really take your backyard to the next level, but there is a matter of which one is best for your needs and wants while fitting your budget. Just as you would imagine, there is a huge difference in pricing based on the size, features, and quality of the hot tub, which can make finding that perfect one a tad overwhelming. Not to worry as we’re here to break it down for you and give you the scoop on the best hot tubs for all budgets.

1. Inflatable Hot Tubs – The Perfect Entry Into the Market

For those on a tight budget who are new to hot tubs, there is actually a really viable and cost-effective option. Inflatable hot tubs tend to be priced around £300 and can provide you with everything you’re looking for as a newbie. You’ll have a fully functioning hot tub that you can use while the weather is warm, and then once the cooler weather comes around, you can pack it up to ensure it stays good for the following year.

This brings us to the big downfall of inflatable hot tubs. These are a seasonal option, making them great for those who only see themselves using a hot tub in the warmer months. The problem is that they aren’t as well insulated as the hard shell tubs, which means they will have a very hard time keeping a consistent temperature in winter. That and the fact they just aren’t meant to hold up to winter weather conditions.

These tend to be small and compact in size, which for many homeowners, is all they need or want.

In terms of what inflatable hot tubs are best, the Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub consistently gets high reviews and is known as a great budget hot tub. It is very easy and fast to set up and can reach a temperature of 40 degrees C. It seats four to six people and has a jet system.

2. The Portable Hard Shell Hot Tub – The Most Common Type of Tub Bought

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When it comes to the most popular type of hot tub out there, the portable hard shell hot tub tops the list. This is the one most people picture in their minds when they think of a hot tub. Within this category is a massive difference in pricing, which is based on the size of the hot tub, the features, and the quality of the tub.

Besides the excellent range of prices, people also appreciate that these tend to be the most energy-efficient and offer a higher level of performance in many other cases.

The fact they are called “portable” is a bit misleading, though. The idea isn’t to move it around your yard. Rather they are portable in that you can move it into the permanent location fairly easily and then set it up to remain in that spot. Because they are built to last a good amount of time, they are quite heavy and cumbersome, which helps to make them more durable. They will also require a special pad under them in order to hold their weight and keep them level.

If you’re after a hot tub that has plenty of jets and nozzles for the true relaxation and health benefits, it’s best to choose from this category rather than the inflatables. Pricing for a mid-range hard-shelled hot tub tends to be in the £4,000 and up range.

3. Swim Spas – The Ultimate Splurge When It Comes to Hot Tub

There need to be a lot of cards that fall just right in order to make a swim spa ideal for your yard space, but if you check off all the boxes then this could be exactly what you’re after. A swim spa truly is the next level when it comes to hot tubs.

With a swim spa, you get all the same benefits of a hot tub, so you will certainly be able to relax in them. At the same time, they offer a dual purpose in that they are ideal for those who want to exercise in the water. You’re actually able to swim laps in these spas without the need for a giant pool. They use a current stream that creates resistance as you swim. Many of them allow you to adjust the current so you can amp up the challenge if you want.

As points out, depending on the model you decide on, you can also purchase a kit that essentially transforms the hot tub into a universal gym. You can get a full-body workout right in your hot tub.

A great example of these types of swim spas is the AquaTrainer 14 DTfx. This one is described as the perfect spa for those who consider themselves “active swimmers”. If you find that the 14-foot model just doesn’t give you enough space, you can always upgrade to the AquaTrainer 19 DTfx. The larger model is obviously top of the line, so with that you can expect top of the line pricing.

Plenty to Get You Started With

When you start shopping for your new hot tub, these different categories are important to keep in mind. Think about not just your budget but how you plan to use the hot tub, when, how many people you’ll have it in, what features are most important to you, and how to jazz up your backyard