1What Is It?

Electric Hair Removal is the application of electric current in the removal of hair from the body.

2Does this sound scary to you?


Well, you should not be scared because this technique is often referred to as part of the permanent hair removal solutions that work for men and women.

If you are planning to get rid of that unwanted or unsightly hair in any part of your body, you may want to take this option into account.

Some ladies, in particular, like taking this approach when getting rid of hair on their feet before taking pictures to sell online. Yes, people make money selling their feet pictures, thanks to men who buy them as this website indicates.

Using this method of hair removal helps with long-lasting effect and better-looking feet, which seem to help with the selling process.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to go the route of electric hair removal, the following are vital facts you should know about this technique.

3Methods of Electric Hair Removal

Electric hair removal is carried out under the process referred to as electrolysis or electrology. This is conducted by an electrologist who inserts metal probes into the hair follicles.

After this insertion, electricity is passed through to damage or destroy the cells that generate hair to the body. If the probe is inserted properly, the risk of skin damage is minimized or completely eliminated.

So, always make sure you get this done for you by a professional. Even if you are presented with a much cheaper option, make sure it’s done by a professional.

There are usually three methods that can be applied to remove unwanted hair in the body through electrology.

These are:

1. Galvanic method

2. Thermolysis method

3. Blend method

The Galvanic method delivers sodium hydroxide or lye to the hair roots via cathode of the probes and destroys the hair growth.

In other words, the method uses electricity produced by chemicals to destroy hair growth.

The Thermolysis method is applied when RF or high-frequency electromagnetic current is transmitted through the epilatory probe to heat and destroy hair matrix cells.

The Blend method is the combination of both the Galvanic and Thermolysis methods.

4The effects of electrical hair removal


This hair removal technique is often recommended to permanently stop hair growth.

It is approved by the Food and Dr*g Administration (FDA) of the United States as the best permanent hair removal technique.

It provides better results than the use of laser hair removal.

Some of the effects of applying this technique are that it may cause redness and inflammation on the skin. However, these effects may disappear after some days.

Finally, electrical hair removal using any of the methods above will provide you with a more permanent result in getting rid of unwanted body hair permanently.

This technique is preferred to the use of laser hair removal, which could result in more discomforting complications.

You should consult a qualified electrologist to carry out the procedure on you. This will increase your chance of completely avoiding the side effects of the condition.