With the oncoming new chapter, Shadowkeep for Destiny 2 that will bring in many new missions, quests, dungeons, an all-new raid, new gear and armor you can get and much more, a lot of people are getting back into Destiny 2. You are probably one of those people interested in getting back into the amazing world of Destiny 2, but your character may be under-leveled or under-geared or even starting a new character.

This is why many people turn to online boosting service to help you get back into the game. We have made a list of the top 5 boosts you can purchase for Destiny 2, but first, we will answer some questions you probably have. These services usually will connect you with a support manager that will find out what is the most convenient time to boost your account, he will explain to you in detail about your future and current progress.

A service manager will draw you up to a plan of the boosting service you will get and will find you a pro player or a team. You will have to communicate with the pro player regularly and give them your password, verification code and everything they need to access your account.

These boosting services are usually safe since they are regular businesses that work with legal contracts. They usually have good refund policies if anything goes wrong, a business PayPal which requires you to prove that you are running a business, a personal stream where you can watch the whole boosting process from start to finish. You can also check this boosting site’s reviews and check if they do a good job or if they are legitimate.

Now we will list the top 5 boosts you can get out of boosting services.

1Crucible Glory Rank


Once you place an order to a boosting site, they will assign a professional player that will fulfill your request. The player will be playing Competitive Matches with the highest win rate possible so that they can achieve your desired Crucible Glory Rank. These professional players usually have amazing skills and K/D ratio of at least 2.5. All the tokens, materials, weapons and gear that they will earn by completing the competitive matches will be left on your character except those that will be dismantled to free some space.

2Revoker Pinnacle Weapon

Revoker is the new pinnacle weapon from the Season of Opulence. It is a frame kinetic sniper rifle and it is probably one of the best snipers currently in the game.

3Recluse Pinnacle weapon


Recluse is the pinnacle weapon from the Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter. This is very hard to get SMG, that’s why it has been a very popular boosting option recently.

4The Mountaintop Quest

The Mountaintop is a kinetic lightweight grenade launcher that fills the primary weapon slot which is pretty rare for grenade launchers in Destiny 2. Finishing the quests to earn The Mountaintop weapon may be complicated and long, that’s we think it’s a great boost option.

5Crown of Sorrow raid


Crown of Sorrow raid has the most complicated boss fight in Destiny 2. Gahlran, The Sorrow Bearer has proven to be a very hard fight for some people, which is why they turn to boost. This is why we chose this as a good boosting option.