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Since its release back in 2017, the game has changed a lot. Since the release, there have been a couple of post-release contents in the form of expansions. Those include Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, and now Shadowkeeper, which include the raid Season of the Undying. With the launch of Shadowkeeper, the devs launched the new free-to-play version of the game New Light.

Regardless if you’re a seasoned veteran or starting the game for the first time, we’re going to give you a couple of essential tips for the new raid.

1. Do Not Infuse Anything Yet

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There is an infusion system in Destiny 2 which allows you to consume a weapon or a piece of armor that you don’t want to transfer its power level to your overall character. Infusion allows you to push your character to higher and higher Power levels. Power levels are important because you cannot advance in the game without it.

We recommend that you don’t infuse anything before you reach the soft Power level cap, at 900. Once you reach it, each gear you get will be better and better than the one you’re using. Infusing requires resources, and it’s not worth to infuse until you reach the soft level cap.

2. Don’t Worry About Mods

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Mods are applied to weapons and armor that increase their overall statistics. Mods, same as infusing, require resources and the entire mod system has seen a new revamp. But equipping the mods now also costs glimmer, and since you’ll be swapping lots of gear as you play, we recommend you don’t use any mods early on.

Grinding in Destiny 2 can be a lot of time-consuming. Shadowkeeper has seen lots of new exotic weapons and gear available for you to get by completing the raid and certain challenges. One way to skip past these challenges is to purchase them directly. For more information make sure to click here to the full exotic items list and boost for Season of the Undying.

3. Open Region Chests

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Region chests are marked with a plus sign on your map. These locations have a treasure chest that always rewards you with a blue item. These items can help you reach the soft cap, but they are entirely useless once you reach it. Region chests are an excellent way to Power up faster.

4. Priorities Bounties

Experience points in Shadowkeeper advance you toward better seasonal rewards. With each level, you get better and better rewards. Experience is very important in Destiny 2, and you get it by killing enemies, opening chests, and completing activities. But the best way to get experience is to priorities bounties, especially the weekly ones.

5. Be a Hoarder

We mentioned the importance of XP. The more XP the higher your battle pass rewards. Once you level up and acquire the Seasonal Artifacts, the game gets much easier. The emphasis is very strong on XP in Shadowkeeper, so make sure to pick up everything, spare no gear, and do mundane tasks.

6. Save Powerful Rewards

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As soon as you hit Power level 900, the game opens some pretty interesting things such as Nightmare Hunts and a weekly challenge system that rewards you powerful gear. Powerful rewards are very important once you hit the soft cap, and these rewards allow you to progress further in the game.