The Destiny 2 2.0 update was massive and it came out only a week before the newest expansion, the Forsaken expansion. The update was welcomed by fans across the world with open arms as it brought many improvements to the game, as well as, a lot of quality to the game.

The most important improvement came in the form of Triumphs. Triumphs in Destiny 2 have their own menu tab and they are used to track back your accomplishments from the first launch of Destiny 1 and 2. This takes you back more than five years since launch in 2014.

We saw similar mechanics in Destiny 1 in the form of Grimoire and Grimoire Score. Grimoire, for those who don’t know, is a collection of digital lore cards that were unlocked by completing various accomplishments, finding collectibles as you travel the world of Destiny, or defeating in-game bosses. These cards brought with them a kind of “score” which was called Grimoire Score and they were an indication of how much invested a player was in the game.

Destiny 1 also had a feature called “Triumph Books” which would keep track of all of your achieved milestones in the game, and rewarding you with loot as you complete the pages of the Triumph Book.

1A Return of the Triumphs


The Triumph Book and Grimoire, along with the score, were removed from Destiny 2 and replaced with a better system in the form of Triumphs. However, one thing good about the Triumph Book was that it allowed players to track the lore and scannable items across the world.

But that all changed with the Forsaken expansion and the implementation of probably the best version of in-game lore and collectibles tracking.

Destiny 2 Triumphs is a combination of both Grimoire and Triumphs Book. On more information about this new system and where you can acquire some of the collectibles, make sure you click here.

As you acquire collectibles, your Triumph score increases and the lore of the world expanded. But the Forsaken expansion improved the Destiny 2 Triumphs because it allowed players to once again track their accomplishments and challenges completed. Some Triumphs were completed by finishing the main story, or unlocking all subclasses of your character, while others pose a greater challenge to players in the form of achieving multi-kills with a specific super, or denying an opposing teams’ number of motes in Gambit.

With hundreds of Triumphs available for players to complete, it overall offers much more gameplay to the game. However, the accomplishment of Triumphs culminates in the earning of Seals.

2Seals in Destiny 2


Seals are brand new to Destiny 2 and they represent in-game accomplishments. These accomplishments span across 7 different major categories. Each Seal accomplishment offers your character (guardian) a title that can be displayed over its head.

The titles act as a way to show your commitment and tell of your accomplishments in the game, as well as, intimidate your opponents by showing off crucible titles such as the “Unbroken” or others.

The Triumphs and Seals system in Destiny 2 was one of the most welcoming addition because it offered players a pursuit beyond the endgame itself.