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Here comes a new era with Ragnarok M Eternal Love, and those who have been with Ragnarok will be so satisfied with this new era. This video game is a multiplayer online role-playing game, and there are so many new plot stories related to this. You will reveal the secrets of the moon and the rainbow. With the new Free Angel Mode, you will experience an adventurous gaming experience on Ragnarok M Eternal Love. At the beginning, you can try to download Ragnarok M Eternal Love on PC.

This game is a series of Ragnarok, and it is going to develop with a new stage called Ragnarok M Eternal. There is nothing much changed here, and all the quests, gaming plays will be the same as usual. As a player, you will have to engage in different battle arenas, quest resolving, and gearing up characters. That is all the same as other role-playing games.

So if you want to play this fantastic game with the best features, there is no doubt, you have to use the android emulator, which gives you the freedom to have significant adventurous modes amazingly.

Here today, we will talk about the beginner’s guide of Ragnarok M Eternal love and all the things you should know in best on playing this game. So let’s begin.

1. The Job Classes

There are job classes to choose from in this game as usual in the most Novice class, and it is common to all the Ragnarok games. When you reach level 10 of this game, you can change that level 1st job class. There are several 1st job classes here, and you can have the freedom to change them for one of them. Here are the classes.

  • Swordsman *- melee, tankers
  • Archer – have a high DPS and also the long-ranged one
  • Thief – melee, stealthy, agile, and fast
  • Acolyte – supporting and have the ability to heal and buff
  • Merchant – melee character and best for farming
  • Mage – a magical character with elemental damaging and high in AOE skills

By the time you reach Job level 40, you can level up to the 2nd job class. So you can reset your jobs in LV back into 1st class. So once you repeatedly reach level 40, you can change it into transcendent class.

2. Quests of the game

Players have to deal with Ragnarok M Eternal’s specific activities as playing quests, farming, and leveling up. Here, there are three types of quests available within the game, and they are in three different colors based on the NPC’s marks for exclamations.

  • Red – this is the main quest, and players have to give them a priority. These quests are helping you to unlock new kinds of features in the game.
  • Blue – these are daily quests and providing high exp values to the players. And they offer you some rewards on items as well.
  • Green – these quests are not responsible for giving a higher amount of gift. But remember that these are also providing some rare features and skills to the players. When you finish the red and blue quests, it is good to engage in these as well.
  • Daily quests – daily quests are not primary, and they are repeated every day. They provide the players with some excellent rewards for the benefits, and once you unlock them, make sure to participate in them. There are many main daily quests available with Ragnarok M Eternal, and here is a shortlist of them.
  • Message boar in level 15
  • Monster resistance in level 22
  • Time rifts in the arena
  • Training grounds

3. Level up and the stamina systems

When you finish all the quests, your time is now to level up your character. You can do it by killing monsters as much as you can, and there is an auto-attack feature to help in this task. So you are free to leave your character in an auto AFK and engage in other functions in the gameplay.

But remember to watch your stamina every time you can. There will be a combat time bar in your settings, and your character is participating in these combats. When a character is engaging with combat, he can consume one stamina. You are provided with 300 stamina in a day, and if you don’t use them, they will level up for about 900 stamina as well.

There is an item called Lightning Chain to use for grinding and farming, and it helps to farm fast. When this chain is activated, your EXP will be double and rate. But remember, in this phase, you are always consuming stamina two times faster than usual.
As a player, you have to remember not to rush so many efforts in the leveling. Give your focus more on taking useful items as well as the gears. You have to balance your level-ups and farming into a constant.

There is also a farming method to level your character, and it helps you gear upgrades and enhances the gears. So you will get the ability to earn some items and guild donations with this farming in Ragnarok M Eternal.

4. Top things to now on playing with the emulator

You have to remember that Ragnarok M Eternal is something that takes more space on your hard disk, and to perform effectively, you must have a clear ram space on your pc. Otherwise, it is going to be stuck and not function anymore. So you may lose interest when it is happening. But have you played Ragnarok M Eternal with an android emulator? You probably not.

LDPlayer is the free android emulator which gives the players an excellent gaming experience with smooth functions, and even with the superb graphics, you will love the game more than usual. Clear visions with this emulator will give you a fantastic experience on Ragnarok M Eternal and no more gaps.

When you engage in the battle arenas in the game, speed is a must to look before, and without it, you are only getting the lost path. So in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, this free android emulator guides you to have a smoothy function with the right settings, and you can adjust this player according to your device’s performance. So why not try to play a super game on a broader screen with added features? You are definitely amazed.


Ragnarok M Eternal love is available with the LDstore, and once you lay it with this emulator, you will never looking at another way to engage with a game. Using such lightest emulator is the best way to play this game with every added function, and even the battle arenas you face will become more comfortable with this.
So far, this game is available for many platforms, and the best option to play this game is the android emulator we recommend.