If you’ve just got new vape hardware, it’s easy to feel disappointed if you aren’t immediately blown away.

However, you probably don’t need to dispose of the device and spend more on another kit. Most e-cigs and their related hardware are exceptionally customizable and adjustable – so it’s worth exploring what you can tweak and change before giving up.

You may find that you can achieve the exact experience you want with the same device you’re currently struggling with. This article contains some handy advice to help you do this. Another point is your “familiarity” with smoking habits. You have probably smoked for a nice part of your young or adult life, and have therefore gotten used to the act itself. You have to suffer from coughing, the sore feeling on your throat and the nicotine spins from smoking regularly.

1. Be Sure of Your Preferences

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So, your vape isn’t doing what you want – but do you know what you want? It is definitely worth deciding how you identify as an e-cig user before trying to adjust your vape to suit you.

Are you a flavor fiend? A cloud chaser? Do you just need a better nicotine hit or a more intense throat feel? Ask yourself all of these questions and more before making any changes.

2. Select Your Type Of Vaping

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Since there are a couple of sorts of vapes, you may have to sort out first what way of vaping you need to attempt. This would impact the sort of vaping unit you need to have. There are two styles of vaping: exemplary and sub-Ohm vaping.

Exemplary vaping, otherwise called mouth to lung (MTL), is a way of vaping where you’d need to breathe in the fume first through your mouth and afterward to your lungs. It’s appropriate for amateurs as it’s a characteristic strategy for burning-through substances, similar as breathing in a cigarette. It’s likewise supposed to be a simpler way for smokers to progress to vaping.

Sub-ohm vaping utilizes an e-cigarette with a loop whose opposition level is under 1 ohm. In sub-ohming, you breathe in the fume, and afterward it goes straightforwardly to your lungs, which experienced clients will in general do. The vape’s atomizer loop for this situation rapidly warms up in light of low obstruction. A more critical measure of fluid disintegrates, creating a more noticeable flavor with a thicker haze of fume.

3. Carefully Select Your E-Juice

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You’ll have a better experience if you pick a VG/PG ratio that is suited to your device – plus, by being smart about the liquid you choose, you can avoid clogging your coil up or having to endure a burnt taste.

Vapes designed for “sub-Ohming” and DTL vaping are often best for use with high VG juices, while specialist MTL kits function best when loaded with high PG liquid.

Your choice of high PG or high VG should also be informed by your preferences in terms of “throat hit”, flavour and cloud production. High PG juices tend to offer a greater intensity of taste and a stronger throat hit, while high VG options are mellower but produce awesome clouds.

Then there’s the nicotine content. Many e-liquids are available in a range of nic strengths – usually 6mg, 12mg or 18mg. However, you can also choose a 0mg shortfill that allows you to add the exact amount of nicotine that you require.

And last, but by no means least, you need to find your favourite flavour!

4. Change the Coil

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The type of coil you use affects numerous elements of your vaping experience. For one thing, different coils can take different amounts of power – so be sure to do your research when selecting the components that will be used together.

You can also adjust the size of your vape clouds and the degree of throat hit using different coil resistance levels. The lower the resistance, the larger the vape clouds. However, low resistance (sub-Ohm) vaping uses more e-juice and is not suitable for all devices.

High resistance coils, on the other hand, saves e-juice and can help you achieve an awesome throat hit.

The vape specialists at Cloudstix offer a great range of coils for you to select from.

5. Adjust the Airflow

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Many vaping devices allow you to tweak their air flow to achieve the precise effects you want.

Greater airflow means a mellower taste and huge clouds, while a lesser one will increase the intensity of the throat feel and flavour.

6. Change the Wattage/Voltage

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Your vape’s power usage will not only determine the type of coil you need to prevent burnout (as a rule of thumb, the lower the resistance, the lower the required wattage), but it can also mean much more.

High wattage will mean vapour that is warmer and thicker – but will use more juice. Low wattages are ideal for a mellower throat feel and less intensity – and will help you to conserve your e-liquid!

Different wattages also work well for different flavours. Sweet, rich flavours are great when vaped at high wattage, while fresh and cooling tastes like menthol are perfect for a low wattage.


Vaping is a fast-growing habit that’s believed to be less harmful than smoking. If you need to start the vaping habit, you need to know all the vaporizer parts that allow you to understand how it works and you can enjoy vaping more and more. And when you are used to vaping, you may also use modified vaping devices to find the tastes you like, like what veteran users do.