If you don’t spend a great deal of time reading about vaping, you might think that the world of pod vaping systems begins and ends with JUUL. That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. The 2015 release of the JUUL vaping system completely transformed the vaping industry, and one of the most important changes brought about by JUUL was the fact that it popularized the pod system. Today, almost every vaping manufacturer has at least one pod system available, and some manufacturers have several on offer. The next time you shop at a well-stocked vape shop like V2 Cigs UK, you should strongly consider grabbing a pod system. Here’s why.

A Pod System Will Save You Money

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Are you currently using a high-end vape mod with a sub-ohm tank? If you are, you’re probably spending way more on e-liquid than you want – and that’s not your only major expense. Let’s look at what the modern vaping experience is like.

Modern Vaping Equipment Uses a Massive Amount of E-Liquid

If you use a powerful tank – such as one with multiple heating wires or a mesh coil – you probably consume an extremely large amount of e-liquid. The typical daily e-liquid usage for someone with modern sub-ohm vaping equipment is around 15 ml, but some people use significantly more than that. So, no matter how affordable your preferred e-liquid brand may be, you’re using a lot of juice, and you’re spending a lot for it.

A pod system works best with high-nicotine e-liquid, and when you use a strong e-liquid, you don’t need to use very much of it. Switching to a pod system will dramatically lower your e-liquid consumption.

Modern E-Liquid Ruins Your Coils

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Most mainstream e-liquids are heavily sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose doesn’t vaporize, so it leaves behind a residue that collects on your coil. As you continue vaping, the residue thickens and ultimately begins to burn. Have you noticed how quickly the flavor of your e-liquid begins to change after you’ve replaced your coil? It begins with a burned sugar flavor after a day or so of vaping. After two or three days, the vapor starts to burn your throat, and at that point, you have no alternative but to replace the coil.
Sucralose ruins vaping coils, and it ruins coils more quickly if you use more of it.

Switching to a pod system, therefore, means that you won’t need to replace your coils as often as you currently do. Even if you continue to use e-liquid with sucralose, your coils will last much longer because your e-liquid usage will be lower.

You Miss Throat Hit

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Even if you’ve been vaping for a long time, do you ever find yourself missing tobacco? Maybe it triggers your old cravings when you walk past a premium cigar display or see a character in a movie light a cigarette. For just a brief moment, you entertain the thought of smoking “just one more time.” You always think better of it and change your mind, but what if you could avoid those feelings entirely by changing one small aspect about the way you vape?

If you use a sub-ohm vaping system, you’re probably also using a lower-nicotine e-liquid and inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs. You get as much nicotine as you need, but you experience almost no throat hit when vaping. Although you might fixate on tobacco as the thing that you’re missing, it could be that what you’re really missing is the strong throat hit that you used to experience when you inhaled nicotine.

You’ll experience the powerful and assertive throat hit that you’re missing if you switch from your mod to a pod system. That’s because virtually all pod systems work best with high-nicotine e-liquid and are designed for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style that smokers use.

If you’re worried about harshness when using a high-nicotine e-liquid, you shouldn’t be. Nicotine salt is the latest advancement in the e-liquid world, and it’s what pod systems are designed to use. Nicotine salt e-liquid comes in extremely high nicotine strengths – up to 50 mg/ml and even higher in the United States – but it contains an acid that lowers the alkaline pH of the nicotine. The reduced alkalinity makes the e-liquid completely smooth and easy to inhale.

A Pod System Is the Most Discreet Way to Vape

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One of the biggest drawbacks of sub-ohm vape mods is that some people find them obnoxious. Practically every city, state and country these days has laws that forbid people from smoking cigarettes in public. Despite that, you’ll often see people vaping in public – and you’ll see those telltale clouds of vapor hovering in the air when people do it because there’s simply no way to be discreet when you’re using a high-end vape mod.

Even if you’re vaping outdoors in a place where it’s perfectly legal to do so, do you ever wonder how others feel? Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t care. After all, you’re completely within your rights to vape wherever you’re allowed to do so. If you’re worried that other people might find your clouds obnoxious, though, you might be much happier with a pod system.

A pod system produces tiny clouds that dissipate in the air immediately. You won’t have to worry about annoying other people, and you won’t have to compromise your satisfaction at all.

A Pod System Takes the Work Out of Vaping

Many of the people who use vape mods don’t necessarily use those devices because they love sub-ohm vaping. Many vapers started with smaller e-cigarettes and switched to larger mods because their first devices weren’t satisfying enough. If that’s your reason for using a larger mod, there are probably several aspects of the sub-ohm vaping experience that you don’t really enjoy.

If you find things like battery management, cleaning your tank and replacing your coil tedious, you’ll probably love the experience of using a pod system. You’ll still have to refill and charge your device periodically, but you won’t need to worry about other maintenance tasks because you’ll simply discard and replace your pods after you’ve used them several times.