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Nothing in vaping is more fun than trying something new. When you have a bit of extra money, it’s great to visit a vape shop and really splurge on a huge selection of vape juices that you’ve never tried before.

Sometimes, though, you may buy an e-liquid and find that it doesn’t quite hit the spot.

If you’re new to vaping, maybe you’ve even found that you’ve never enjoyed the flavor of your e-liquid as much as you hoped you would. You try one new flavor after another, but nothing quite does it for you. Is it possible that you’re doing something wrong?

As a matter of fact, it certainly is. If you’re not enjoying the taste of your e-liquid, it’s likely that fixing the problem will only require you to change something simple. Taste is subjective, but trying an e-liquid and finding that it tastes flat-out terrible should be very rare. 

So, what can you do to improve the taste of your vape juice? Try these 6 simple tricks provided by

1. Replace Your Coil Frequently

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The atomizer coil in your vaping device is an extremely hard-working piece of metal that heats up to several hundred degrees dozens – maybe even hundreds – of times per day. Right next to the coil is a cotton wick that, likewise, goes through a repeated cycle of heating and cooling that causes a great deal of stress.

The constant heat stress – and built-up residue from your e-liquid – means that no atomizer coil can possibly last forever. In fact, if the e-liquid that you’re using is heavily sweetened with sucralose, it’ll leave so much residue behind that your coils may only last a day or two each. If you can’t taste anything but burned sugar when you vape, it’s time for a new coil. You’ll never get a good flavor out of an atomizer that’s at the end of its life.

2. Keep Your Coil Wet

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A moment ago, we mentioned the fact that the cotton wick in your device’s atomizer coil experiences constant heat-related stress. Most of the time, that isn’t a problem. In an atomizer that’s well cared for, the cotton almost always outlasts the coil. You can only get the maximum possible longevity out of the cotton, though, if you don’t burn it – and cotton burns easily when it’s dry.

If you taste a harsh, burned flavor every time you vape, it’s very likely that your atomizer’s wick is burned. Even a tiny burned spot can alter the flavor of your e-liquid in a very negative way. Replace the coil, making sure that you prime the new coil’s wick with plenty of e-liquid before filling the tank. After you fill the tank, wait several minutes before you begin using the new coil. Most importantly, wait several seconds after each puff to give the cotton a chance to absorb more e-juice.

3. Lower Your Device’s Wattage

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Chasing clouds is fun. Almost everyone who vapes enjoys the thrill of exhaling an enormous cloud across the room. If you’re going for the biggest possible clouds, though, there’s a good chance that some of the more subtle flavor notes in your e-juice are burning off before you have an opportunity to taste them. If you want to taste every nuance of your juice, you need to ensure that you’re vaping at a reasonable wattage.

4. Try an Unsweetened Vape Juice

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Sucralose is one of the most popular flavoring ingredients in e-juice today. A bit of sweetener can really make an e-liquid’s flavor profile explode on your palate – and since just about everyone loves sweet flavors, practically every mainstream e-liquid these days contains a bit of sucralose.

You can’t really taste the more subtle flavor notes, however, in an e-liquid in which sucralose is the primary flavor component. You won’t taste anything, in fact, but the strongest flavor notes and the sweetener itself. Would you like to try an e-juice that challenges your palate a bit more, like a fine wine or a single-origin chocolate? You might love an unsweetened e-liquid.

5. Mix Your E-Liquid With Other Flavors

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Sometimes, the fact that you don’t like a particular vape juice has nothing to do with your vaping equipment or the way you’re using it. Once in a while, you’re going to find a vape juice with a flavor profile that just doesn’t work for you at all. When that happens, it might be possible to avoid wasting that product by mixing it with another vape juice.

If you don’t like a tobacco e-liquid, for example, you might try combining it with a vape juice that has a cherry or apricot flavor profile. If you have a fruity vape juice that you don’t love, try mixing it with an unflavored menthol vape juice; a bit of menthol can fix almost anything. You might happen upon a flavor combination that you really love – and even if that doesn’t occur, there’s a good chance that you can make the juice tolerable enough to your palate that you’re able to finish the bottle.

6. Never Stop Experimenting With Vape Juice Flavors

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The most important thing to remember about having the best possible vaping experience is that you should never stop trying new flavors. There are literally hundreds of distinct vape juice products in the world today. There are so many different flavor profiles out there, in fact, that it would be impossible for you to try them all even if you bought a new bottle of e-juice every day.

No matter what your particular preferences are, then, it is absolutely certain that the perfect vape juice for you is out there somewhere – and if it’s not, maybe it’s time for you to start making your own e-juice. Vapers consistently report that the huge variety of different flavors on the market – and the joy of experimenting with those flavors – plays a major role in helping them stay away from tobacco. If you broaden your horizons and start trying some new flavors, you’ll likely have the same experience.