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Whether you are moving or looking for a way to organize the space in your home more efficiently, there are numerous tips and tricks you can use to achieve this. From adding floating or open shelves onto bare walls, adding racks into your kitchen and bathroom to smartly utilizing every inch of free space in your home, perhaps the most effective and useful organizing item comes in the form of plastic storage bins. Besides being extremely low-cost, they can also be repurposed after your move and if you are using them for extra storage, they offer several other benefits besides their prices such as longevity, versatility, function, durability, and much more.

Moreover, with technological advancement, their quality and design have greatly improved over time, giving you a product that is useful and that will serve you for a long time, besides being environmentally-friendly.

Aside from the price, you should also consider several other factors before making a purchase such as what kind of items you want to store, whether you want them to be clear or colored, where you are going to place them, whether they have handles, and their weight when filled.

With that being said, today, there is an abundance of options to pick from, it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused when choosing, so to save you the trouble, here are some of the best plastic storage bins on the market.

Set of Six Organizer Bins (Really Good Stuff)

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The set comes with 6 differently colored baskets and separators that can be used to divide the space into two or three sections. This makes them great for storing a variety of supplies such as books, toys, papers, and much more. The front of each bin contains small plastic plates, meaning you can use a whiteboard marker to easily label your supplies. They are small enough to be held on work desks or shelves and will help you stay organized with ease.

– 4-Set Stackable Organizer Bins

These colorful open storage containers have a configuration that allows you to stack them one on top of another which is especially great if you are looking for ways to save some space. Moreover, they come with easy-to-clean surfaces and enable you to stack your books or other items upright for easier access.

Brute Tote Bins (Rubbermaid Commercial)

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These heavy-duty plastic boxes can be kept both indoors or outdoors since they are extremely sturdy, durable, and resistant. Inside, you will find holes that are meant for water drainage, meaning that none of your stuff will get soaked or damaged and that no bacteria will accumulate on them over time.

The lid clasps securely and tightly, keeping its contents safely inside and the boxes also come with large, comfortable grip handles that reduce the chance of injury, especially when they are heavy to carry. They can be positioned securely atop of each other, saving you a lot of room in the process.

What is important to note is that most of these containers are made by using a process known as injection molding which allows manufacturers to create lightweight yet durable plastic parts using hot resin and a specially-designed mold. If you would like to learn more about this, you can find out here how everything is done.

Kid’s Small Storage Bins (Tot’s Tutors)

These open containers are small and perfect for your child’s room. They still have enough space for storing toys, Lego, books, blocks, and any other things and can be placed on shelves, in the closet, and even under the bed.

What’s great about these containers is that they come in primary colors, making them easily recognizable by kids, something that can also help them gain organizational skills from a very early age.

Weathertight Tote (IRIS)

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If you do not have a lot of closet space, you might often switch between clothes for colder and warmer weather. Besides being big enough for storing away seasonal clothing, they are also great for protecting them from moisture and moths since they are airtight and also moisture-resistant.

Their transparency allows you to easily see what you stored inside, so you will have no problem finding items you might need. This also makes unpacking and organizing your wardrobe much easier. However, you should have in mind that they are not meant to be submerged underwater and cannot withstand extreme temperatures, so they are not ideal for outdoor use.

Footlocker Storage Bins (Sterilite)

For someone who has mobility issues or isn’t supposed to carry heavy items, these containers are a perfect choice since they come with wheels, meaning you can push them around instead of holding them up. Moreover, the plastic box has a comfortable handle and clasps that can be locked, so you can even use them to store some of your more valuable possessions.

Even though they are sturdy and rugged in design, the downside is that they are not transparent and resistant to water.


Super Satchel Deep

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These containers are extremely useful for anyone who is into arts and crafts, DIY, or needs a place to store photographs, clothing, paper, and the likes. These boxes are not only deep enough for storing bigger, bulkier items but they also come with a special divider that can be used to split the boxes into 8 different parts.

Although they are transparent, something that is great for identifying the contents, the divider, handles, and clasps come in a variety of colors you can choose from. Additionally, you can also add paper labels in the 8 card slots on the divider, so you can efficiently find whatever you are looking for.


Cardboard boxes might be a smart solution if you are moving in a hurry, however, they are easily damaged, can rarely be reused, and are not good for the environment.

On the other hand, plastic storage bins protect your stuff better and allow you to efficiently and effectively keep your space neat and extremely well-organized. Buying them is most certainly a great investment since they are sturdy, durable, and will serve you for a long time, besides, there is nothing better than having a beautifully organized home, office, or classroom.