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Whether you are living in Melbourne or just passing through, there are so many ways to experience this great city in terms of beauty, nature and the countless activities and extravagance that it has to offer. Going down under doesn’t have to mean that literally. On the contrary, here are several ways to treat yourself in Melbourne and ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime:

Travel Like the Royals

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Whether you have a special occasion you are celebrating in Melbourne, or just really want to feel like royalty for a day, there is no better way to move around than in a fancy limo. The service providers over at highlight the incredible features that limousines can have in Melbourne to make your experience truly exceptional. From fully integrated sound systems to indoor fireplaces, getting a limo in Melbourne can be customized and perfect for the special occasion you want. There’s no better way to treat yourself on your wedding day, bachelorette party or even if you want your prom date to have a night to remember. No matter what the occasion, you can really add that extra extravagance and glamor to it just by hiring a unique limo for the day.

Go on a Wine Tour

There is nothing like a wine tour to take you through the hidden gems of the city and sip on its finest, tastiest and most luxurious wine. You will not only be treated with the fascinating tastes you’ll be able to sample, but you will also get to feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous vineyards in Melbourne with their incredible landscape and natural appeal; and let’s not forget about the wine getting to your head after the second or third glass, pampering you just like you deserve. You will also get familiar with the different wine traditions as well as the wine history in Melbourne as you identify the best types of wine available in the area. Don’t forget to bring back a bottle or two of their finest, oldest wine to remind you of the beautiful experience of the wine tour as well as feast your taste buds with superb wine when an important occasion occurs.

Spend a Night in Phillip Island

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Sometimes the best way to treat yourself is to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and what it has to offer. You can experience that and more at Phillip Island. While it is 90 mins away from Melbourne, the scenery, vibe, and beauty you will encounter, will make it a true treat that you just can’t miss out on. One of the most exceptional experiences you can come across at Phillip Island, is waiting for the penguins to arrive on shore after a day in the ocean. You get to see them waddling about so close, and just being their penguin-y selves. However, to protect the penguins who are afraid of the lights emitted by smartphones and screens, no cameras or phones are allowed during their arrival. To make your stay even more perfect, you can rent a luxurious tent where you can camp away and gaze at the beautiful stars. This also makes for an exceptional, romantic experience, so don’t be afraid to share it with your loved one and make remarkable memories that you will always be able to look back on and smile.

Treat Your Body to the Traditional Japanese Rituals

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One way to pamper yourself is to release all that stress and pressure in your body that has been building up over time. There is no better way to do this than by indulging in the traditional Japanese ritual known as Sento. While the traditions require you to be completely naked in the bathhouse where you sink your body in a 45-degree water bath, you will at least feel more comfortable knowing that it is divided into male and female sections. To get the most pampering possible and get even more familiar with Japanese traditions, you can even opt for a shiatsu massage after your body has immersed from the delicacies of the bathhouse. This is a great way to detox your body and rid it of the accumulating stress you’ve been feeling and relax like never before as well as go deeper into Japanese traditions and make the most out of their methods of relaxation and meditation. Every once in a while your body needs this kind of pampering.

Visit the Peninsula Hot Springs

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The natural hot springs are said to do wonders for your body and are a true pampering experience. A 90 mins drive from Melbourne will take you to the award-winning natural hot springs of the Peninsula where you will be able to immerse in a flow of thermal minerals allowing you to not only relax but also rejuvenate. You can shock your body by alternating between hot and cold therapy, which has incredible effects on reducing inflammation, stimulating circulation and loosening tight muscles.

This is known to do wonders for the body as well as the skin, making you come out with a whole new person. If that’s not what you have in mind, you can even get one with nature and channel the raw earth’s healing powers by spreading it across your body similar to a mud bath or even forming a sort of game and adventure with your family, friends or loved one by starting a mud fight and enjoying the amazing properties it contains and the incredible effect on your skin while having an absolute blast.

While Australia is a continent known for its incredible wildlife and beauty, Melbourne in specific is filled with so many ways that you can unwind, relax and treat yourself beyond imagination. From feeling like royals, dancing the night away or getting to experience new things and indulge in what Melbourne has to offer, there are so many things you can find that will be a much-deserved treat for yourself and help you form memories that you will cherish forever.