Nothing screams a fun family vacation in the US more than a trip to Branson, Missouri, which is the nation’s favorite road trip destination. Branson enjoys this reputation partly due to its incredible array of live shows, concerts, Silver Dollar City, and its prime location in the Ozarks, with the city overlooking the stunning Table Rock Lake.

Since the city offers so much for families, you’ll be itching to plan your next getaway here, but keep in mind that any family trip needs a ton of efficient planning to set it in motion. You need to shortlist activities, book tickets in advance, figure out travel routes, avoid peak season, and get to places on time with your group. And all of this can get stressful and expensive pretty fast if you don’t plan ahead!

This article is your best guide to getting tried and trusted tips for traveling to Branson, Missouri, with family. Let’s set your vacation into motion for smooth sailing and unmatched family fun!

1. Research the City’s Attractions

Being America’s best family getaway location means Branson is packed with activities for you to enjoy. And with new shows, restaurants, and entertainment centers opening up so often, it’s important to do your research so you know exactly what to enjoy in Branson with your family.

Branson is most famous for its many live shows, concerts, the famous Silver Dollar City amusement park, plus terrific outdoor activities in its lush landscape. So, depending on what your family likes, you can find plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy and plan your trip accordingly. If you’re looking for some fun family things to do in Branson MO, you should consider Dolly Parton’s Stampede. It is a show packed with powerful performances, exciting horseback riding stunts, and incredible special effects. And, if that’s not enough, you get to enjoy a four-course meal while being entertained.

2. Plan Your Itinerary

Now that you know what to expect in Branson, the next step is to plan your itinerary. Answering questions like ‘How will we get there?’, ‘Where will we stay?’ and ‘How will we get around?’ should be your priority. Booking flight tickets, hotels, a car rental, planning a route, and scheduling activities beforehand will save you so much time and tension once you reach the city, leaving you to relax and enjoy the family holiday.

You can travel to Branson by road, get flights from every major city directly to Branson airport, find great family hotels in Branson at affordable rates, and find restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment activities.

3. Keep a Budget in Mind

It goes without saying that a family vacation will be much more pricey than a solo trip or a couple’s getaway, which is why budgeting should be your best friend while planning your family trip to Branson. Although the city isn’t as expensive as other big cities like LA and New York, getting tickets for performances and outdoor activities, eating out, getting cabs, etc., will quickly add up to a few hundred $$.

So, the smart way to plan and enjoy your vacation in Branson is to have a budget before deciding which attractions to visit in the city, discuss what your family would like to do, and set aside money accordingly. Of course, a golden rule is to have safety money with you on a family trip in case of emergencies (or, in Branson’s case, watching too many incredible shows!)

4. Book Shows in Advance


For those who love the thrill of the theater or a live show, Branson will be an absolute treat, as it offers 150+ productions, rightfully making it the Live Music Show capital of the US. There are also plenty of genres, such as comedy, country, gospels, magic shows, tributes, children’s shows, and family bands.

Some of the most famous ones include Dolly Parton’s Stampede, Presleys’ Country Jubilee, Clay Cooper’s Country Express, and Legends in Concert. However, since everyone wants to attend these shows, especially during peak season, booking your tickets in advance is key. Getting your tickets early will allow you to get the best seats, choose great packages, book all your favorite shows, and, if you book early enough – avail discounts!

5. Try a Little Bit of Everything

It’s easy to get holed up on a select few activities in Branson when there’s so much to do. So this is where all your early planning will come in handy and allow you to explore the city’s top attractions.

Some of the best things to do in Branson aside from watching its live performances include:

  • Visiting historic downtown Branson.
  • Checking out the local museum.
  • Mini golfing at the many themed courses in the city.

Furthermore, you can entertain the kids by planning a full-day trip to Silver Dollar City and trying all of its crazy rides, visit the Branson Landing Fountain Show for an incredible display of water, fire, lights, and music, or just enjoy a skyscraping view of the vibrant city from a ride on the Branson Ferris Wheel.

6. Enjoy the Great Outdoors


Located in the stunning Ozark Mountains, Missouri is every nature lover’s paradise, with Branson being no exception as the city is filled with natural beauty. Once you get away from the tourist hubs and crowded city center, there are plenty of serene parks, trails, and waterways to explore.

You can plan a day of mountain adventure on a fun hiking, biking, or walking trail in the Ozarks, camping for a night under the stars from the many family campgrounds, and kayaking, boating, or sightseeing on Table Rock Lake.

7. Don’t Miss Out on Southern Hospitality

Big city folk are known to be busy and uncaring, especially to tourists, but it’s the exact opposite in Branson. Here, you can expect a good dose of Southern hospitality as the city’s locals are incredibly generous, kind, and accommodating to tourists. Additionally, they treat veterans with extreme respect and value their service to the nation above all else, so you can expect the best treatment in this city from the locals.

That being said — Branson is a dream for every local and tourist and should definitely be your next family holiday destination!


There’s no better place than Branson, Missouri, to plan your upcoming family vacation, as the city is brimming with fun shows, events, delicious eateries, unmatched outdoor attractions, and much more.

Of course, you’ll need a little planning before embarking on this fun journey, for which you can find a detailed guide in this article that guarantees a well-planned and stress-free trip.

So pack your bags and book tickets for unforgettable family fun in Branson!