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2020 has been a good year for online slots, with around 300 new games having been released already. And that’s not the final number as we’re only part of the way through the year – plus, it’s not unusual to see this many games being released (although by the end of 2024 there might be a higher number than you would expect to see simply because, well, what else have developer had to do other than create games in this weird time?). So what can you spend real money on and play to enjoy at Here are some ideas.

1. Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is a game by Microgaming and is – as you might have guessed from the title – a sequel to another extremely popular game (Thunderstruck). Thunderstruck has always been cited as one of the most popular online slots ever made, so Thunderstruck II has a lot to live up to – and it does.
With five reels, there are 243 different potential winning combinations, so that’s a good start.

You’ll also have some gods to play with, including Thor and his hammer, called Mjolnir (which acts as the scatter). If you find three or more of these hammers, you’ll be transported to the bonus round, and there are four different levels to deal with there. This is the main reason why Thunderstruck II is so popular; it’s like playing an arcade game, but with the potential to win big.

2. A Night Out

A Night Out is a game by Playtech, and is perfect for those who love to party. The name really does describe the game and it’s an apt theme since the partying done here is a lot of fun. Different ways to play include the barman bonus, the dancing ladies scatter, and the frothy beer wild and these all make the experience complete. If you want to trigger the bonus round (and this is highly recommended) you need to find the barman on reels one and five.

When you’re playing the multiplier, you can win multipliers and free spins, so it’s definitely worth looking out for. But as well as this, you can get some great prizes in the main game too including 50 times of your original stake when you find five dancing ladies scatters. Five frothy beer wilds are even better, offering up a 10,000 times jackpot.

Don’t forget the progressive jackpot that is linked to A Night Out too – this game really does have everything.

3. Desert Treasure

If you’ve ever liked the idea of searching for buried treasure but you’re not cut out to be a pirate, digging in the desert might work out well for you instead. If the heat isn’t something you enjoy, a slot with this desert digging theme could be even better, and that’s what Playtech’s Desert Treasure is all about.

As well as the main game, there is a progressive jackpot that runs as a side/bonus game and, just like the lottery, you can choose five balls numbered 1 to 49. If you match you get to win the big jackpot which grows every time someone misses out.

4. Eye Of Horus

If you are a fan of Egypt, Egyptian history, and what this country has to offer we think you will like this game. We think you will like why this game offers you the fun that through the beauties and symbols of Egypt offers you the opportunity to get a nice amount of money. If you are especially fond of Egyptian symbols and pharaohs, then wonderful rewards await you. These winnings can be increased up to 15, 25, or 50 times, especially if you come across the Horus Eye symbol and it appears more than 3 times on the screen.

If something like this happens, open the champagne!
This edition has many benefits that are available to any player who decides on it from the large selection of slots. One of the favorite benefits of all e-gambling fans is that this edition offers free spins, but also additional options that you can set yourself in order to come with as much profit as possible.

The game is ideal for those who love simple games and will surely enter their selection of favorite games. You can play it on your smart device, ie on a smartphone, tablet, or on your computer. Bets start at a minimum of £ 10, and each bet can bring you unexpected joy that will be remembered for a long time.

5. Wild Wild Riches

The Irish symbols and their history are so interesting that fanatics of those things of Irish descent would even play a slot made with these motifs. Are you ready? The latest version of Wild Wild Riches is ready, which brings a lot of interesting moments and excitement. This version of the slot game is ideal for all those who are in love with the symbols of Ireland, such as the large jars of gold and coins that appear on the screen.

Try to find the best combinations of the already prepared 576 that will bring you the profit you did not even hope for. Give this great edition a chance, and it will reciprocate with free spins that will capture the magic that the edition itself offers. Meet some of the many symbols of Irish culture which, if ideally combined under the influence of your luck, will bring you incredible success in the form of money.

Meet the rainbow, the large clover fields, St. Patrick, and many other interesting symbols that can reward you incredibly. Many of them can increase your investment by as much as 8 times or even more in certain circumstances of combining them. According to statistics, over 96% of players get back what they invested, and even achieve record profits. The minimum you need to invest is only £ 25 which can draw a smile on your face with the gain they can cause.

Did you find yourself in any of these interesting editions? Then we think it’s worth a try and give these wonderful games a chance. Be careful, because if you give them a chance it can lead you to a wonderful profit. Therefore, you need to know that every given chance is a chance for a happy start, which may be for you through one of these slot editions. Try your lucky fingers and look forward to the holidays!