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People in today’s world do not clearly understand how lucky they are. The 21st century is the period of advanced technology. Thanks to the online world, we can use our free time more entertainingly. However, the method you will potentially choose depends on your requirements and expectations. If you are looking for excitement that can potentially improve your financial stability, we have one suggestion for you. The best possible alternative you have is online gambling.

The online gambling world contains a wide range of games that will make your free time more wonderful. There are skill-based games like poker and blackjack that require certain skills and knowledge. However, if you want to relax to the fullest and test your luck, online slots are the best option for you.

Online slots, eh? What an extraordinarily fascinating existence they have had so far, going from little known gambling gimmicks right at the start of the 21st century, and very quickly becoming pretty much everybody’s favorite gambling game in only a matter of years. There should be no surprise there either, because thanks to developers like NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, and Play N GO the online slot industry has been constantly evolving, with no sign of stopping either!

The number of gamblers trying their luck on online slots has also been increasing exponentially since the beginning of the 21st century, something that is also massively down to the emergence of mobile slots that you can play at These days it does genuinely seem as though pretty much everybody is enjoying online slots in some respect, and this has also led to a whole load of erroneous online slot myths circulating too. Keep reading for an overview of some online slot myths, exploring how and why they first appeared too.

1. You can influence the result of the RNG

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Okay, this has got to be one of the silliest online slot myths that we have heard, and it all revolves around a fascinating piece of kit called an RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and it has been absolutely essential to the development of video slots first in the 1980s, and then after that the online slots that we all know and love. With an RNG developers were finally able to get the reels to spin randomly on a digital screen, not the easiest thing to do you know!

Over the years there have been a few online slot myths popping up about RNGs, and they probably originated not long after it was invented. Some slot conspiracy theorists like to argue that you can influence the result of the RNG if you press a specific order of buttons or something like that, however, we have to say that this is complete and utter hogwash.

2. Online slot developers pick and choose who wins

Another online slot myth that has been around since the very start of the industry is the idea that online slot developers can somehow pick and choose who wins. This is a myth that is more often than not being pedaled by a sour loser, and there really is no truth in it at all.

Just think about it: all online slots work using an RNG as we have already mentioned, so how would a developer pick and choose who wins on their slots even if they wanted to? Moreover, this wouldn’t do developers any favors, and if the fact ever came out they would lose all their customers.

3. It is impossible to win a progressive jackpot slot

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Progressive jackpot slots are notorious for being pretty difficult to win at, but that is only because it takes way more spins to win on them than a normal slot game. It isn’t impossible to win them, you just have to be luckier than on other slots.

4. You Have to Spend More to Get a Jackpot

This myth can be confusing for many players. If you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, you need to act responsibly. In other words, it is essential for you to determine the budget you can spend and respect the financial plan you develop. It doesn’t matter how much money you will invest. For the machine, it is completely the same if you invest $100 or $1000. The chances of winning a jackpot are always the same. As we said, the Random Number Generator ensures that everything around online slot machines is honest and random.

5. You Can’t Win a Big Reward Twice

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We are sure there is no need to repeat once again what the purpose of the RNG is. Yet, some people still claim that winning a big reward twice in a row is impossible. Let’s imagine that you were lucky enough to get one of the major rewards. Many people would withdraw their money and stop playing because of that. It is okay if you are doing that because you want to respect your strategy.

However, if you are doing that because you believe it is impossible to win the same reward once again, there is no reason to do that. As we said, RNG ensures everything is honest and random. Because of that, winning a decent reward does not mean your journey ends. The chances of winning the same reward are identical for the next spin you make.

6. The Online Slot Machine Pays You Out Only When It Collects Enough Money

Let’s imagine that your friends were playing the online slots in the same gambling site for 2 hours without getting a reward. Many people would say “It is the right time for me to get that reward”. They would say that because they believe the online slot machines only payout when they collect enough money. If you are one of those people, we need to say that you are completely wrong.

That can even be the biggest mistake you could make if you combine it with some of the previous myths. Let’s imagine that you believe that larger amounts of money bring a jackpot. However, you also know that neither of your friends managed to win it in the last two hours. That could convince you to spend more money in order to achieve your goal.

It is the right moment to finally realize that everything around online slots is random thanks to the software they are using. You can only end up with bigger losses because of that way of thinking. Instead of believing in myths, you should make a good spending strategy and ensure you always make a certain profit. At least, that is something that all the professional players would do.