As of now, plenty of players are showing interest in using exploitative poker strategies to enhance their winning chances. So, if you also want to improve your win rate by exploitative techniques, you are at the right place. In the below sections, we will give you detailed information about the highly effective tips for trying exploitative poker methods.

What Is Exploitative Poker?

Generally speaking, exploitative poker means looking vigorously to find errors made by opponent players. Also, you can turn these mistakes to your benefit with the help of counter-strategies. In other words, exploitative poker indicates searching for shortcomings in the opponent’s play and utilizing counter-strategies. See advanced strategies here.

Best Tips For Using Exploitative Poker Strategies


Let’s get started with the high-end tips and tricks for utilizing exploitative poker methods.

1. Fold To 3 Bets With A Wider Range

Here is the most common tip, which is ordinary in the low stake’s poker games. Plus, they might open a decent range from the middle position. One of the best exploitative poker methods is to add 3 bets with a wider range. Hence, you can overpower your opponent by unlocking a wide range.

2. Continue Betting 100% Of Flops

A few users believe that you will have to make new bets after every flop. To be honest, this tip is not the best strategy against specific opponents, but it is excellent to exploit your opponent. If you do not change the flop c-bets, there is a chance to gain more profits later. Besides that, it is possible to check-raise bluffs with a high success rate.

3. Open Raise Wider


Here is one of the most common errors that happen in tournament poker. Several professionals identify that protecting the big blind is a requirement while encountering tiny raises. This strategy has failed for numerous users in low-stakes bets because they did not account for pot odds properly or fold multiple hands as they look vulnerable.

One of the best tips to utilize exploitative poker strategy is to open raise wider and snatch their blinds. By unlocking your range, it is possible to profitably lift any two cards, which is precise from the cutoff, button, and tiny blind.

4. Call Down The Opponents Too Much

A few low-stakes poker users tend to call down too often. Plus, they will oppose folding the additional set and sometimes start calling you down. Limited bluffing and slimmer value betting is one best tip to get more value from the stubborn opponent players.

5. Use Software Tools

As of now, there are many software tools for exploiting opponents in poker games. Some of them work best to help you in specific things such as range analysis and many more. Hence, one of our recommended exploitative poker strategies is using online software tools.

6. Note Down The Opponents’ Drawbacks


Here is another tip where you can use exploitative poker strategies to win the match. If you have noted down the weaknesses of your opponents or know about their errors, you can easily win over them.

Exploitative Poker Vs. GTO Poker

The exploitative poker techniques are always better than GTO poker strategies. Besides that, exploitative poker has more chances to get extra money. Though both these procedures are mathematically clear, even today, this debate between them goes on.

Many users tend to follow the exploitative style and others choose the serious GTO advocates. It is because of these divisions, several misunderstandings arise. The objective of any poker game user is to obtain the lines that produce the increased amount of earnings. However, the one and only method to perform this is by exploiting opponent mistakes.

In general, GTO poker is a type of exploitative strategy. It appears as one of the highly efficient counter techniques to win against the opponent, who also plays the game in the GTO style. To be more precise, if you find out that your poker opponent is playing an excellent GTO technique, it is best for you to use the GTO approach, which is the most successful counter method.

But, as many players do not use the same or one kind strategy, you can boost more profits by developing an exploit-driven approach. Keep in mind that using the GTO strategies to win against every opponent will leave excess revenue on the table. In short, GTO Poker is theoretically excellent, difficult to exploit, and leaves more profits by not manipulating opponents. Exploitative poker allows you to modify the technique to target your opponent’s shortcomings, and it is the most productive way to play poker.

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Bottom Line

After thorough research and examination, we have created this list, which includes detailed information about the best tips and tricks for utilizing exploitative poker techniques. Thus, you can follow them in your next online poker game to get a win.