One of the most interesting card games is definitely Blackjack, and it’s one of the most popular card games in the world. Everyone that has ever played the game can confirm that it is very interesting and amusing.

And if you haven’t, you are maybe asking yourself what exactly is Blackjack. Well, it’s the American version of a popular global banking game that is known as Twenty-One.

The card game before Blackjack, called Twenty-one was a game of unknown origin, and the first written reference can be found in a book by a famous Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. You know him for writing Don Quixote. The point of this game is the same as with blackjack, hit 21 points without going over and also aces value 1 or 11.

The point of the new game, called blackjack is comparing cards between one or more players and a dealer. Each player, in turn, competes against the dealer, and players don’t compete against each other. The game can be played with only one deck or more decks of 52 cards. And of course, the objective of the game is to beat the dealer.

4How can you beat the dealer?

You can beat the dealer if you get 21 points on the player’s first two cards, without a dealer blackjack, and that is called blackjack, or some call it natural.

If you reach a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21 you can also win or you can let the dealer draw additional cards until their hand exceeds 21.

3How is it played?


Every player gets two cards if the cards are going to be face up or down depends on where are you playing, or are you playing it online.

Different casinos have different rules, and the same goes for online games. For example in the U.S., the dealer also gets two cards and one card is always face up and the other is face down. And in other countries, the dealer gets only one card that is placed face up. The important part is the pip value, and that is the value of cards two through ten. King, Queen, and Jack are all worth ten, and aces can be worth one or eleven.

And a hand’s value is the sum of the card values. If a player wants to improve their hand they can draw an additional card.

When all players complete their hands, the dealer has its turn. And he doesn’t stop until all players are busted or someone receives a blackjack. The point for a player is to have higher than the dealer but not to exceed 21.

Depending on where you are playing and in which country you are playing there are many variations to rules.

2How to learn to play Blackjack?


There isn’t an easy way to learn it, you just need to play it a lot. Of course, some people are naturally talented and they know how to play the game when they play it for the first time. But for everyone else you just need to play it to learn.

This can be a bit difficult if you want to learn how to play it and you decide to do it in a casino, because you’re probably going to lose money, and you don’t want that. The other option is to gather some friends, or just one to be your dealer and play with them.

This can be an interesting and fun option, and you can even make parties with the Blackjack theme where you can play the game for hours.

But if you don’t have an opportunity for something like that or your friends are not interested in playing this with you there is another option. There are many strategy games from which you can learn how to play. You can play online which is always fun, and if that’s something that you like, visit this website. And what’s even better there are even apps for Android and iOS, so you can play on the go and whenever you have some spare time.

1Apps for Blackjack basic strategy


If you are new to this game you should try and see how you play with an app. It’s easy and you won’t lose money. And if you take enough time you will be able to learn it well and eventually hit those tables. There are some really great apps for both Android and iOS, you won’t be disappointed.

In these apps, you will learn when you need to stand when you need to hit, and when you need to fold. Everything you probably don’t even know what it means now. And what’s most important you will learn how to beat the dealer, because it’s not about getting that 21 number, it’s about beating the dealer.

With basic strategy apps, you will learn and you will be able to play your new favorite game if you don’t have anywhere else to play it. Also, it can be always with you just a few clicks on your phone.

Whatever you choose remember to always play wisely and always think twice. Before going anywhere or playing for money be sure to learn everything there is to learn and the best way to do that is by playing the game online.

Online playing is a great way to learn everything you need to know and to polish your skills. This way you will maybe also learn a few new tricks that you will be able to use in the future. This game is extremely interesting and fun and anyone that has ever tried playing it never stopped.

It is a great way for your brain to train and to learn how to think smart. Like with any card game there is some luck involved, but mostly you need to think, you need to be wise and you need to be smart. And the best way for you to accomplish that is to train and play.