Casinos try every trick in the book to keep their clients coming. Admittedly, most gambling enthusiasts would not be able to steer clear from the casinos even if they wanted. When the online casinos first appeared, many were hesitant at first.

Surely the atmosphere of the casinos is a huge part of the thrill? Perhaps, but online casinos have made it possible for people to engage in their favorite pastime at any point of the day.

Additionally, their enormous popularity allowed them to entice potential customers even more by various bonuses. In a second, you’ll learn about the tricks used by the casinos to make more profit. Let’s go!

9Sign up bonuses


Sign up bonuses are often unusually generous to attract new clients. It is much easier to encourage someone to keep playing, rather than to convince them to choose a particular casino. Once you deposit a certain amount of money, the casino will grant you a bonus. It could be an extra 100%, or 200%, which means that if you deposit $100, you’ll have $200 or $300 on your account respectively. Sometimes there is a minimum amount of money for the bonus to apply. If you want to learn more about the different online casinos in Canada, check out

Alternatively, some casinos don’t make it necessary for you to deposit any funds. You’ll find a specific sum of money on your account that you can use to test whether you enjoy this particular casino. If you are new to gambling, you should start with this type of casino, so that you won’t risk losing real money right from the start. Perhaps if you discover that gambling is something that you’ve been waiting for your entire life, you could continue with real money.

8Monthly bonuses

Once the casino succeeds in luring in new players, it tries its best to convince them that regularity is key. It doesn’t offer the answer “to what”, but by offering regular bonuses, it makes it easier for the players to make gambling a habit.

7Bonuses for particular games


Sometimes the casinos want to encourage people to try their luck with specific titles. The easiest way to do that is by granting generous bonuses for players who have previously preferred other games. It is an often-used technique during the release of new games. And it works.

6Loyalty bonus

There are often bonuses if you remain a dedicated client of a specific casino for a long period of time. They are rewarding you for spending a lot of your hard-earned money by enticing you to play even more. A fair deal.

5Time Bonuses


Sometimes, there are special events that allow players to play for free. They usually last one, or two hours, during which players will gather en masse in front of the computer screens. Even normal gambling releases tons of dopamine in the brain; imagine dozens of gamblers in one room, trying their best to click their mouse as fast as it is humanly possible. I’m sure that you could use their sweat to treat people with dopamine deficiency.

4Bonuses for high rollers

No, they won’t send a team to check how high you are. Instead, this bonus is given to people who are frequently betting large sums of money. It is in the interest of the casino, which is why they try to incentivize their players to make bets that are fraught with danger.

3Convince-your-friend bonus


Apart from spending a lot of time on gambling, there is only one thing that casinos would love more from their customers – new players. Given the fact that convincing potential clients to try their luck is the hardest part – retaining them is much easier, casinos tend to offer huge bonuses for referring other people. For the bonus to apply, the newcomer has to make at least one deposit.

2Type of payment bonus

Some casinos give bonuses, ranging up to 15% by choosing a specific payment system. It is often the case that casinos make deals with companies responsible for payment systems, which means that by selecting the advised method of payment, the players will earn a little extra money.

1Real gifts


How to make sure that the customer feels appreciated? Not all rewards have to be in-game only. For the exceptionally dedicated (and indebted) players, casinos often send real gifts. The players would probably prefer a few more free spins, but they aren’t likely to complain either.

Try your luck!

If you’ve always been lucky, you could try your luck with online casinos. You shouldn’t start by spending a lot of money; some casinos will allow you to try them out for free. Proceed to pay real money only if you are absolutely sure that online gambling won’t have terrible effects on your life. And godspeed!