There are a lot of games to enjoy that can be played live in an online casino. You can all play the classics Roulette, Baccarat and live blackjack. They share in common that, at one table, many people will play at the same time. Also, of course, a real flesh and blood dealer is required to guide the game. Unfortunately, online slots do not meet these conditions. And that’s precisely why there are no games for live slots.

Online slot machines are pre-programmed with certain winning odds so that the player does not need anyone to play the game. All you have to do is pull one arm or push a button for the machine to turn. That is not much more different from what you do on your computer when you are playing the slots. There is too little interaction with others, and the slot is a machine: therefore, there is no such thing as online slots and slots cannot be offered live.

Combinations of online slots

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If you are going to play slots, the aim is to obtain certain combinations of figures and symbols. These provide a profit for a certain game. It is the combinations of figures that determine the winnings and the paylines associated with a particular game. The most famous payline runs across the center of the screen from left to right.

But there are also paylines that run horizontally or diagonally, at different heights of the screen. If there is a benefit is calculated by the combination of these two factors. Slots have pre-programmed winning odds, and playing regularly can be profitable. It’s a case of fitting in at the right moment. With the following slots that are sold at different online casinos, this is likely.

More background on the online slots phenomenon

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If something has changed the look of a casino, it is the game machine, slot machine or just slot machine, whatever you want to call it. Generally, the first working specimen is attributed to the American Charles Frey, whose Liberty Bell is still on display at the Liberty Bell Saloon & Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

The name refers to America’s most famous clock, which is located in Philadelphia and has become the symbol of American independence. The first game machine was a poker machine, and the current poker machine is still trendy, and in some countries, there are thousands of them. There are now so many variants that you need a book to describe them all in detail.

Of course, in movies, you always see cabinets that throw a whole bunch of dollars in a drawer when the player gets a few of the same pictures in a row, but for a long time, those machines couldn’t do that at all. The winner would then walk to the bar and receive a free beer or a box of cigars. But in the meantime, the gaming machines often provide half of the land casinos’ turnover and are also extremely popular online.

Changes in online slots

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The equipment has grown more advanced, of course, and so have the games. The time when a few students did that in an attic room has passed because they are now large software suppliers who are busy developing new games. The graphical sides of a new game alone are often breathtakingly beautiful. They can compete with the best animation films, on which many games are also based.

To be able to spell such a video game, you need to understand some of its terminologies. The symbols make the game and give it its own character. These are the pictures, figures or animations used.

The path to success runs over the paylines, imaginary lines that yield the winning combinations, which happens when the same symbols, at least two, are visible on a payline left to right. There can be multiple paylines in one game. You bet an amount per the desired payline when you start playing the game.

Online slots: How it works

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In a cafe, you usually throw cash into a game cabinet; in a casino, you have special coins for that, with which you buy credits. You buy credits online from your gaming account. Symbols roll over the screen, hence the English name Reel, which means cylinder or reel. The thing is started rolling by pressing a button or pulling a lever (the name ‘one-armed bandit’ comes from that lever), which is commonly referred to as a ‘Slots Free Spins’.

The combinations of symbols on the paylines earn points. The number of points times your bet is your profit. It’s that simple. You may still opt to proceed or quit while you are on a victory. In a game, there are always several extras that make it more tempting to play. For example, there is often a ‘Wild’, a kind of joker that replaces a random symbol and sometimes functions as a Multiplier, which increases your winnings again.

Often there are slots with bonuses and free spins to be achieved by playing. Then there are Scatters, which are symbols that if you have them in a certain number randomly on the screen, they also provide extras.

Live slots in an online casino

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Live slots and live jackpots do not exist yet. In an online casino, however, there is often a progressive slots jackpot. We already wrote that most games come from major software builders. Because they can sell such a game to multiple operators at the same time, they have built-in a jackpot system, where the jackpot is built up by all players together, regardless of the online casino they play at.  There are also a lot of payment methods available unlike the ones in traditional casinos.

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That goes a lot faster, of course, and with that, there are regular jackpots of many thousands. Such progressive jackpot slots are an excellent example of cooperation in an industry where people are competitors.

It is fair to say that a slot game is always a game of chance. No matter how beautiful it looks, it can never be compared to a real video game, such as those released by organizations such as Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft.

Because this involves a storyline in which the player works towards a result. A slot machine requires continuous action related to the game of chance, as money has to be earned and distributed.

Live Slots? Slots in a live casino?

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As far as we know, a live slot or live slot machine does not exist at all. With a slot machine, there is no opponent at all who is hidden in the software. In addition, a slot machine on the casino floor is always set up for someone of flesh and blood who can operate the buttons or levers.

It’s not easy to do so remotely, at least not yet. It is technically feasible, but why would you do that if the online casino can often offer many more games than the land casino?

But another form is conceivable, and that has to do with the suggestion. An online player enters the casino and is shown around the casino via the cameras and then goes to the room where the slot machines are set up.

That it seems as if he is going to play on one of the machines set up there, while in reality, he is making a choice from the online offer. While playing, he can peek into the casino regularly, just like someone looking around physically actually behind such a machine. Now just think of a name for this.