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The world of gaming is rapidly expanding at a rate that is currently uncapped as new games and new systems are being developed every day, and we can expect that to be the case for many years to come. When it comes to gaming, each individual has their own setup and their own personal preferences to do with what games they like playing, how they play and what platform they play on. For more details check PulseLabz.

An array of options is available to all gamers these days, so if you’re starting out it’s quite difficult to get to grips with the things you need to look out for, here is my checklist of things to do when ordering games and gear online.

New Games

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Whenever you’re looking at a new release, it’s always best to try and get as much information about it as possible without spoiling the storyline. Looking into how long the game takes to complete and finding out if there are any side quests and how many achievements there are to be awarded, is a good way to understand how many hours you’ll be playing it. I class myself as a bit of an achievement hunter, so I always like to see if it’s going to be worth trying to 100% the game.

Look into what style of game it is and find out if it’s an RPG (role-playing game) or an FPS (first-person shooter) and see if there will be any future downloads to expand the game, downloadable content is making it interesting and playable for years instead of a few months.

Remember to compare all the different versions of the game, often when a new release comes out there will be a number of different editions of the same one. The “standard edition” will include only the game, whereas the “super edition” might include a few bits of downloadable content, a real-life statue of the games’ main character and some other collectibles.

Which console is best?

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So you’ve decided to get the latest first-person shooter game and are now deciding which platform it’s best to be played on. Despite the fact that it comes on all consoles these days, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are designed to make the most out of it. So it’s good to look at some technical specs of the game to see which console will run it the best. The majority of the time if a game has been designed for a specific console then it will be advertised as that, doing the decision work for you!

How much is it?

This doesn’t just go for a new game, finding the best deal for any bit of gear you decide you want is synonymous with a gamer. You can often find deals online, where the game or bit of equipment you want is discounted for new customers, or if you have a subscription to a certain service. It’s worth doing the research to see if you can get it for any cheaper than face value, as it can end up saving you thousands in the long run.


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This can be a complete turn off for many, finding the best deal online only to discover that shipping costs almost as much as the game, and it’s going to take at least 10 days to reach you, is a sure-fire way to end the transaction. Shipping is a cost that is warranted, but it’s also something that’s used as a way to get more money for a product. There are a few ways to get the most out of a shipping deal, these experts have designed a system that reduces shipping cost and time, being able to reduce these not only benefits the customer but also local businesses and the environment.

The way they have designed their product means orders will be delivered from a closer depot to the customer. This reduces miles traveled by vehicles that are delivering the products, which reduces the cost paid by you due to a significant drop in miles traveled, which reduces the waiting time for the consumer, and reduces emissions by delivering vehicles, making it a win-win for everyone involved.


The unfortunate thing about being heavily into gaming is that as games are evolving and getting better, so are the consoles, and the monitors we play them on. When I say unfortunate, I only mean in a monetary way as we end up spending more and more money each year keeping up with the latest bit of kit. The fortunate thing about having the latest bit of kit is that your gaming setup will always be second to none.

This is why checking to see if there are any upgrades should always be on your list of things to do, if a game is coming out that is going to be game of the year and it requires you to have a television that supports 4k gaming, then finding the best deal on a new 4k television is the only way to go.

Can I stream it?

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If you find yourself constantly looking at things that will improve your gaming skill and set up, then it’s safe to say you’re probably an avid gamer. If this is the case then maybe it’s time to start looking at a few options that could turn your hobby into a career. If you’re already a streamer then it might be worth checking to see if there’s going to be an audience for any new game you invest in, you don’t want to spend money on getting set up only to find out that it isn’t popular amongst your target audience. This could waste not only money, but a lot of streaming time that could be spent playing a game that will command a large audience which will give you the best monetary return.

Am I going to enjoy it?

Something that gets hidden amongst peer pressure and all your friends playing a game is the question of: will you actually enjoy it yourself? I find myself falling for this on a monthly basis, I’ve done all the research on a game, but I haven’t asked myself if I’m actually going to enjoy it, I’ve assumed I am because all my friends are playing it. Make sure you’re going to really love a game before spending any money, they are getting expensive!

Taking everything into consideration, it’s best to look before ordering games and gear online, always try and get the best deal possible by shopping around to make sure you aren’t overpaying on shipping! And remember, it’s alright if you aren’t going to enjoy it, you can play the next release with your friends.