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The question on every gamer’s mind is always how to become better. The videogame industry is growing massively and is currently bigger than Hollywood.

If we can say one thing about the gaming industry is that it is highly competitive. Nowadays, you have people making money playing video games by being professional eSports athletes or by simply creating content for YouTube or Twitch or any other gaming platform.

So, how would you become a better gamer and succeed in the game you’re playing? Well, in this article, we’re going to give you our 6 simple tips for becoming a better gamer. Don’t go anywhere as this article might prove useful to you. You can find out here how to order best gaming chairs.

1. Being focused during sessions

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Every dedicated player in every competitive game knows that being focused is one of the most important things during sessions. Having the ability to maintain focus levels during a game can differentiate you from the rest of the community.

Since most competitive games have a different role for each player to play, it means that every player has a specific job to do. If you train and practice to be focused as much as possible and perform the best you can on that role, then you will inherently become a better gamer.

While many players like playing casually, a large part of the community is inherently competitive. And if you happen to be such a player, then you have to find ways to improve your performance. And as we talked, being focused at all times will drastically improve your skill.

2. Regular practice

Every guide, every YouTube video, every pro, and every article out there will tell you that hard work ultimately pays out in this industry. Like with any ordinary sport, you can’t get better at it if you don’t practice.

However, practicing is one thing but the quality of the opponent is entirely different. You can get as good as the players you’re playing against. If you practice against low-level opponents, then your skill will never improve but instead, maintain a constant level.

This rule is true in every videogame regardless if it’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, or the newest Riot Games release, Valorant.

In each and every one of these games, lower-skilled players have generally slower reaction times and lack the necessary in-game knowledge to beat you.

But if you queue against medium-level or high-level opponents, then your skills will be put to the test. This of course applies differently to every single one of you, and some of you are definitely better than others.

But through practice and regular practice, you will slowly improve your reaction time, your aim, your in-game knowledge, and any other game mechanic that is associated with your favorite game.

You can also play other games that are excellent for building muscle memory. Muscle memory is crucial for developing the speed, knowledge, and memory of every champion, hero, gun, and map. Muscle memory also improves your handling of the mouse. Through regular practice, you will improve on a lot of things and that’s why it’s so important for you to do so.

3. Practicing with Pro’s

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A relatively new trend of practicing and learning a game is by acquiring first-hand tips and tricks from professional or ex-professional athletes in eSports.

There are services out there that specialize in bringing you these people to you. What this means is you can hire a professional player within your game to coach you and train you to be better.

Professional players know much more about the game than casual players. So if you want to improve your skills while also learning new things and even improving the rank, then you can do so by hiring a pro. If you’re interested in playing with a pro then make sure to check here.

4. Take a break

A lot of professional players will recommend taking a break from the game if you happen to be in a slump. A slump is when the player cannot get anything right. He makes basic mistakes, costly errors, and anything in between.

In nearly 99% of the cases, a player in a slump will lose every game they play. A slump can last for a day, a week, and even months. It can be frustrating to get out of a slump, but the best way of doing it is to simply take a break.

Professional players have been in such terrible slumps that they’ve taken whole years off just to recharge batteries. If you happen to be in a slump then we highly recommend you do this.

You can try something else such as start a hobby and even switch to another game until the slump goes away.

5. Increase your versatility

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Becoming a better player means you have to understand what your opponent’s character can do and what are their limitations. This tip will mostly resonate with players that play MOBAs or class-style video games.

The most popular games in the genres are Dota 2 and League of Legends, and increasing your pool of heroes or champions will do more good than harm.

For example, if you happen to play Dota 2 in your preferred role is a midlaner, then it might not hurt to try and play support as both roles are equally important to the outcome of the midlane.

Trying out something new will open a fresh perspective and will only make you a better gamer.

6. Take care of yourself

Games can be very addicting but managing your health is even more important. However, eSports athletes are treated as any other athletes in the world.

They train, they exercise, and they eat healthily. Videogames are their job but their employers care about their health. So in most cases, if you want to become a better player you have to also take care of yourself.

There have been countless studies that suggest exercising puts you in a good mood, and what better way to play video games that in a good mood.

These are some of her tips on how to become a better gamer but there’s no doubt far from all the tips out there.