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Online sports betting has been gaining popularity in recent years in the UK. Those times when local bookmakers held a monopoly on the bookmaking market, is now part of history. The online bookmaking industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Therefore, it is accessible to almost everyone in the world. A large number of online bookmakers offer much better playing conditions than local bookmakers. The logical question that arises is whether online bookmakers are that good and what are the benefits of online bookmaking over local bookmakers. If you want to find more about it, will provide you with some valuable information.

The following is the list of 5 main reasons why it is becoming so popular in the UK:

1. Availability

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Online betting offers the benefits that local bookmakers and the bookmakers will never be able to give you. If you decide to bet online, you will no longer have to run to your local bookmaker because the match you want to bet on begins in ten minutes, and you will not have to wait in line until your ticket worker ticks the ticket. When you gamble online, everything happens quickly. Your bets are received almost immediately, odds are updated, and most importantly, you can bet in the peace of your home, where no one will concentrate you as you choose the winning pairs.

Also, online bookmakers have much more than local bookmakers, and bookmakers are more likely to choose the bookmaker that suits them, both by odds, bonuses or only by the content of the betting site itself.

2.Hidden costs

Everywhere in the world, local bookmakers have introduced various (un) justifiable costs and fees that players must pay. Namely, it is the so-called manipulative expenses in the amount of 5% of the payment, as well as the profit tax in the amount of 10%. In this way, players in local bookmakers are put at a disadvantage. On the other hand, online betting offers the convenience of no hidden costs. The only loss that may occur (and only with some online bookmakers) is the amount the player has to pay when withdrawing money (usually a 2.5% so-called transaction fee).

3. Higher odds and lower margins

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With local bookmakers, the odds are much lower than with online bookmakers, which automatically leads to higher margins. In short, the higher the margin, the higher the bookmaker’s earnings, and the less chance for a player to be a plus in the long run.

Here’s an example:

If we take any basketball match where there are two outcomes (home win and away win) at local bookmakers, the odds of these two outcomes range from 1.80 to 1.85. That means that with $ 14.16 paid out, you will receive $12.04 profits at best. The local bookmaker has a margin of 8.108% on these odds (you can read how to calculate the margin and what it represents here). On the other hand, respectable online bookmakers put odds ranging from 1.93 to 1.95 on the same match.

That means that you get $ 13.45 of profit of the paid $ 14.16, and the betting margin is 2.560%. So when you bet online, you get better odds, and in the long run, increase your chances of being in profit. While this may sound too complicated and lumpy right now, to beat the bookies, every trick and every convenience available to you must be used. Otherwise, you will be like 98% of other people who bet on sports events and lose money regularly.

4. Welcome bonuses and regular promotions

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Online betting also provides this essential convenience for your users. Namely, every online bookmaker has both bonuses for new users as well as loyalty bonuses and regular promotions. New customer bonuses are one of the most substantial bonuses of online bookmakers when trying to reach new customers. Rewards vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but for the most part, the majority comes down to giving a 100% first deposit bonus.

Of course, these bonuses are not infinite and have their terms of use, so it is always best to first inquire about the conditions for obtaining and using these bonuses before registering and depositing for the first time. With this so-called Deposit bonuses can be very profitable, especially if you are familiar with the advanced betting technique called Matched Betting.

Promotional bonuses are another type of bonus that a bookmaker gives to its regular customers to reward them and keep them playing. These bonuses range from a small amount of money through increased odds and free bets to individual matches. Especially these bonuses are exciting during significant sporting events such as the World or European Championships, UEFA Champions League Finals, etc.

5. Privacy

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As we have already noted, you can bet online anywhere anytime. One of the rarely mentioned but indeed essential reasons why online betting is better is that you have absolute privacy when gambling online. No one is looking over your shoulder at what you played or how much money you paid. When you raise money, so do you.

Of course, there are certainly people who will still think that it is better to bet at local bookmakers because they prefer it. There are certainly positives to betting on both sides, but we believe there are many more benefits to betting online than traditional betting at local bookmakers.

How to get started?

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You must register on our site. The registration process is straightforward. It is necessary to enter your basic information such as first name, last name, date of birth, mail, username, and password.
Payment methods

  • Payment with payment cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro).
  • at one of our outlets.
  • via a bank or post office current account.
  • Payment by IPAY electronic money – vouchers.


The payment process is simple. Make a ticket by clicking on specific games and odds, enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm.

Every ticket you make is stored in the archive of your account, whether or not you have received it, as well as your payment and payment history, so you can easily keep track of your account balance. The central place for all information is your account.

Payment methods

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There are two ways to pay out money:

  • Cash withdrawal through the current account
  • Payment on the payment site

Good luck!