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Pendant lights represent a modern type of decoration that you can use to light up both indoor or outdoor spaces. The main advantage is that you can improve the design of any room by adding these lights. With the advancements in technology, you can choose from various styles and materials like plastic, metal, crystal, ceramic, and more. Some of the most popular models are mini pendant lights, cluster pendants, contemporary pendant chandeliers, linear pendants, and inverted lamps.

You should consider adding these in your living room or a kitchen since it can completely change the ambient and make it more pleasant. The benefit is that you can choose from numerous models available on the market today. You can check Stylish Direct if you are interested in some of the most popular types of pendant lights. Moreover, we have to mention that you can combine these with various styles, especially minimalistic and modern ones.

On the other side, many people are having struggles with keeping these lights clean for a longer time. Because of their unique style, pendant lights will collect dust much faster than standard lightning systems on the ceiling. Therefore, you will have to pay attention and clean them more often. Here are some useful tips that will help you to maintain the pendant lights clean and shiny.

1. Turn Off the Lights

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The first thing you need to do is to turn off the lights before touching the light bulb because it can be very hot. Also, we recommend you wait for a couple of minutes until you start wiping the surface. Like with all other devices and kitchen appliances, the safest way is to turn them off during cleaning. Moreover, you should remove the light bulb as well and clean the inside of the pendant much easier.

2. Place a Towel Under the Light

If you left your pendant light to collect dust for a longer time, we advise you to place a cloth or a towel under it to avoid cleaning that surface after you finish with the lights. Moreover, if there are large deposits of dust, we recommend you use a face mask to avoid allergies.

3. Use a Ladder

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Always pay attention to your safety. A lot of people would choose to use furniture to reach the lights. However, the safest method is to use a ladder that will allow you to reach every spot of the pendant without struggles. Also, there is a risk that you might fall from the chair or any other furniture.

4. Use A Dry Microfiber

The best way to start cleaning is to first use a cloth made of microfiber to remove the layers of dust. In case that there are larger deposits of dust, be sure to fold the material several times for more efficient cleaning. After you remove the first layer of dirt and dust, you can use some cleaning products to polish the pendant properly.

5. Wipe It with Wet Cloth

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After you have removed the dust, you can use a wet cloth to start polishing the surface of the pendant. You can use both hot or cold water, depending on the material. However, be sure to use a microfiber that is not too wet. Be sure to clean each part of it, even those spots that are not visible. IN case that there are some spots that you cannot clean only with water, the best products are alcohol and vinegar.

On the other hand, you should avoid standard products for glass cleaning since they can leave marks, especially if you have metal pendants. The main feature of these lights is the unique design, but that also means a lot of spots that you won’t be able to reach with a standard cloth. Therefore, you can use cotton swabs to reach these spots.

6. How to Provide it with a Deeper Clean?

Depending on the material, some models might appear much harder to maintain clean. For that matter, you can use a detergent or soap. Still, we recommend you remove the pendant if you are planning to use more than just water for cleaning. First of all, if the light is right above you, there is a chance for a detergent to fall in your eyes. Also, the whole process will be much easier if you dismantle the pendant.

7. You can Wash Glass in the Dishwasher

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The glass might seem as most complicated for maintenance since it will collect dirt and dust much faster than other materials. On the other side, if you have a model that is made completely of glass, you can wash it in the dishwasher. However, avoid this method if there are any parts on it made of wood or metal. Besides the washing machine, you can place a glass pendant under the hot water and use soap. Also, be sure that the glass is dry before placing it back on the ceiling.

8. How to Clean Chandeliers?

If you have some more complex models like chandeliers, it will require more effort to clean them. You should include wiping these as part of your weekly routine when you are vacuuming and cleaning your home. The best way is to use a ladder since dismantling this model might be complicated, and you can save yourself from the efforts of putting them back to place. The best method is to use simple cotton or a microfiber cloth.

The Bottom Line

These models are getting more popular in recent years, and you can choose to replace standard lights in your home with these to improve the design. The most popular combination is with dimming lights, which can provide you with the ability to create a unique atmosphere in your home for any occasion. The cleaning process is simple, but it is very important to deal with it more often, especially when it comes to glass pendants since the deposits of dust can be easily seen on them.