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Slots are the very essence of many online and traditional casinos. They surely deserve the title of the most popular games in every casino around the world, as they easily attract various types of players.

Also, the possibility to enjoy freebies when playing lures hundreds of money-hungry players to spins slot reels. Thanks to extra spins accredited to users’ accounts, players have better chances of hitting massive winnings, for more visit – learn how to get free spins.

Ironically, slots weren’t always so attractive. It was not until the 1980s when they started to become more favorable and now, they rule the online gambling space. Online slots are run by a random number generator and it does not require a player to do more than just push the button to spin the reels. Once the symbols have matched, you will get a monetary prize.

Simple, right? But there is more to it and you would be surprised how much you did not know. Take a closer look at the world of slots!

1. Expect a payback of over 90%

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The so-called RTP is probably one of the most important characteristics of a chosen slot game. Known as the return to player, or payback percentage, it gives you a better idea of how much you are likely to win and how often it can take place. You might have not known but the vast majority of slot machines online and offline boast an RTP of over 90%.

The plethora of slots available on the market has led to the situation when operators must offer really competitive games to win players over. Nowadays, the average RTP ranges between 93-95% but some of the best slots offer a payback of around 98%!

2. There are no “cold” and “hot” slots

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When you play, your excitement levels go a bit high and might play tricks with your mind. Meaning, if you happen to have a streak of luck while playing slots, you might automatically think this slot has a magical ability to boost your winnings in a better and faster way than many others. But do not forget – each slot is just an assembly of random results. Just because the slot is known as the “hot” one, there is no guarantee it will continue to pay out generous amounts of money.

The same rule applies to the so-called “cold” slots. They might, too, hide the jackpot just a few spins away and it is pure luck whether this will happen.

The concept behind this division is completely superstitious and no matter how much the game gets heated up, bear in mind that luck (or lack of it!) will not last forever.

3. Progressive slot jackpots can get as big as lotteries

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Progressive slots are what makes online casinos exciting. These slots work in a different way to traditional slots. The concept is that whoever is playing that version of the game, be it online or offline, has the chance to hit the jackpot. In order to ensure that this is fair, the jackpot has a set prize and then, with every new bet, a percentage of this will be added to the pot. Then, eventually, the prize can get really massive, as the prize pot will grow until the jackpot has been won!

Progressive slot jackpots have proved to generate winnings as high as lotteries, with some lucky players getting richer of a couple of millions! The very best part about the progressive jackpots, except for the money that you can win, is that they are more advanced technologically. Their complexity concerns more paylines, extra bonus rounds and mini-games to enjoy while you play.

4. Online slots do resemble traditional slots

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Technology has revolutionized most of the world’s business verticals, including casino. Slot machines have evolved significantly, resulting as a pretty much a new game type. Let’s look into different components of old and new slots.

A slot machine found in a brick-and-mortar casino would usually have coins, hoppers, levers and reels. Now, modern slots are built up of around 1200 parts and are constructed by numerous teams of game developers, manufacturers and designers. The newest technology concerns the use of bill validators, machine cabinets, touchscreens and RNG’s. You might have thought that only online slots have progressed – surprise, surprise, no! The world of traditional slots has advanced too and has warmly welcomed the power of technology.

Now, when it comes to online slots, you can count on a pretty particular type of experience thanks to their atmospheric graphics and sound effects but, in reality, they work in a very similar way to the traditional machines. Both versions on this ultra-popular game use random number generators to provide an unexpected result with every spin. This guarantees that games can’t be rigged by the casino or the players hoping to hack the system.

The main difference would be the used hardware – the technology behind online casinos leaves more room for experiments. Top-notch animations, seamless gameplay and security measures in place describe virtual slots best. With offline slot machines, you are more likely to be entertained by the flashing lights of the rows and victorious music when you get the winning combination.

5. “Slots” come in different names

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You might be annoyed by now about how many times we have already used the word “slots”. But how else to call them if not “game machines”? To your surprise, slot games are called a few different names around the world.

As for most Europeans, Americans and Canadians slots are the most popular form, some other parts of the world have picked other variations. For example, Australian players often call them “pokies”. In the UK, you might come across the name of “fruit machines” – as historically many slots in pubs were deemed as fruit machines.

The Scots also have invented a different word for slots – does a “puggy” sound familiar? Not quite, huh? Maybe the Japanese take on slots – “pachinko” – will ring a bell, though?