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As the scandal around Matt Lauer’s inappropriate sexual behavior unraveled, Lauer Net Worth slowly decreased. At the same time his wife’s net worth steadily increased. Although Annette Roque (Matt’s wife) didn’t receive as much as the media first reported- according to some, she demanded more than 50$ million- Matt Lauer still had to cough up some serious money. However, the now notorious TV host still didn’t get away with his immoral actions- Annette finally received about 20$ million, which is one hefty sum for a simple divorce.

The host of famous Today NBC show will probably never again have such a well-paying job.

Needless to say, Annette got furious when she heard about her husband’s sexual misconduct. Nobody thought that this could happen, but there it was, all over the news, and everybody talked about it. But, after all, Annette wasn’t the one who got abused, so probably all that money (or at least a large proportion of it) could have gone to the victims of Matt’s misdeeds.

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While some celebrities can afford such escapades, paying 20 $ million to his ex-wife and costs of all those litigation processes significantly affected Lauer’s net worth- more specifically, he lost about a third of his former wealth, as in 2018 his fortune wasn’t larger that 60 $ million.

Things really got bad for Matt Lauer after his gross behavior got revealed. It became widely known that he and his wife actually made an agreement: she would stay with him, and receive regular “payment” for this, some sort of allowance. Needless to say, Matt did all this in order to retain the humble, paternal image he built for himself over the years. As it turned out, this image ultimately cracked due to Lauer’s continuous harassment of colleagues. More specifically, Ann Curry, Megyn Kelly, Al Roker, all teamed up and testified against the man.

A lot of Lauer’s assets had to be sold or were simply transferred to his now ex-wife. For instance, Annette received a share of several New York and Connecticut flats, and even a New Zealand ranch.

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Matt’s first wife, Nancy, was perhaps his biggest support during the sexual misconduct turmoil. She said that Lauer isn’t a bad person, and that while he made a lot of mistakes, he isn’t that bad after all. What to make of all this? Well, we’ll never know the truth, but one thing is certain, Matt Lauer did something that a lot of other people noticed and didn’t like. The graveness of his crimes is unknown. We’re inclined to believe that while he perhaps made some nasty offers and made a lot of females very uncomfortable, he didn’t do anything as bad as rape. In the prevailing atmosphere of the “Me Too” movement, it’s possible that we sometimes jump to conclusions even when we don’t have that much evidence.

Whatever the case, Matt Lauer’s net worth decreased quite a bit as a result of all these events, and once-famous TV host will think twice before making any new sexual attempts.

Matt Lauer: Where Is He Now?

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According to Town & Country Lauer is generally spending time at his Hamptons home, staying out of trouble. But the trouble seems to be able to reach him even now. Quite recently, in October 2019, new allegations concerning Lauer’s controversial sexual life appeared. This time, a journalist named Ronan Farrow is the whistleblower. Although Farlow primarily focused on the infamous Weinstein scandal, while researching relevant material, he got to know Brooke Nevils, another NBC worker. Farlow stated that Nevils accused Lauer of anal rape which happened during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Lauer reacted kind of strangely, saying that Nevils’ accusations defy “common sense”. What is common sense in this situation?

While defending from accusations such as these, Lauer is calmly sitting in his Hamptons home.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Matt Lauer net worth doesn’t surpass 60$ million, after him paying the agreed money to Annette Roque. Just how long will this net worth last is questionable, considering that a lot of other women may appear who had unpleasant experiences with Matt.

During the peak of his career, Matt earned about 30$ million per year, and he will hardly be able to equal this is in the years to come.

Will Matt Lauer Return To TV?

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This is uncertain. What is certain is that Jeff Zucker, one of the most important CNN officials, made sure that no journalist even tried to link Matt Lauer with CNN. Although the ex-NBC host accepted all the terms set by his ex-wife in order not to prolong the divorce process and give the reason to journalists to write about him, his notoriety remains.

A divorce attorney from Kirker Davis LLP shares: “Sexual misconduct can be a contributing factor to celebrities divorces, but it’s essential to clarify what is meant by “sexual misconduct.” Sexual misconduct can encompass a range of behaviors, including adultery, infidelity, sexual abuse, or any violation of trust related to sexual matters.”

Lauer actually appeared at Zucker’s birthday party, which was enough for some journalists to make up a story and conclude that Lauer might get a job at CNN. However, this probably won’t happen.

According to some reports bringing Matt to CNN might be a good idea, a way to salvage both the falling CNN rating and Lauer’s reputation. However, numerous female staffers opposed this, and chief analysts probably realized that the story is still too fresh (especially with the new allegations).

To be honest, Lauer’s actions after the first allegations came in in 2017 were a bit paradoxical, and this didn’t help retain his reputation. First and foremost, he of course refused all claims of his alleged sexual misconduct. On the other hand, he also said that he only disagreed with some parts of the NBC report that summarized the internal investigation of Lauer’s victims. Matt said that NBC terminated his contract when he admitted having relationships with co-workers. What should this mean?

One thing is certain, his past source of income Today show, was relatively unaffected by the scandal. About 4 million people watched this show each morning, and this statistic stayed the same even after the Lauer incidents got revealed. However, it might have been different. When Charlie Rose was accused of the same misdeeds as Lauer, CBS morning show saw a drop of about 10%.