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Marriages are not easy and sadly divorce rates have been increasing for years. Sometimes, couples with “irreconcilable differences” have to do the healthiest thing for their relationships, and that means filing for divorce. It can be a sorrowful decision to leave someone you once loved and shared your life with, however, getting a divorce can end up being a positive thing as it allows both partners space and freedom to start a new happier life.

The reasons behind divorce vary from infidelity and financial issues to simply growing apart from each other. However, once in a while, divorce lawyers come across a case with a bizarre reason for divorce.

Here are some of the 6 weirdest but genuinely true reasons why people have filed for divorce.

1. The Bride Looked Different After The Wedding

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It sounds almost unbelievable, but a Chinese man filed for divorce because he discovered that his wife had had more 100,000 dollars worth of plastic surgery. The secret was discovered after the couple had children together and the man noticed that their children have no resemblance at all to their mother. Whilst this may seem like an extreme reaction, what is perhaps even more surprising is that the husband hadn’t noticed the extent of his wife’s surgery in the first place.

It is interesting that the man’s wife did not initially agree to the divorce. Different countries have different laws when one party wants a divorce and the other doesn’t and you can learn more from this useful post about what happens in this situation. Two Saudi Arabian men filed for divorce when they saw their wives the day after their respective weddings without makeup. Under Saudi Arabian law, the women had no recourse to dispute the divorce but there are other countries where a judge may not have been so accommodating to the men’s requests.

2. Pet Disputes

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We think of pets as being a cute addition to a family, but there have actually been various incidents where pets have split up a couple. In Romania, a man was divorced by his wife because he had been feeding every stray dog in their neighborhood. At first, his wife was fine with him saving food scraps for one or two lucky canines, but she reached her tipping point when they kept running out of food because of her husband’s charity. Similarly, an Israeli man ended his marriage because of irreconcilable differences as a result of the 550 cats rescued by his wife. According to the Times of Israel, the husband claimed that he couldn’t sleep in his bed because it was covered with cats, and he couldn’t eat his meals because cats occupied his table and stole all his food.

3. Troubles in The Bedroom

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A significant number of divorces happen because of bedroom disputes. A Nigerian woman ended her marriage due to the fact that her husband was just too big. The couple had not been physically intimate before getting married and when they did, the woman described it as a “nightmare”. In another case of bedroom incompatibility, an unfortunate Russian husband tried to use a special implant to help with some performance issues that he was experiencing. Whilst his heart was clearly in the right place as he was only trying to satisfy his wife, according to the U.K.’s Metro News, the implant fell out one night at a less than an opportune moment. The shock of the experience led to his wife filing for divorce just a few days afterward.

4. Supernatural Forces

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In 2017, an Italian couple ended their marriage after the wife was reported doing unnatural things such as contorting her body in strange ways and even levitating. This caused so much tension that after several attempts to reconcile, the judge granted a divorce for both parties. In similarly strange circumstances, a man in Dubai filed for divorce after he was convinced that his wife was possessed by a genie. This possession manifested itself in his wife being reluctant to have sex with him. The man’s family advised him that this was a sign that his wife was possessed by a “dijn”, which is a genie in Arabic mythology.

5. Political Views

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Politics can be a contentious issue at the best of times, even between married couples. In 2016, one 73-year-old woman left her husband and ended their 22-year marriage after she discovered that he intended to vote for then-candidate Donald Trump.

This may sound extreme but there was a similar case that hit the headlines when Anthony Scarmucci, the former White House Communications Director, first told his wife he was planning to work for President Trump, his wife told him that she wanted a divorce. Scaramucci famously lasted only eleven days in the job and was ultimately able to patch things up with his wife before becoming an outspoken critic of the president.

6. Incompatible Roommates

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Arguments about house chores are common between couples but on rare occasions, the disputes can get so heated that drastic measures are called for. That’s exactly what happened when a Canadian woman divorced her husband after he kept leaving dirty dishes in the sink. As this unfortunate husband later reflected, he came to realize that each time his wife saw a dirty dish by the sink, her patience must have been wearing thinner and thinner. How about being too clean? A German woman ended her marriage of 15 years because her husband cleaned constantly. According to Reuters, she reached her limit when her husband knocked down a wall in their home because it was dirty.

Sometimes when a marriage comes to an end, it is the best option for both partners. In many cases, there is no one to blame for the end of a relationship; people can grow apart or find that they want different things after spending many years together. There are times, however, when there is a problem in a relationship that just cannot be reconciled, and now and again, that problem is really strange.