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When we talk about the richest Hollywood stars of today, there is no way that we can end that conversation without talking about Adam Sandler. He is one of the people that are enjoying their Hollywood lives to the fullest. His wallet at least says so.

Born back in 1996 in Brooklyn, Sandler moved to Manchester, New Hampshire when he was just 6 years of age. Even before he graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of Arts, he started acting professionally, working his way from the bottom up. Remote Control, an MTV’s game show, was his first platform as he had few cameo appearances there, as well as in The Cosby show.

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Saturday Night Live is no joke, you would agree. When he got noticed by SNL Weekend Update anchor Dennis Miller after his performance in LA, it was a big deal for him. SNL is a big platform and a big step for anybody’s career. This is how Sandler got his foot in the door. He was then recommended to the main men, creator/executive producer of the show Lorne Michaels and he was hired in 1990 as one of the writers.

Not long after that he became pretty famous for varies characters and has had his big break. It could be seen then that this man was on his way to major success.

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Fast forward to the future and we can see Adam becoming one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world on numerous occasions. Even today his salary reaches up to 50 million dollars a year. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you agree. There are always two things that we can expect from Adam: to be really funny in the movies that he is in and that he gets paid a ton of money for his appearance. Those two things always go together.

Some of his most notable movies are „Spanglish“ back in 2004, as well as his role as „Zohan“ in the movie „You don’t mess with the Zohan“, a movie that he co-wrote and also produced. Nobody can forget about the movie „Grown Ups“ that was released back in 2010, as well as „Jack and Jill“ from 2011.

Ever since he finished with Saturday Night Live, he has been involved in more than 50 major studio releases and he earned at least around 20 million dollars for the same about movies. Think about that for a second. Also, he signed a major deal with Netflix back in 2014. The original deal was for him to film 4 movies for 250 million dollars.

In 2017 he re-signed with Netflix, the same deal was in place yet again. Truth be told, most of the movies have received pretty bad reviews, but they are still one of the most-streamed movies with over 500 million watched hours.

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Today, in 2024, Adam Sandler’s net worth is around 420 million dollars. If he keeps signing those Netflix deals, there is no doubt that this number is going to keep ballooning. It does not matter if the movies are good or not – the amount of watched hours is what counts.