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Alex Choi is a popular content creator on YouTube; more specifically, he is an Automotive YouTube video creator. He has more than 659000 subscribers on his channel. This young creator is best known on the Internet for collecting over 12.2 million views with his video “Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation.”


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He was born on October 25, 1999, and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He currently lives and works in the city of angels in California. Minimal, almost nothing, is known about his private life. Nothing is known about his parents or whether he has a girlfriend. It is also not known which school he finished. He started respecting cars in May 2016 on Instagram, and a year later, he started his career on YouTube.

Choi is a very successful Youtuber who managed to earn a reasonably large sum of money. In 2017, he treated himself to a new Lamborghini Huracan and became one of the few YouTube to own a supercar. However, he has now decided to take a radical step and decided to transform his Huracan and make it a rally vehicle completely.

After almost six months of working on this vehicle, Choi managed to achieve his goal and present to his fans and the whole world a unique Lamborghini that no one else has.
His Huracan is maximally naked. There is a pink exoskeleton around it, made of connected roll bars, which give it a specific rally look reminiscent of vehicles from the “Mad Max” franchise. However, although this vehicle looks like a rally vehicle, it cannot be driven in real rally conditions. Since this car still has a sports suspension, it cannot be gone on uneven, hilly, and gravel roads since it is quite close to the ground.

However, Alex still says that his goal is to own a unique car that no one else has and by which people will recognize it.

Alex Choi’s Car Collection

Alex Choi has a small but selected collection of expensive cars, and below, you can read which cars they are and how much they are worth.

  •  Audi RS7: Now, the Audi RS7 costs at least $ 115,875 in the US market. It is the first car he bought in May 2016.
  •  BMW M7: Now, the BMW M7 costs at least $ 156,700 on the US market.
  • Lamborghini Huracan: Now, it costs at least $ 200,000 in the US market.
  • Maclaren 720s: The last car he bought was a Maclaren 720s.

His custom Maclaren became so popular and wanted that his car ended up on the famous game named Forza Horizon. The car cost at least $ 284,745 in the US market.

Alex Choi Net Worth

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Based on his YouTube channel, where he earns money by watching his videos and subscribers, Alex earns an average of about $ 55.9K a year. To these earnings, it is necessary to add the sponsorships he has achieved and his collaborations on Instagram if we add to his earnings the value of his cars. The final figure is around $ 3 million.