If you thought rockers were known for doing some wild and crazy s**t then brace yourselves. There’s been just as much, if not more insane antics throughout hip-hops storied history. Shockingly, only 63% of the insanity has involved the actions of Flavor Flav. Speaking of which, don’t expect to see the reality TV star mentioned anymore in the following article. It is our belief that any further coverage will only encourage him.

Anyway, sit back, relax, spark a philly and enjoy.


Yeah, that’s wassup.


Lil’ Mama’s Pathetic Stage Crash


Let’s kick things off with a painfully awkward moment courtesy of Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Mama. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, she infamously rushed the stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance of Empire State of Mind. Both artists were caught off guard when she interrupted their number, danced around a bit and topped things off by moronically posing alongside them. For those who don’t know, Lil’ Mama had absolutely nothing to do with the song. Her appearance was as unplanned as it was unwanted. She may as well have skipped the embarrassing stunt and simply hung a sign around her neck that read “Hi, I’m a raging attention whore”. Later on Lil’ Mama claimed she couldn’t help herself and was simply “caught up in the moment”. Right.


Akon Proves He Belongs In The WWE


Vince McMahon take note…R&B singer Akon clearly has what it takes to be a wrestling superstar. Back in 2007, Akon was onstage and about to perform at the Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York, when a young concertgoer tossed an object at him. Long story short, the fifteen year old fan ended up on stage only to be lifted up and violently launched back out into the crowd by Akon.

Here’s the somewhat surreal vid if you haven’t already seen it…


The aftermath involved a police investigation, several news pieces and Akon claiming the entire incident was staged. Hip-hop fans across the internet pretty much found the incident hilarious. However, they also saw it as a sad attempt by Akon to gain some street cred and promote himself further.


Joe Budden Takes On The Wu-Tang Clan


What happens when rappers have wars of words? Unfortunately, matters can escalate and sometimes become ugly. In the summer of 2009, successful (and notably vocal) Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden had just squashed a beef with Wu-Tang veteran Methodman. However, bad feelings were apparently still in the air. During a live streaming event backstage at the Rock the Bells Tour, Joe was assaulted by an associate from the Wu member Raekwon’s crew. The incident wasn’t caught on tape because the stream was cut off, however when Joe came back on cam he was holding an ice pack to his eye. Outnumbered, Joe claimed that the Wu member asked him for an apology, he obliged and was then inexplicably punched in the eye by a much larger member of Rae’s crew. Things have been quiet since then and reportedly both camps have squashed their problems.


Lil’ Kim Flashes The Goods


Brooklyn rapper Lil’ Kim aka Queen Bee was never exactly known for being shy. In fact, she’s made a name for herself in the game using sexual imagery and recording songs with lyrics that would make Lady Gaga blush. Still, despite her raunchy music, skimpy outfits and a nipple slip here and there, Kim initially kept herself somewhat in check. However while performing at an event in 2007 she took things to a whole new and more brazen level. She was spotted by photographers performing sans panties and openly letting it all hang out. Later the photos hit the internet and fans saw the final few inches of her body which were left to be exposed. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to do a Google image search of the rap diva and find pictures of her fully clothed.


Even her beef with Nicky Minaj began over an explicit image Kim proudly originated.


Kanye West Declares War On George Bush


We’d get tarred and feathered if we ran an article like this and neglected to mention auto-tuning rapper / producer Kanye West’s ridiculousness. Well, bear in mind that when it comes to Kanye’s antics, editorial restrictions needed to be put into place otherwise he’d gobble up all of our time. So for now you’ll have to settle for his top two moments. His first such wacko instance on our list took place in 2005, during an NBC benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina. Kanye appeared alongside actor Mike Myers, and proceeded to completely derail the script by abruptly declaring “George Bush doesn’t care about black people!” At which point, the telethon producer quickly cut him off and awkwardly went to Chris Tucker to keep things moving along. We’re sure you’ve seen it but here it is anyway…


Surprisingly, the ex commander-in-chief has stated that Kanye’s outburst was “one of the most disgusting moments” of his presidency. Since then the two have kissed and made up.


Cannibus Impersonates Silver Surfer


In 1998, rapper Cannibus performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in full platinum silver face paint.

We have absolutely nothing else to say about this unfortunate incident.

Moving along…


Say It Aint So, Rick Ross Is 5-0!


As far back as the glory days of NWA, police officers haven’t exactly been popular amongst the rap community. Understandably so, it came as quite a shock to the hip-hop world when gangsta rapper Rick Ross’s correctional officer records were exposed by The Smoking Gun website. It took almost a year for Ross to officially fess up to the documentation. Predictably, Ross previous law enforcement status served as fuel for controversial rapper / actor 50 Cent in their notorious beef. Needless to say things got quite heated between the two and 50 never once pulled punches. To make matters worse for Ross, Photoshop wizards across the web went nuts pasting his likeness into all types of “Officer Ricky” scenarios.


2Pac Claims He Had Sex With Notorious BIG’s Wife


The East Coast / West Coast war in the 90’s which claimed the lives of legendary rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG is a tragic part of hip-hop’s history. The two rappers war of words was actually somewhat one sided. Pac took most of the shots on record (most famously on Hit Em Up) and even on several unreleased cuts. BIG remained mostly silent or simply took subliminal shots back at Pac. One of the more notable moments in their beef was when Pac boldly declared that he had relations with BIG’s wife, Faith Evans. It didn’t help matters that the two had been seen together, photographed together and even recorded a song together called Wonder Why They Call U B***h (the original version). BIG responded to the allegations in the collabo song with Jay-Z, Brooklyn’s Finest, with the classic line. “If Faith has twins she’ll probably have two Pacs. Get it? Two pacs…” Faith Evans to this day has denied that anything ever happened.


Nas Diss Record Ether, Makes Jay-Z Cry


Historically, a rap battle has simply been a basic showdown between two rival MCs to see which artist was truly the superior lyricist. As time went on, hip-hop battles evolved into an entirely different phenomenon, however the fundamental ingredients have remained. A few years back when rap legends, Nas and Jay-Z waged war against each other, hip-hop fans everywhere took notice. The vicious lyrical jabs Jay and Nas tossed back and forth were relentless. Jay-Z scored many blows toward Nasir in his battle tracks, Takeover and Super Ugly. However, Nasty Nas comeback record, Ether left Jigga man out for the count (not that he’d admit defeat any time soon). When Jay-Z noticeably broke down during a now infamous interview with Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez, after first hearing the Ether record it was officially a wrap. This was one of the few major L’s in Jay’s otherwise incredible career. Here’s the hilarious audio which is thankfully transcribed so you can follow along.



C’mon Jay…there’s no crying in hip-hop.


Kanye West Officially Becomes A Meme


Is it even necessary to detail this one? Here’s the briefest synopsis we can possibly manage. During the 2009 MTV Music Awards, country star, Taylor Swift was innocently accepting her award, when Kanye idiotically rushed the stage, grabbed her mic away and mindlessly blurted out that Beyonce’s video was “one of the best videos of all time!” The fallout consisted of an endless stream of memes based on his confusing outburst. Websites, blogs, forums and tweets with the infamous “Let you finish” tagline and photos swamped the internet faster than Jessica Alba nude shots. Much like Kanye’s earlier beef with George Bush he and Swift have also since kissed and made up.


Mase Quits the Game To Pursue Ministry, But Returns Nastier Than Ever


It’s been over a decade since Badboy’s superstar Mase shocked the world and retired from the rap game to become a preacher. Back in 1999 many fans thought Mase’s retirement was a publicity stunt of some sort. We’re sure P. Diddy hoped it was as his label roster was thinning out by that point. Back then Mase was still mourning the loss of his friend and label-mate Notorious BIG. That tragedy combined with supposed label issues and death threats, led to him calling it quits to follow God. Soon after he started “Mason Betha Ministries” in Atlanta with his wife Twyla. However, the story doesn’t end there.


Apparently just throwing the Good Book at folks doesn’t work.

Mase returned to the music world in 2006 with a new album titled, Welcome Back. Although he sported the same swagger and lyrical skill, he also cleaned up his act significantly. However, the not so subtle change went over like a led balloon with his former fan base. Eventually he dug up his old-school “Murda Mase” persona and shocked everyone with several curse-filled mixtape freestyles. Rumors also spread of his newfound affiliation with 50 Cent and G-Unit, however nothing ever really came of it. Apparently P. Diddy has a contractual vice grip on the contradictory artist.


Eve’s History Catches Up With Her


Platinum Philly rapper / actress Eve has had tremendous success in her career. From her early appearance with label-mate DMX as a Ruff Ryder to her later solo work and finally onto her more recent acting stints she’s managed to keep her name out there. She even has her own line of clothing, called Fetish. However back in 2005 her career took a dark turn. Unlike the exhibitionist Lil’ Kim, Eve didn’t traditionally flaunt her sexuality as much. Thus she was troubled when an unknown man attempted to blackmail her by using explicit photos from her stripper days and a sex-tape. The man even allegedly approached several media outlets with the X-rated material. It was also rumored that the tape and pics may have been circulated by a bitter ex-boyfriend of Eve.


Big Daddy Kane’s Playgirl Spread


Big Daddy Kane, is a legendary old-school rapper whose career began way back in the late 80’s as a member of the group, Juice Crew. Kane is regarded as a pioneer in hip-hop and is unquestionably one of the most influential MCs in the game. So why in the hell did he sully his legacy by posing for Playgirl in 1991 might you ask? We don’t know why, and we truly have no desire to know why. All we know is he did. The above image is all the proof we need and that’s all we want to say about this subject.


Jay-Z Vs. Prodigy = Giant Ballerina Pic


As previously mentioned, Jay-Z is no stranger to rap beefs. Well the prequel to his popular beef with Nas was his ongoing rivalry with QB gangsta rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame. The war of words which up until that point had consisted mostly of subliminals shots by Prodigy, came to a shocking head at the 2001 Summer Jam. It was at this event that Prodigy’s ego took a major blow. In front of a massive crowd Jigga projected onto a giant screen a 1988 childhood photo of the grimy MobbDeep street lyricist in his tap-dancing outfit (later dubbed the ballerina pic). To this day some hip-hop fans claim the Queens rapper never recovered from the incident. If anything, Nas’ later victory over Jay proved that Jay could dish it out, but couldn’t take it.


Eminem Vs. Source Magazine, His Mom, His Ex, Mariah Carey, Homosexuals, Moby, Everlast, A Puppet, Michael Jackson…etc…


While Tupac may have been synonymous with the title “Me against the world”, much of Eminem’s career can also be summed up using the same phrase. In fact we honestly can’t even pick one defining crazy moment from Slim Shady’s past so we figured we’d simply lump them all into one mega entry. Clearly, Em has thrived on all types of wacky feuds and controversies throughout his career. He’s rarely limited himself to simply beefing with fellow rappers. In fact, the majority of his rivalries haven’t even been with those in the rap community but instead with people (and puppets) from all corners of the celebrity world. Granted such feuds may have provided entertainment for some of us. However, when looking back at his insane laundry list of foes we wonder; what if Em, simply concentrated more on his music? He’s obviously tremendously gifted and is arguably one of the greatest MCs of all time. Perhaps if he tried to set aside his countless beefs he wouldn’t be solidified on lists like these. Here’s hoping that things such as his cracks on Mariah Carey, his bashing of homosexuals, his attitudes with puppets and endless songs about issues with his ex are all out of his system.

Really, who else is left to beef with anyway?


Crap, there goes Weirdworm’s office building.


Written by Anthony Quaglia – Copyrighted © Image Sources

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