Do you usually design printed sweatshirts? Do you want to achieve the best results? If so, and we talk about the 6 elements that you should take into account when designing them. You cannot lose this!

Tips when designing printed sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are in fashion and in all their formats. This is a very comfortable and highly combinable garment, since they can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts or even long sweatshirts as an oversize dress.

And it is that, when buying printed sweatshirts, one of the aspects that is most taken into account is the design, since today we find attractive sweatshirts, with beautiful drawings and that transmit a lot.

Therefore, if you are going to make custom sweatshirts, you must work on the design so that it is spectacular and so that everyone wants to buy one. If you can buy them online you have to go on reputable store as like

Let’s see how you can achieve it with the help of these 6 tips.

1. Design – one of the most important points


One of the main elements to take into account is the design. After all, sweatshirts have many advantages in terms of comfort and warmth, but above all they are popular for their designs. If the design is good, it will sell like hotcakes or at least you will have more possibilities.

Of course, to get a good design, you must work and dedicate enough time. Although it is true that inspiration can come to you suddenly and have the design finalized in a few minutes. But it is very important that you get inspired by looking at other designs on the Internet and ask for an opinion.

If you combine each and every one of these types, you will be able to have the perfect design and sell as many custom sweatshirts as you want. After all, it is your big goal. So, spend time designing and have a lot of patience, you will need it to achieve what you propose.

For example, if you are going to make sweatshirts for clubs, it is important that you ask the members for advice and opinion. After all, they are the ones who are going to buy them and show them off. It is essential that they agree and are satisfied.

2. Professional tools


When working on patterned sweatshirts you need to have the right programs on hand that allow you to achieve professional results. There are free and paid ones, so it all depends on what you need.

You can always make the sketch by hand and then transfer it to a computer, as well as take ideas from the Internet or use royalty-free drawings. Let’s say that there are many options to make what you have in mind come true.

3. Colors


The color part is very important and before continuing you have to know why. And, as you know, the same design does not have to look good in the different colored sweatshirts.

That is, if you make a design in black and the sweatshirt is black, it will not show! So if you plan to sell the sweatshirts in different colors, you need to create the design in different colors.

You can also choose the main 3 and launch the hoodies in those colors; for example, make the design in white and place it on a black sweatshirt, a blue one and a red one.

It’s up to you. But keep that in mind when choosing the type of printing and designs to use, so that it looks good and you don’t have to discard any.

4. Material


The material of the sweatshirt is a fundamental element. Not all sweatshirts are made of the same material, since you can choose 100% cotton or combine them with polyester or other materials. It depends a lot on the preferences, its uses and also the available budget.

But it is essential that it is comfortable and breathable, for day-to-day use and that it is pleasant to wear. After all, if you make printed sweatshirts that are comfortable, they are sure to sell very well.

5. Proper impression technique


Not all techniques offer the same result. When it comes to designing custom sweatshirts you will find that there are cheaper and more expensive printing techniques, which offer different results based on your needs.

Depending on the purpose of the sweatshirt, you will have to decide which option you prefer. A good printer will be able to advise you on the best option for you, based on your needs. If you wish you can ask us.

6. Trusted printing company


Finally, you need to have by your side a physical or online printing company that offers you good results, that is highly reliable. If you have reached our page, it is because we are the professionals you need.

And, if you are designing custom sweatshirts, surely you are aware of the work that has taken you to achieve the desired result. Of course, if you choose a bad press, the result could leave something to be desired.

The best thing is that you choose a trustworthy company, which transmits you closeness, tranquility and a feeling that everything will be fine. In this way, you can rest completely calm knowing that everything will be fine and that the result will exceed your expectations.

Why custom sweatshirts?


As we tell you, printed sweatshirts are very much the order of the day, especially because they are comfortable, versatile and have a very good value for money. Let’s say, that it is a very wearable garment, for men, women and people of any age. So you can bet on them.

Not only as sweatshirts for clubs, because they can also be made for companies, as merchandising, music groups, discos, races, competitions, events, activities, etc. They allow many options.

Of course, to succeed, you need to bet on printed sweatshirts that make a difference, that are pleasant to the touch, that feel good and that above all are beautiful; because all this together will make them sell very well.