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Winter is coming and it’s time to put on warmer clothes. We change our shoes with boots, and warm winter jackets and fur coats come in place of light autumn jackets and coats.
The first days of December marked the beginning of the winter season inside our closets. The new season is the perfect time for a fresh start – both outside and inside our closets. In search of fashion favorites for the winter season, we took a peek at Instagram where the first few fashion favorites for cold days have already been highlighted.

The hype that can be created around one piece of clothing or fashion accessory will put it on the shopping lists of all fashion enthusiasts, and given the relatively affordable prices that adorn them, the most desirable pieces with the signature of high street brands will often disappear from the shelves in a few days. The most popular high street pieces for winter days have already won the wardrobes of our favorite fashion trendsetters and their Instagram profiles.

The best winter combinations that we found on Instagram, and which we want to wear in the coming weeks, have one thing in common – the key pieces of clothing in them bear the signature of the high street brand & Other Stories.

Like every season, these have some special clothing items and accessories that every woman must have in her wardrobe.

1. Fur vest

This item of clothing is worthy of every woman’s attention! It is very suitable for combining and fits perfectly into different fashion styles, whether you are preparing for an elegant evening outing or a Sunday walk with the family. In addition to the fact that you can combine it with high heels, it looks equally good in combination with jeans and sneakers.

When it gets colder, wear a warm sweater underneath or a leather jacket and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off the catwalk. On Aria Moda, you can find more about this clothing item.

2. Oversized woolen turtleneck

For those coldest autumn and winter days, there are warm knitted sweaters. It will keep you warm during all the cold months, and you will be surprised by their comfort. In addition to being comfortable and warm, sweaters are a perfect combination of relaxation and elegance, so they will fit perfectly into various clothing combinations. You can’t go wrong!

The first association to cold weather is a comfortable, warm woolen sweater. This garment never goes out of fashion, and an oversize turtleneck will make you wish winter lasted even longer. There are many ways to combine this sweater because it fits perfectly with jeans, and if you combine it with boots and your favorite knee-length skirt, with a wide belt that will emphasize your waist and at the same time complete the combination, you will be noticed wherever you appear.

Not only oversized sweaters are in fashion, but also classic models are very popular. Especially the IN models that look like they were hooked by your grandmothers. Remember those ‘antique’ patterns? They’re back in fashion again and will stay there until next spring season.

3. Camel coat

The time when they wore only black, gray, brown, and a white coat is behind us. This year, we prefer the camel color. This color is perfect for combining and will bring serenity to any combination.

The classic camel coat can be easily combined with any cloth, as evidenced by the famous beauties who have been happy to wear it for various occasions and events since the beginning of autumn.

4. Slim high waist jeans

No woman does not have at least one pair of jeans in her wardrobe and many will agree that this is the most popular item of clothing. From vintage classics, through urban models with a light wash to a flat or wide-cut, timeless skinny jeans, and slim fit models, the choice is great, and finding the perfect jeans has never been easier. However, tight jeans with a high waist are very practical in winter, because you can wear knee-high boots, an ultra-modern coat and you are ready to go out!

5. Long knitted dresses

Knitted clothes are very popular on cold winter days. Dresses of simple cuts and different lengths are suitable for all occasions. The fashionable knitted dress attracts with the texture of knitting, skillfully imitating handwork. Pastel shades are the most popular this winter, but you won’t go wrong if you choose a dress in a different, winter color. Soft knitted fabrics fly freely around the figure, not focusing on its seductiveness, but only subtly hinting. If desired, you can emphasize the thin waist with a leather belt.

6. Sunglasses

Although this accessory is usually associated with warmer weather, it is sometimes even more necessary in winter. Snow can be dazzling. The winter sun can even be much more harmful than the summer because it falls at a different angle and exposes us even more to UV rays and glare. Reports say snow reflects nearly 80% of the sun’s harmful rays.

In addition to being necessary in some situations, modern sunglasses are a fashion accessory that will make you look flawless even when you don’t feel that way. Latecomers? Who cares! Put on your glasses and smudged lipstick and enjoy!

7. Winter hats and caps

With the right hat or cap, you can look modern, sophisticated, but also a bit mysterious. However, to achieve the desired effect, it is not enough to buy the first hat you see, just because it is fashionable. When buying, pay attention to the shape of the face. For example, a knitted hat is ideal for women with an oval face, while women with an oblong face will visually “shorten” their face if they choose a Panama hat. For the romantic, the beret will be a perfect match and will complete any outfit.

8. Unique scarf

The scarf is one of the key fashion accessories on winter days, but also one of the symbols of winter. The rule to pair it with a hat no longer applies, so don’t hesitate to buy the emerald green you have been looking at in the shop window for a long time!