Whether you are a person who enjoys swimming and battling the waves or a more the type of a person who prefers to drink favorite drinks on the beach, sunbathing and dancing to the rhythm of music, one thing is for sure – beach parties are the most beautiful part of summer. What makes them even better is the right beachwear.

Full Suitcase For Lots Of New Summer Adventures

When it comes to a summer wardrobe, think of what you wear over your swimsuit – something that will make you feel comfortable and confident and yet perfectly styled and trendy. With the beginning of the summer season, preparation begins for the departure to the sea, sunbathing on some nice shore and absorbing the sun rays.

Therefore, whether you plan to spend your holidays peacefully in the shade, reading your favorite book by the sea – or having numerous adventures and crazy parties, one thing is for sure: You need to pack some striking fashion combinations, in your suitcase. They will not only include lingerie, swimwear, and towels. Therefore we have some suggestions for you.

Beach Has Become Like A Catwalk


Everyone who has been at sea or following social networks in recent years has witnessed the fact that the beach has become a true catwalk, with everyone proudly showing selected outfits and their irresistible beach combinations.

For this reason, if you also want to shine this summer, see below how to style yourself for the summer parties, or what to wear on the beach to give a great impression.

1Deep Shorts And Beach T-Shirts

Deep cotton or denim shorts in combination with a white cotton T-shirt over a bikini is a great styling that will give every woman the comfort they need and yet give a good fashion impression. This beachwear combination can be perfectly combined with a straw hat and a beach bag made of the same material.

Big summer hats, as well as interesting big bags, are an indispensable fashion accessory that can be fashionably styled for any beach – giving it that much needed chic and quirkiness. A discreet piece of jewelry and possibly sunglasses and you’re ready to shine.

2Swimwear And Summer Skirts


If you want to make it easy for you to put on a beachwear combination and look jumpy at the same time, then it is a great solution to wear a one-piece swimsuit in combination with a fluttering skirt. If you wear denim skirts, they can also look very attractive – and you don’t have to worry about the upper part since there is a swimsuit. If your choice is sexier then the right choice is a string bikini.

According to HauteFlair, for women who are confident and like to wear compelling swimwear – this can be a good choice to be sure to attract attention. Beach items must be casual and comfortable to wear, and with this choice of wardrobe, you are sure to make no mistake. Plus, you don’t have to worry too much about taking your clothes off when you want to jump in the water.

When you go to lunch at the restaurant, you can use scarves over the top, which can be found in various colors and patterns. You can also wear scarves independently of other clothing, as a separate piece of wardrobe, because they can be perfectly combined with various types of footwear.

3Beach Coats – Simplicity and Elegance

When it comes to a location such as the sandy coast, the clothes have to be simple and comfortable, yet striking enough to send a message. Therefore, one of the options is always to be beach robes, which can always be easily combined and are very practical, especially if you are looking for something easy to take off.

Stylish bathrobes exude simple and light elegance and can be a very attractive piece if they are made of lace material. The beach gown is worn alone, over a swimsuit – so it’s great to spice it up with accessories. It can be some jewelry, hair shirts or striking shoes, such as flip flops or sandals.

4Tunic Or Summer Beach Dresses


A playful and fluttering dress that is fully in line with the swimwear is a well-known dress code for almost every beach party, yet again it is attractive enough and trendy, so it cannot be bypassed.

If you want a slightly shorter version – then the tunic is a great choice, especially when combined with slippers, flip flops, Romanesque or platform slippers. When it comes to this kind of wardrobe, it is also allowed to play with the details whether it is jewelry or other accessories. A large necklace, multi-colored bulky bracelets or oversized beach hats can be a great addition to striking beach styling.

5Shorts And Party Shirt

If you’re aiming for a simple and casual look, a breathable white, wide shirt with a straw hat will be a great choice. Also, you can play with colors, so if you’re going to attend a party at the beach, you can choose some more bold combinations. Below you can wear short shorts of comfortable material, which will especially spice up the outfit.

This kind of beachwear, combined with sandals or slippers on the platform, can also be a safe combination if an unplanned event happens on the beach. Remember to always bring your favorite summer perfume with you, so you can always be ready for a crazy adventure.

6Summer And Tropical Patterns Are A Winning Combination


For those who want to spend all day at the beach and enjoy all the comfort – it is best to wear beachwear so that it can accompany all-day activities.

That is why a great trendy combination can be a white T-shirt with an interesting pattern, and an unbuttoned short-sleeved beach shirt with a floral pattern. Wear shorts in cheerful color, and you can wear lightweight sneakers, best white or simple beach slippers.


Summer is a good time for rest and enjoyment. However, this does not mean that you should neglect your appearance and deprive yourself of good style when you are on the world’s popular beaches.

Whether you are on the move, partying or just love to lie out in the sun by the sea – your wardrobe should be top-notch. If you’ve followed our tips – you now know what it takes to pack in your summer suitcase.