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How to Wear Dresses in Winter – 2024 Guide

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Some of us aren’t girls for pants. Dresses make us look feminine and beautiful. Plus, there’s a joy in not having to combine two pieces. Winter then arrives, though, and you find yourself wearing jeans every day of the week.

Does it have to be so? Not at all. If you’ve spent every winter thus far stashing away your gowns, it’s time to stop.

Today, we’ll introduce some sneaky, smart ways to incorporate dresses into your winter wardrobe. Some will require extra pieces, while others allow you to winterize even your summer dresses. Let’s take a look.

Dresses and Cold Months

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The first step is to choose the right garments. Unfortunately, most of the models of the beautiful clothing pieces that dresses are aren’t the best for the winter. Face the truth – some frocks won’t do even with the smartest planning.

Below are some of the best winter dress options. If these don’t exist in your closet, that’s your first step. You could click here to shop online will make you warm from the inside out, if you are in need of new clothes.

  • Sweater dresses. A staple for the winter, these are ideal for mixing it up with a blanket scarf and cozy boots.
  • Lace dresses. If you’re going to a fancy event, lace is your best bet. As they consist of openwork fabric, though, you need to be smart. A beautiful coat will work wonderfully with it, and a big open sweater is a more casual alternative for the same effect.
  • Velvet dresses. Dark floral prints on velvet are all the rage during the winter. They give you a feminine, yet edgy, look which you can combine with over the knee boots for a sexy touch.
  • Long dresses. No matter their material, long models give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to layering. You can even wear pants underneath, and nobody will notice – talk about convenience!

Warming Your Legs

For keeping your legs extra toasty in a dress, you could go for fleece-lined tights instead of the regular model. Get a pair in brown, black, and grey and combine them with most attires.

You might worry about your dress clinging to your thighs, mainly if it consists of light material. In that case, wear a slip, which, as a bonus, adds to the warmth. Go for lace, as elastic models may create uncomfortable roles on your stomach.

Finally, choose boots – ideally, tall ones. If you go for knee-length, it will be simple to combine them with most skirt types without a lot of hassle. Plus, you might even add an extra pair of socks without messing up your outfit.

Mini dresses combine well with thigh-length boots to add some sass and the much-needed warmth to your bare legs. Finally, maxi models, especially in floral prints, work so well with hiking boots that you don’t even need to second-guess it!

Upper Body Warmth

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This part goes without saying when it comes to winter – add completer pieces, coats, and scarves to your outfit. That way, you can wear most of your classic dress models all year round. Layering is crucial.

The simplest way to go about it is by throwing in your favorite big sweater over a dress. It goes best for a casual daytime outfit and works for any dress length. If you’re feeling conventional and yet a bit bold, do the same thing with a vivid poncho.

Alternatively, put on a long-sleeve T-shirt or turtleneck and wear a dress over it. It does wonders for warmth and allows you to take off your outer layers and show off your outfit.

Finally, chunky scarves are statement pieces you can’t go wrong with while walking outside. They look soft, feminine, and effortless. All you need to do is choose the right model for your dress and jacket.

Your dress may end up not being the central piece of your outfit, but it will combine well to create a put-together look. This way, you’ll double your winter closet while at the same time rocking that dress while everybody is bundled in jeans and sweaters.

If you insist on emphasizing your dress and find that layers of sweaters, scarves, and coats don’t work, worry not. Choose a bold print or a vivid color for your dress and go for monochrome layers.

Emphasizing Your Figure

With all the layers and limitations that winter sets on your dress, you may worry you’ll end up looking like a box. What’s even the point of dresses if not to highlight your figure and make you feel beautiful?

There are ways to go around this. One of the simplest, most effective methods is adding a belt to define your waist. No matter the length and material of your garment, it’ll work with the right kind of accessory.

One of the best applications is with sweater dresses, though. There’s something so chic about it that makes you seem cozy and yet sexy.

What About Summer Dresses?

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Your wardrobe probably contains more summer dresses than winter-appropriate ones. It makes sense, too – who doesn’t love the floral prints, the light materials, the femininity? Why can’t you wear them all year long?

If you live in a mild climate, you can. It’s a bit tricky to choose layers and accessories in appropriate colors for the season, though. It’s best to go for darker, warmer, deeper colors. The trick is to create a more somber look and then have your summer dress spice it up.

Don’t forget to wear a layer under it, though – long sleeves and tights underneath are a must. A frozen look isn’t stylish!

The Bottom Line

It’s more than possible to wear the most feminine garment all year round if you introduce some intelligent planning in your routine. When you think about it, fashion stops depending on the weather, and grand styles survive all year round.

So, try the tips from above and don’t let the cold stop you. Stay smart, though, keep yourself warm, and rock the winter stage.