You can’t fit into your jeans anymore? Here we are going to give you tricks to help you to stretch and shrink jeans. Because of those vicissitudes of fate, our jeans are all different. Even if you buy them from the same brand, washing changes the size, and depending on how you take care of them, they can look completely different from the last time you used them. So don’t be buy them from a local brand, always keep buying form trusted stores like For reasons like these, sometimes, unfortunately, our gift jeans cannot fit us well.

It has happened to all of us and it is very frustrating! Either the denim has been stretched too much and the jeans are too big, or they have shrunk by at least one size and it is impossible to put them on.

Luckily, there are some pretty effective tricks for this dilemma. From some well-known washing techniques to more advanced sewing knowledge. Here are 6 tips so you can keep wearing your favorite jeans! To overcome your problem.

1. If your jeans are too big: Wash them in hot water


If your jeans have been getting bigger or looser over time, throw them in the washing machine, but put them in hot water. This method works best when your jeans are made from almost 100% cotton (or the closest). And a word of advice: don’t use fabric softener.

2. If the jeans are too big: Put them in the dryer with hot air

After you’ve washed them in hot water, put them in the dryer and choose the hot air option. All the heat will contract the fibers of the denim making them tighter than before.

3. If the jeans are being looser: Learn this sewing trick


If it is the waist of your jeans that has loosened a bit, try this useful trick: Sew 18 cm of elastic on the inside at the back of the waist with the sewing machine making a zigzag stitch. Follow this useful guide to sew it and you will see how magical it is.

4. If the jeans are too tight: Spray them with warm water and stretch them

This is the easiest trick to stretch a pair of jeans that have been shrunk. Spray them with warm water, then lay the jeans on the floor. Squat down and pull and stretch the jeans while they’re wet while standing on each leg of the jeans. You are welcome to toss them in all directions and re-spray them if necessary.

5. If your jeans are too tight: Take a hot bath with your jeans on


Wear your tight-fitting jeans, fill the tub with hot water, and sit in it. The fabric can be stretched a bit more by using warm (but not too hot) water. The jeans have to be hung to dry after you have done this trick, as you must do it ahead of time.

6. If the jeans are too tight: Carefully remove the waist

This technique is a bit more advanced, but it’s great if you like crafts. Open the seams on the sides of your jeans about 6 cm down and then cut the waist in the same place. Then add pieces of denim to each side (or it can be another material, like leather) to expand your jeans. Look at the images in this tutorial.

The mistakes to avoid when wearing pants and how you should use them


There is nothing more comfortable than putting on a pair of pants and, in the midst of the 2024 pandemic, this garment has become a basic that is part of the contemporary uniform, the problem is that the pants are not the most elegant and, if you don’t have Beware, they can look slovenly, dirty or unkempt.

The way of dressing has changed a lot over the years, we went from wearing suits to each special occasion to wearing jeans, tennis shoes and more casual looks, and although there are still some circumstances and situations where you have to wear something a little more formal (to a wedding, a funeral, your graduation from the University, etc …), there are more and more places, work and events that allow you to wear a little more creative and relaxed looks.

In 2024, it is sportswear that has become the great trend of the season and is not only used for exercising, if you know how to use them well, pants (one of the types of pants that you cannot miss) can be the best option for fall, winter or any season of the year.

The first pants were gray, soft and were called sweatpants due to their ability to absorb sweat. The pants began to appear in the Olympic Games and in the 70s, thanks to movies like Rocky, they began to invade the gyms of the world, to become a fashion piece in the 80s, almost a century after their first appearance, they exist in thousands of versions, colors and styles that allow us to take them almost everywhere. Wearing pants is simple, comfortable and basic, but there are a few rules and mistakes to keep in mind if you really want to look good in them, and not like someone who got out of bed and left without changing their pajamas.

The mistakes and tips for wearing pants

  • Mistake: Not taking care of the material. The difference between pants that look like pajamas and ones that look more sophisticated is choosing the right material. Too thin fabric can look messy, plus it can stick to parts of the body that you definitely do not want to highlight, so you have to choose stronger and thicker materials, this gives the pants a better appearance and prevents it from looking like You went to the gym and you didn’t have time to change.


As long as we follow the tricks and instructions given in the article, we will be able to solve the problem of fitting the jeans improperly. All these tricks are here for your convenience so you can conquer your problem easily.