Purchasing sex toys can be a very exhausting task. Sure, we may only require a simple dildo or a regular vibrator but among the hundreds of available models, it becomes really difficult to distinguish which ones are the right ones to buy. This can come in many aspects. The right sex toy to buy is always subjective and depends on your turn-ons but the focal point of quality has some standards that need to be met. Scroll further and we will help you pick out the type of sex toy you require and teach you how to discern the high-quality ones among them.

1. Deciding on the toy we wish to use


The first thing you should do is ask yourself “what are my turn-ons?” Many people buy sex toys that target usual erogenous zones but rarely consider that purchasing one that can be used to better stimulate our unique ones may lead to a much better experience overall. Of course, not everybody is well-versed in the capabilities of different sex toys that’s where the internet comes in handy. The articles and blog posts all over the internet will supply you with ample information on different uses a sex toy may have. Make sure to read through a few to get a general idea of your perfect sex toy.

2. Deciding on the brand and model


While the categories sex toys have are huge, the real source of options comes from brands and models. After all, manufacturers have different design philosophies and their specific models may have some unique design features that suit your needs. Just like with the previous category, it’s important to explore. The customer reviews are all over the internet, from Amazon to adult toy companies’ websites, so make sure to give them a read.

Check out trusted reviewers as well to avoid any fake reviews that may impair the quality of your choice. Of course, if you have a sex shop nearby it may be fruitful to visit one. These locations are usually staffed with well-informed workers who will swiftly resolve any conundrum you present them. On top of it all, sex shops often have tester toys on display. These items allow you to get the feel of the toy before purchasing, reducing the chance of buyer’s remorse.

When engaging with a specific brand it’s useful to check out whether they get frequent complaints about certain subjects. This doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to the quality of the product itself. They may have issues with delivering on time or take too long to respond to customer’s questions. While it may not affect your purchase or your experience with them it’s good to know what to expect. Most established brands put a lot of effort into excelling in all of their interactions but it never hurts to know.

3. Know how much you are willing to pay


Throughout previous categories and the information gathering present in them, you should get a feel for the price you are willing to meet. If it’s your first time buying a sex toy it is fine to start with some cheap ones. These will eventually wear out or break but they’ll satisfy you for the time being and give you more insight into what you want. On return purchases, it’s suggested you invest a bit more.

There’s no need to go from a cheap vibrator to an exceptionally expensive one. Try something that’s around 30 to 50 dollars more expensive. These items should showcase some useful features that enhance your pleasure while not digging too hard into your wallet. The escalation of price needn’t be consistent. The sex toy market has some wide gaps in prices at times and some of those high prices don’t necessarily mean quality. The estimated cut-off point for the price is around 200 dollars.

This doesn’t mean the toys above that price tag are necessarily overpriced, they usually have gimmicks or special design that makes them exceed this price, it just means that for regular use you most likely won’t require those added features.  Of course, if you are shopping for an inherently more expensive item expect to shell out a pretty penny for even low price options. Examples of such items would be sex dolls, although if you are interested in such items you can visit here to scroll through some interesting options available for those looking for a full body sex toy. The full BDSM sets will usually cost you a pretty penny as well, especially if beds or other large pieces of BDSM sex furniture are included.

4. Confirm it’s made out of safe materials


Subjects that often escape people who are new to sex toys are their maintenance and difference in materials. Sex toys need to be frequently washed no matter how often they are used. Storing them in a safe place is also a good idea because they could accumulate some unwanted bacteria if not properly stored. The materials used in the creation of these items vary but can be separated into three easy categories.

The first one is porous. These sex toys possess pores in which bacteria may hide. They are impossible to fully clean and over time they become dangerous. The materials used in their creation can also be harmful to the body, resulting in unsatisfying and even health-compromising situations. Avoid these as often as possible. The material the model you are checking out is made of should always be checked. Even if it seems safe make sure it’s safe for use as a sex toy material.

The second ones are slightly porous. These items aren’t as prone to bacterial accumulation as the previous category but still maintain the potential to cause issues. They require more maintenance but unlike porous sex toys, they can be cleaned and secured. The feel of these materials may be the reason you get them. They are usually made out of leather, crystal, and elastomer offering a different feel to the usual materials used in sex toy creation. However, due to their high maintenance, it’s best to use them only if you’ve previous experiences with sex toys and the methods of cleaning them.

The most common and safest materials for sex toys to be made out of are non-porous ones. These won’t accumulate bacteria in their pores like the previous ones, because they have none, but should be washed regardless. The maintenance is very easy though, usually requiring very basic equipment. The most frequently used material is silicone but you can find a variety of interesting ones, such as stainless steel, present on the market.