There are a lot of different things that you need to look for when it comes to an adult sex toy store. Obviously you want to look for a place that has everything you need, but you also need to make sure that the prices are reasonable.  This will ensure that you don’t end up spending too much money.

Good Vibes Toys


The Good Vibes Toys adult sex toy store was founded in 1977 by Joani Blank. She wanted to create a clean and well-lit store with a wide range of quality sex toys. Her vision became a reality.

Today, Good Vibes operates nine retail locations and a mail-order business. The company also has a wholesale arm that offers products to other stores. In addition, it operates an erotic video production company.

Its staff includes sexologist Carol Queen, PhD. The company is also an active sponsor of LGBT events.

Good Vibes has received several awards. They were named Boutique Retailer of the Year in 2011 and have received a Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature. It has also been recognized as a leader in the sex-positive movement.

One of the largest online sex toy retailers, the Sweet Vibes website is a safe place to purchase a variety of fun and affordable toys. All of the products sold are covered by a lifetime warranty.

A popular brand among newcomers, Maude offers sleek and inexpensive sex toys that come in a variety of colors and body shapes. The company’s website has a helpful blog that provides tips on how to use its products.

Another female-founded site, Dame Interactive, offers an affordable line of sex toys. These include a range of accessories and vibrators, as well as a personal massager.

With multiple brick-and-mortar locations and a thriving online hub, Seattle’s sex shops are a safe and welcoming place to shop. You can order sex toys and wellness items and get quick shipping for orders of $68 or more.

Lovelife Toys


Lovelife Toys is a relatively new company founded by Brian and Suki Dunham in 2016. They specialize in high tech toys and accessories and have a selection of their own products, along with other brands.

The Lovelife line is made from FDA approved silicone, which makes it odor free and hypoallergenic. It is also hygienic and temperature sensitive. In addition, it features an LED heart shaped light that lights up when it is charged.

It is a 4.5 inch circular ring, which is more than enough for most people. What’s more, it has 7 speed settings and a round tip for easy insertion. You can also use it as an external massager, which is a great feature.

One of the best parts of the LoveLife Snuggle Vibe is that it is rechargeable. With a USB cable, you can easily charge it in 2.5 hours. When it is fully charged, it offers up to 2 hours of playtime.

Another impressive gizmo is the LoveLife Cuddle, which is a gender-neutral toy that features a G-spot stimulator. This is also a good choice for those who are new to vibration toys.

While the LoveLife line may be overpriced, it does have its charms. In particular, the LoveLife Cuddle is an excellent entry level toy. That said, if you’re looking for a sex toy with a lot of options, you’re likely better off with other companies.

Organic Loven


Organic Loven is one of the sexiest companies around, which isn’t surprising considering their eponymous founder is a self-professed lover of all things sexy. Not only are they stocked with one-of-a-kind adult toys, but they also offer an unrivaled variety of adult oriented goodies and services.

For example, they’ve got a subscription box service that lets you get your hands on a box full of organic sexy goodness for a flat fee. Their customer service is top notch and they even go the extra mile by offering a discount to first time customers.

In addition to their subscription boxes, they also offer a few more upscale offerings such as adult only luxury vacations, erotic educational seminars, and a wide array of intimate products that are not limited to plastic or plastic toy bins.

The company boasts over 200 brands in its portfolio, making them the best place to shop for a gift or souvenir for your special someone. As if this isn’t enough, they offer a plethora of promo codes, discounts and other incentives to help you score the best deal possible. With that said, it’s no wonder they’re the number one sexiest company around. Just make sure you’re willing to fork over the bucks to ensure you don’t get stuck with a subpar service.

Fortunately, they’ve got a no-nonsense return policy in case things don’t work out for you.



Overkink is an online adult sex toy store that offers a diverse range of items, from dildos to lingerie. It is owned by Jaycee Chester, a sexual educator, who wanted to see sex positivity flourish in the black community. The site offers a slew of educational tools, products, and events.

Overkink is the brainchild of Jaycee Chester, a sexual educator and entrepreneur. In addition to a slew of sex toys and products, the site also boasts a robust sexual education department and a large database of information and sex ed videos.

The site features an online store, physical stores, and a monthly subscription box. Aside from its sex toy collection, the site features a slew of other goodies, from standard quality condoms to sex furniture.

As for the sex ed section, the store boasts a diverse selection of classes and workshops led by licensed sex educators.

The website also has a massive dildos selection, with realistic models, G-spot dildos, and strap-on dildos to name a few. There is also an aisle dedicated to vibrators, including a clit stimulator and a bullet.

Although the online sex toy shop boasts a plethora of sex toys and other sexy stuff, it also does a fair amount of advertising. The site has a robust social media presence, with customers able to share their thoughts and reactions to their favorite products.

Among the many benefits of shopping at the site is a loyalty program, where customers receive a bonus point for each purchase.

San Francisco

There are many adult toy stores in San Francisco and the Bay Area. They have knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right product.

If you want to find a store, you should start by visiting the area that you live in. Most counties in California have a couple of good stores. Some of them even have a few dozen.

Los Angeles is the most populous county in California. It covers the south western part of the state, including Hollywood, Venice Beach, and Santa Catalina Island. The region includes major landmarks such as Disneyland.

Santa Clara County is located about 50 miles south of San Francisco. This affluent region is home to 1.7 million people. In addition, the county has several resort cities.

Anaheim is another popular city. It is a tourist hotspot, and there are plenty of adult toy shops in the area.

Orange County is the second most densely populated county in California, with 3.17 million people. Most of the population lives in the southern part of the county. Many Fortune 500 companies are based here.

Santa Cruz is a coastal town that is a popular tourist destination. Santa Cruz is also a very diverse community. There are many sex toy stores in the area, including Rock Hard, which specializes in couples toys.

Solano County is one of the oldest counties in California. It is located in the north east of San Francisco.



When it comes to finding the best adult toy store in the state of California, you’re going to have to venture outside of the metroplex.

There are several notable sex stores in the Golden State. From Santa Barbara to San Diego, there are no shortage of opportunities to satisfy your sex cravings. In fact, you’ll find that Ventura County has more adult stores than any other county in the state.

What’s more, it is one of the few counties to still operate a hydroelectric plant. While you’re at it, consider a gander at the Channel Islands.

This awe-inspiring landscape has no shortage of activities, including surfing and kiteboarding. And if you’re not into a beach bum lifestyle, you’re sure to be entertained by the many movie theaters, restaurants, and bars in the area.

However, you should not be surprised if you’re not the lucky winner of the lottery. You can even make a trip to a county like San Bernardino, if you’re feeling lucky.

The county is one of the smallest in the state. Its population is estimated at just over a million. Butte, Sutter, and Kern are the other three areas in which you’ll be able to find a plethora of adult playthings.

That said, if you aren’t in the mood to do some serious traveling, you can always just pick up a set adult toys from