At one year old, your child’s curiosity begins to grow as he multiplies. For this reason, every parent is advised to encourage their natural interest with toys that move, produce noise and sounds, and imitate the world around them to make them familiar with their environment. Pull- along toys and walkers are types of toys that encourage or even jumpstart your baby to start walking. And playsets, dolls, and toy vehicles help them learn more about their environment. Your child’s imaginative thinking is now increasingly wide and vast and capable of creating numerous scenarios, so playing pretends now a massive part of playtime. So, be prepared to race cars, move trains across the floor, and have tea parties with stuffed animals.  At this point in their lives, practically everything excites them and amazes their little minds. These things have the opportunity to inspire their thinking and imagination and at the same time teach valuable behavioral lessons. To help develop and encourage their mental, social, physical and emotional growth, you should look out for these specific features when selecting toys for your one year old:

14Toys With Bright Colors

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As the little one grows, his vision also develops. Little ones can tell apart vibrant and bright colors more efficiently than dull and neutral shades of colors [though they would not be familiar with the names of colors, at least not until they are about the age of three], so they are more likely to learn from or play with a bright and colorful blue race car or even a set of rainbow stacking cups.

13Toys That Encourage Coordination

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Your child would probably want to get their hands[and mouths] on everything that comes their way, so this is the best and perfect time to start stacking the playroom that boosts excellent development and coordination. Puzzles, stacking toys are just right and perfect for tiny hands to gain agility and expanding their minds to learn how to solve problems.

12Toys That Encourage Sharing and Parallel Play

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One-year-olds do not begin to play with themselves at this stage yet; instead, they do “parallel game,“ playing on their own but being near another toddler. Parallel play is one of the easiest and simplest forms or stages of social development in children, so getting or having toys that plenty toddlers can share while being together [like a play set] would help set them on the right track to being social butterflies.

Having those features in mind, we have put together a list of some of the best-loved toys for one-year-olds:

11A Musical Toy

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Let us face it, we all know that toddlers enjoy creating sounds because it amazes them while on the other hand, it can irritate some adults but this should not prevent parents from getting their kids musical toys. Musical toys like shape pound and tap bench are great for one-year-olds. They can use the mallet to pound the balls and send them sliding down the xylophone or even pull out the xylophone to play it solo. Anyway, they decide to play with it, the instrument helps the child to develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination and also, excellent music skills.

10An Activity Table

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An activity table is a perfect toy that can keep your little one’s mind and hands occupied and busy without causing much trouble around the house and taking up too much space. With many activities available on the learning table, there are numerous opportunities to build excellent motor skills, there is even room for two kids on an activity table, and this would, in turn, develop their social skills. A VTech’s Magic Star Learning Table is a perfect example of an enjoyable activity table because your toddler’s leg would be able to move easily as it provides for comfort and ease. Because of this, this table can last from infancy up through preschool.

9A Stacking Toy

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Bright, sharp colors and simple design of a stacking toy makes it one of the most appropriate toys for kids. Babies can learn to fit objects together, stack them up, flip them and hide things under them using this toy. Also, the large, boldly written numbers on the bottom of each first-year stack up cup toys help the child become more familiar with the numbers 1-8, either learning it from smallest to biggest or vice-versa.

8A Pull Toy

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Hape walk-a-long snail is a friendly snail that is sure to keep your kid mobile and even interest him or her in walking. As they guide the snail using the string, babies would find it surprising and would love to watch the colorful shell spin while the shells rumble and create sounds on the inside. The shape-sorter shell is a removable toy also, making it a fun-filled two-in-one toy that helps build different skills in a child.

7A Walking Toy

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Here is another fantastic toy that helps in encouraging your toddler to practice his toddling. The fisher-price learn with me zebra walker is a toy zebra that only moves by toddler power, which makes it move just as fast as your baby pushes it [which is not very fast] it contains just enough interactive features to be educational and entertaining [it teaches animals, letters, music, and excellent motor skills] and not so many that would overwhelm your one-year-old.

6A Playset With People

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Which kid does not love farm animals? With a toy made up of fully functional miniature animals in a likewise small farm, toddlers would find fun in playing farmers for years to come. Hatch baby chickens, feed the animals, turn corn through the mill and tuck animals in after a good day of hard work, doing all this while listening to songs about the importance of caring for others [these fisher-price little people caring for animals farm playset would be terrific for your baby and at the same time impact essential and different skills into your child].

5A Baby Doll

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Baby Stella sweet dream doll is the perfect and ideal first doll for your toddler. The little ones would love playing and hanging out with their new best friend attaching her magnetic bottle and pacifier and giving her change of clothing while changing her diapers too. The light lavender smell of the doll can help in soothing your toddler to sleep during bedtime. They are perfect for just snuggling or even playtime. Baby Stella’s soft and cozy texture makes her appropriate for one-year-olds. Make sure you check the whole collections of dolls, to choose the one that would suit your toddler best.

4A Play Vehicle

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The VTech drop and go dump truck is the most cheerful dump truck you will ever come across. Once you push the colorful rocks through the top of the truck into the bucket, you will hear the truck count “1, 2, 3, yay”. The pull-action lever on the truck dumps the bucket [look out for scattering rocks], and toddlers would love leading the truck along using the pull string. Have in mind, parents; this toy has a limited sound option, which would make the same two dump truck songs be stuck in your head for days, so be prepared.

3An Interactive Book

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Where is baby’s belly button is a type of lift-the-flap book that is fun and a sensitive structural primer for little ones? You lift the flaps to find or locate the baby’s feet, hands, belly button, and more. While you read this lift-the-flap book encourage or have them identify and figure their body parts as they learn. Other books that are good and advisable for toddlers to be familiar with are; toes, ears, and nose.

2A Puzzle

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Nothing excites one-year-olds quite like farm animals [and we believe you have gotten very good at bah-ing and moo-ing]. The Melissa and Doug farm animals’ jumbo knob wooden puzzle, having a barn-shaped board with eight thick puzzle pieces and large knots ideal for a tiny hands grip, would make an excellent toy for babies. Toddlers would have a thrill working on coordination, grasping items or objects, and practicing their animal sounds.

1An Outdoor Toy

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At the right size for your little ones, a small slide like the little tikes first slide is going to be loads of fun for your adventurous kid. It is also perfect for developing those gross motor skills [climbing].

When buying toys for babies, it is not as easy as choosing between fancy boutique toys and literal wooden blocks. You would want toys that would excite and surprise their little growing minds. Having this in mind while thinking of a good toy to get your one-year-old is rather stressful, but luckily this article is just for you because it would clear your mind of any doubts about the type of toy you should buy. Getting any of the listed toys above would be perfect for your little one ranging from puzzles to stacking cups and other types of great amazing toys in this article.