Cannabis is known to be highly useful medicinally asides from the familiar euphoric feeling it gives. It has been used to increase appetite, elevate mood in depressed people, used to alleviate pain, efficient in treating a couple of illnesses such as glaucoma, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis C, and a host of others. Two components are responsible for this healing property they are CBD and THC.

These two components, also known as cannabinoids, have been researched extensively, and results showed that they act on the endocannabinoid system when ingested. CBD helps relieve pain by blocking the receptors in the brain as well as inhibits cancer growth in the cells.

THC, on the other hand, helps reduce seizure disorders as well as improve appetite. CBD is mainly a reliever, while THC is an inducer. Research has also found a way to get reasonable quantities of these components in specially grown plant variations and types known as strains.

These strains make it possible to get the exact cannabinoid needed and in good enough quantity to use. There are so many ways that cannabis can be taken; some methods are advised as they produce the fastest results based on the illness it needs to cure. That is one of the reasons why cannabis has grown so much in the past year. It can be smoked, vaped, or eaten, in which case it is added to meals and drinks like cookies, coffee, and lots more.

There are exciting ways that THC can be infused into meals and drinks, especially for snacks. The flowers can be sprinkled directly into meals like oats. At the same time, they can also be infused more naturally into our meals by making cannabutter or by adding them to our cooking oil or using cannabis cooking oil, which we shall talk more about subsequently. In this post, we would be looking at creative new ways to infuse THC into meals and drinks.

1THC Infused Wine


That is a great way to enjoy the soothing feeling that comes with a glass of wine, as well as the euphoric boost the THC gives. One reason for this is that the aromatic compound known as terpenes that gives cannabis its flavor and aroma can also be found in grapes as well, thus making for an exciting new taste.

Pot wine or canna wine is also fast becoming a go-to option for those who have to take medical marijuana who are also not comfortable with their taste bud after usage. That quickly becomes history when you take canna wine as the wine components reduce the effect of the medicine.

How to Make THC Infused Wine?

There are two ways involved you can decarboxylate your cannabis and then ferment, or you can brew them together.

For the first procedure, you need to decarboxylate your cannabis by heating in an oven at 115°C for about 40 minutes. Once this is done, grind your cannabis buds into finer particles then use a cheesecloth to wrap it up like a tea bag and put inside your wine. Leave this in the refrigerator for a day, while frequently mixing for best effect. Then, extract your cheesecloth as the alcohol in the wine would have removed the needful. Your canna wine is ready to be enjoyed.

Another method is to brew the cannabis and wine together. To achieve this, you pour your wine into a pot and also add your ground cannabis in, you could also add cinnamon, citrus, and nutmeg for flavor. Allow boiling for two hours, ensuring that too much evaporation doesn’t occur. Once done, sieve out particles of the cannabis. Then put in a refrigerator and enjoy it.

2THC Infused Cheese


Infused cheese is another excellent way to take your cannabis as it can be taken with bread and biscuits. For someone who also wants to enjoy some of the benefits of marijuana, which includes improving anti-oxidants and preventing cancer growth. You can enjoy it with cheese.

How to Make THC Infused Cheese?

Firstly, decarboxylate your cannabis, then boil water at a low temperature to prevent losing the essential fats and protein, add your cannabis and whole milk and leave for 2 hours so it can infuse.

Then heat your cannabis-infused milk at 78°C until it begins to simmer, then add buttermilk and lemon juice to the mixture and take off the heat. That will help start the solidifying process and separate the cheese from residual milk. Then carefully scoop out your milk into a cheesecloth to remove any liquid left. It can then be sprinkled with spices, herbs, or nuts to your taste.

3THC Infused Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is one of the best oil options for infusion as it is abundant in fatty acids, thus making it easier for cannabinoids to bond with.

Coconut oil has about 80% saturated fat, which is 60% better than olive oil, making it more efficient as a medicinal ingredient as it retains more cannabis after the whole infusion process. Making cannabis coconut oil is simple as it requires two necessary steps.

How to Make THC Infused Coconut Oil?

This infusion can be easily made at home and can be used in cooking to infuse other meals. First, grind your cannabis to smaller particles then add it to your coconut oil. Heat up this mixture for about 4 hours on medium temperature to avoid destroying the active ingredients. That should be done at 115°C.

Sieve the oil with a cheesecloth to remove particles. Your oil is ready for use. You can check out for more information.