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You might not know it but your exercise clothes do make a huge difference in your performance. A hard workout will make you sweaty and tired but also fresh and fantastic. But this freshness will be gone if your gym wear is not good. If your workout clothes are not comfortable, you will feel worse. Apart from design and stitching, the fabric of the cloth is quite important.

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So here are the ways that will help you to get good quality workout clothes with a little effort.

1. The fabric

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Fabric is the essential part to consider. There are certain fabrics that are stretchy, therefore, they are best for gymnastics. Similarly, there are fabrics that are better in sweat absorption, therefore, they are best for cardio. So here are the factors that you should consider in the fabric;

2. Wicking – Breathability

There are fabrics that are synthetic but can wick away your sweat. Such clothes allow your skin to breathe while you exercise. Thus, all of your sweat be evaporated without making you smell bad. Usually, such fabrics contain polypropylene or other materials.

Breathable synthetic materials include SUPPLEX® and COOLMAN ®. Both of these fabrics will not absorb any of your sweat but will let your skin breathe.

Thus, even after your workout session, your clothes will be dry and you won’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Therefore, such fabrics are best for exercises where you are supposed to sweat a lot.

Another important thing is that you should avoid materials that are not breathable. There are also cheap materials available in the market that looks good but are not comfortable to wear. Usually, such materials are plastic-based or rubber-based. Thus, with less breathability, your body will get hot and you will sweat a lot.

Different materials

The different fabric materials are;


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Cotton offers breathability and is also light. Therefore, it is perfect for everyday wear during summer. But when you are planning to workout, cotton might not be the best choice. Although sweat absorption is a good character of fabric but it is not the best choice.

Cotton wear will absorb your sweat. Thus, if you had a heavy workout, your gym wear will look terrible. Moreover, you will feel worse as it might feel like wearing a wet towel.


Polyester is the main component of sports-related fabrics. Whether you are buying a gym suit or your bag, shoes or socks. Everything related to athletic wear has polyester in it. Therefore, it is suitable for any type of gym exercise.

It is wrinkle-proof and lightweight and breathable. Furthermore, it lets your skin breathe and evaporates your sweat. Besides breathability, polyester works as an insulator. Therefore, winter gym wear becomes perfect with polyester built.

The only drawback of this fabric is that it can easily fester bacterial and fungus growth. Moreover, it holds an odor. Therefore, if your sweat smell too bad, you should avoid wearing polyester clothing.


Polypropylene is best to exercise in high humidity like when it is raining or snowing. Its water-proof nature is because of its plastic-based built. Furthermore, it is thin and flexible and that is why it is best for gym wear. Polypropylene keeps you warm during cold weather and prevents sweat absorption.
In addition to this, it is wrinkle-proof and quite durable. Polypropylene is widely used in skin-tight wear like socks, tights, sports undergarments, etc.

The drawback of this fabric material is that it is not suitable for hot weather. As it keeps you warm, you will feel hotter in warm conditions.


Nylon is suitable for all-season gym wear as it works in all weather conditions. It is mild and mold resistant. Therefore, it is commonly used in pantyhose. Furthermore, because of its mildew resistance and stretchy nature, it is perfect for gym wear.
The amazing point about nylon fabric is that it has higher breathability. Therefore, you will be able to get rid of sweat produced during exercise. Your clothes and you will remain dry and almost all your sweat will be evaporated.


The spandex fabric material is highly suitable for exercises that involve a range of emotions like weightlifting and yoga. Spandex is an extremely stretchy and flexible fabric material. Apart from gym wear, it is also used for skin-tight clothes. Furthermore, looser garments, boxer briefs, and socks also contain Spandex.
You have to take care of the fabric while washing and drying as it will lose its stretch upon ironing. Therefore, you have to use cold water to wash it.

This material is especially suitable for healthy people because it can expand 8 times its actual size. Furthermore, it is suitable for different seasons.

Merino wool

Although wool is a cold-weather material that keeps your body warm Marino wool is a warm-weather fabric. It has high breathability and is quite thinner and soft. This material offers double function. The crimps of the fabric trap the heat of your body thus making you warm. Secondly, the fabric wicks away most of your sweat.

As a result, your body will feel warm and sweat a lot while keeping you dry all the time.

Right fitting

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Apart from the fabric, your gym wear should be in the right fitting. Too many tight clothes will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, consider these facts before making your decision;
Wear loose and comfortable clothing during a workout. But during cycling or running, loose clothes might become a problem. They might tangle up in the pedals. Therefore, ensure proper fitting.
If you have to do pilates or yoga, select the stretchable fabric that can wick away your sweat.

To conclude, if you follow these guidelines, you will be able to differentiate between good and bad quality.