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Research reveals that an average gym member is more likely to go to the gym twice a week. Statistics from the Fitness Industry Association also showed that most gym membership sign-ups were done in January. However, after 24 weeks, most of these members stop going to the gym. These facts are proof that working out or exercising takes more than just willingness. It also warrants a lot of perseverance and determination. Otherwise, consistency can easily be defeated by one’s lack of volition to achieve their fitness goals.

It is not just that working out can be difficult, especially for one who has a very hectic daily work schedule. But, giving up on one’s workout routine could also be due to the fact that many people just don’t see the effectiveness of their routine. Experts from said that wearing and using the proper gear is also one huge factor that affects one’s workout routines. In addition to using the right resistance bands, slingshots, foam rollers, and any other gym equipment, you have to know exactly those factors that affect the effectiveness of your entire workout regimen. Some of these are the following:

Not Eating After the Workout Session

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Many people make the mistake of not eating after their workout from the gym thinking that they’ve already done so before their workout. However, fitness experts recommend that people should eat after their workout. One reason for this is the fact that while individual exercises, at the same time he is also using his body’s stores of glycogen. This refers to the accessible energy that the body obtains from food.

So, if you do not eat after your workout, your body’s glycogen storage will not be replenished. As a consequence, your body will break down those muscle cells so it can have the energy to use for fuel. Unfortunately, this process is counterproductive to your workout efforts because it counteracts the level of strength that you are aiming to build that’s why you’re spending time in the gym. Not to mention that your body will be requiring more nutrients because your muscle cells have been broken down. Make sure you are eating after your exercise regimen. It is also important that you should stick to healthy foods only.

Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again

If you find yourself not progressing much in your workout even though you have already spent quite some time in the gym, then chances are you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again. This will not only lead to a boring time in the gym but it will also hold you back from progressing forward into your exercise regimen. If you have been running for 5 miles on a weekly basis and been doing this for years, now is the time to build your endurance farther.

Incorporating resistance band back workouts specifically targeting your back can be a game-changer. These exercises, using the resistance bands, can potentially strengthen your back muscles and improve overall posture. By incorporating this additional workout, you’ll not only enhance your endurance but also develop a stronger work ethic in your fitness routine.

If you are into strength training, make sure as well that you are pushing yourself harder so you do not get stuck in the same old routine for years. Otherwise, you will fail to see the ideal results. So, do not be afraid to run more miles or spend more minutes running. Try lifting a heavier set of dumbbells and encourage your body to perform a more difficult routine to ensure your workout sessions become effective.

Overdoing on Cardio Workouts

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Cardio workouts are no doubt one of the best ways to maintain weight loss while also getting yourself into shape. However, always remember that too much of something is bad enough. The same goes true to overdoing cardio workouts. It may give you faster results but if not done in moderation you may not be able to experience overall changes. Besides, what you get will be more of aches and pains.

Add in those muscle pains which will all qualify you for setbacks in terms of your fitness goals. If you spend too much time running to the point of experiencing too much pain, you will only be doing yourself a disservice. In other words, you are only defeating the very purpose of working out. So, don’t be a slave to that treadmill. Try to explore other equipment that you see in the gym. When it comes to fitness, remember that you cannot stick to the same old routine, using the same equipment for years, and expect to see better results than those who are versatile in their workout regimen.

Being a Fan of Sloppy Forms

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A lot of gym-goers have the habit of doing partial reps while also adopting sloppy forms. Many people make the mistake of spending time in a bent-over row with their spines resembling a question mark. Some are using their pulldowns with their chins poking forward and doing squats with bodies looking like a hockey goalie while in a stance likened to a butterfly. Keep in mind that when it comes to fitness, there is science involved in it.

This would mean there are certain rules to be followed regarding proper forms and posture when lifting and performing just about any kind of exercise. If these are not followed properly, chances are high that your workout routine will not be as effective as you would like it to be. If you are not certain about what you are doing, better hire a personal trainer.

Workout Routines Are Not Too Physically Demanding.

While overdoing a certain routine would only make the entire session less effective, exercises should be physically demanding enough. It has to be physically demanding enough for it to make positive changes to your body. It should increase your muscle mass, improve your strength,

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and promote endurance and stamina. Do not hesitate to push yourself beyond what it can at present. Your routines should allow your body to experience enough stress to make it capable of moving to the next level. So, push yourself even more when doing resistance training repetitions. You can either add in more repetitions when performing timed circuit exercise, or you may choose to reduce your time for recovery in between sets.

We have been told time and again just how beneficial exercise is for one’s health. This statement is not just a cliche but there are lots of scientific studies to back up such claims. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your workout sessions by avoiding these factors that will only make it less effective.