We love to achieve our body goals. We invest money, time, and effort to please ourselves with some kind of body improvement. Health-wise, it is an advantage when you sweat hard every day in the gym. Working out is a great habit to maintain. It helps you strengthen and tone your body.

However, sometimes working out can be specific on its demands. For example, when you are in a gym, you are always on a high motor. Therefore, bad quality athleisure wear can spoil the fun in your gym time. If you wear a terrible quality of athleisure clothes, then there is a huge tendency that it might tear in the middle of your workout session.

One huge factor that significantly contributes to the damage of athleisure wear is the wrong washing method. Is that a thing? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.


Why? Because your athleisure wears are a basin of bacteria due to their direct exposure to sweat over a long period. Do not get the idea wrong, but our bodies produce natural bacteria, and sweating is a huge example. You also need to add to the equation that our gym clothes are in direct contact with the gym pieces of equipment that countless people use.

So here’s the thing! You do not worry too much because in this article I am going to tell you what are the effective washing method for your beloved athleisure wears. After this insightful epiphany, spread the good news to your gym club and educate them as well!

1. The Nature of you Athleisure Wears


Before we proceed to the efficient washing method, let us know first the nature of athleisure wear. It is significant because athleisure wears differ in the type of fabric. Your athleisure wears are typically made up of synthetic fibers. You may look so fit wearing those comfy gym clothes, but you might not smell so great.

Synthetic fibers hold to body odor longer compared to other fabrics. Synthetic fibers don’t soak in sweat because the said fiber is not porous. When wearing your athleisure wears, the moisture from your sweat will evaporate, leaving the odor-causing chemicals trapped in your clothes. So that is a scientific reason why we should clean athleisure wears with a unique method.

2. Segregate Athleisure Wears


Yes, you read it right. You need to segregate all your athleisure wears. To minimize the burden of segregation during laundry day, I highly suggest that you buy a separate laundry container for your athleisure wear. Why? Because your gym clothes are the most contaminated in a laundry batch in terms of bacteria content. That’s why it smells a lot worse if you just let it stink for a couple of days.

3. Wash Them Right Away

I know! I know! Treating laundry as a priority is straight-up tiring. It is no fun, but you have to bear with it if you value your athleisure wears that much. If you do not wash them right away, odor-causing bacteria will set in. If the bacteria set in, then it is much harder to eradicate the odor.

No matter how hard to achieve, it is a must-follow method because it is the golden rule of doing athleisure wear laundry.

4. Use Cold Water


This might sound so weird for you but trust me because it works. When you use cold water when laundering synthetic fabrics help preserve desirable properties such as elasticity and stretchability.

Also, it helps in the slow fading of the colors and shrinking in fabrics. It is proven and tested by washer systems professionals.

As additional information, using cold water in your laundry will conserve lots of energy. It is beneficial, right? So change your laundry ways and apply this simple trick! Having fun during laundry is now in the palm of your hands.

5. Apply Fabric Softener/Conditioner


There are lots of laundry myths that using fabric conditioner damages your clothes. But truth be told, with the right brand of fabric and accurate amount of usage, it does not do some damage to your garments at all.

It is essential to use fabric conditioner, especially if you invested in expensive athleisure OOTDs. Fabric softener is like a masseuse to your favorite athleisure wear. Just make sure to find the right brand. If you avail of a laundry service like Liox, ask what brands of fabric conditioner they are using.

6. Pre-Treat Stain


Pretreating stain must be done as soon as possible. The physical properties of gym clothes are more attractive to grease and oil. It makes stain tougher to eradicate compared to other fabric types.

The strength of stain to stay in your clothes is directly proportional to the amount of time that a stain persists.

7. Rewash If it Still Smells

Sometimes after a thorough laundry, athleisure wear will still stink. Do not worry, and do be alarmed. All you to do is rewash it do the same procedure except soaking it in detergent and water solution longer than your typical soaking period.

8. Always Read and Follow the Garment Label

All your athleisure wears are delicate. So as a cautious owner, you must first check the care label in the garment. Read if it’s washable by washing machine. Garment labels like “Do not iron.”, “Hand wash only.” “Separate from other colors.”, and many more must be followed all the time. Nothing less, nothing more.


It is that simple. If you do not follow the garment label, then your sleek athleisure wear can be damaged permanently.

Also, you must follow the drying instructions, if there are any. Most athlete-horns can be dried by natural air-drying, but there are specific instructions on how to dry it adequately for some brands. Examples are tumble drying, sun drying, and many more.

Indeed, learning all the technicalities of laundry, especially in your athleisure wear, can be complex. But despite everything, I do genuinely you get the full grasp of it. Now that you are at the end of your read, you can now wash your gym clothes confidently. Keep sweating!