Planning is crucial when it comes to redesigning your family bathroom. It does not matter if you are intending to start a family or already have children. Chances are that you wish that your home’s bathroom could have been a bit larger. These days, houses all over the country tend to have slightly smaller bathroom sizes than one would have expected.

Currently, the thought of working around a confined bathroom to create a child-safe environment might sound like a challenge. Nonetheless, this obstacle can easily be overcome with just a few steps. Just heed the simple tips that will be shared below and you will be good to go. Once you’ve decided on what you want to include, head over to for a wide selection of fittings.

1. Install A Mirror Cabinet To Reduce Clutter


Picture this scenario. It is a typical Monday morning, and you step into your bathroom to freshen up. You pick out your toothbrush amidst the cluttered bathroom basin, fish out your tube of toothpaste, and start brushing your teeth. Most people will be familiar with the packed basin area which is just described.

Fortunately, the solution to this issue is simple. Get a mirrored bathroom cabinet. Not only will it act as a functional storage space, but its mirrored surface will also save you the hassle of purchasing a mirror separately. The storage space can aid in protecting your children, who share the common bathroom, from your sharp razors. Hence, greatly reducing the risk of injuries.

The Croydex Trent Medicine Cabinet is highly desirable as it can be easily installed. It is made of stainless steel which is perfect for the humid bathroom environment. In addition, the cabinet has a lock function to keep your children safe, lest they have access to pills or other potential hazards stored within the cabinet.

2. Install A Shower Enclosure To Reduce Slippery Surfaces


In order to reduce the risk of slippery tiles after showers, consider getting a shower enclosure to contain the water splashes and limit the wet area in the bathroom to a smaller one. Be it for your own safety or for the safety of your children, enclosed shower areas are a great investment to reduce the risk of bathroom accidents.

Modern shower enclosures can give your bathroom a futuristic flair as well. Opt for shower enclosures that have a gripped surface for safety purposes when you step in and out of the shower. A helpful tip is to select a design that does not have a lip, which provides a greater level of convenience as it reduces the need for climbing in and out.

3. Use A Towel Rack


A towel rack will be handy for a bathroom that is on the smaller side as it optimises vertical space. As children tend to leave their towels lying around, while the adults pick up after them, a towel rack could aid in maintaining the bathroom’s tidiness.

You may consider purchasing a ladder towel radiator which will be helpful during winter, yet functional all year round. The towel radiator emits hot air which aids in the drying process of your towels’ and provides you and your family with warm towels to be used after showers. Besides, a ladder towel radiator occupies less space as compared to a radiator. It brings about a sleek and minimalist aesthetic to complement your bathroom’s theme while keeping it neat and warm simultaneously.

4. Consider Investing In A Thermostatic Shower


A relatively common issue, most households face the hassle of having showers that waver between extremely hot and cold temperatures. This could pose a potential danger for children who might be unsure of how to effectively control the influx of warm or cold water in the shower. With a thermostatic shower, an equilibrium can be achieved with ease. Children would be able to easily take their showers at safe temperatures.

The Monza Modern Round Thermostatic Shower is an effective product. It is crafted with high-quality materials which use the latest ceramic disc technology, and the shower set can be adjusted to your desired height. The flow of water between the overhead and handset is controlled by a built-in diverter. Hence, there would be steady water pressure. Furthermore, the rubber jets can be cleaned with ease to reduce the build-up of dirt.

5. Opt For Anti-Slip Bath Mats


Bath mats are handy for getting rid of any puddles formed in bathrooms, and they need no introduction. After showers or baths, bath mats are indeed helpful for preventing slips and falls.

The Wenko Bamboo Bath Mat is available in natural wood colour and its bamboo properties absorb puddles really well. Coupled with a non-slip backing, it prevents the mat from moving about, which prevents the users from slipping.

Recommended – Small Family Bathroom Suites

If you are thinking of getting your bathroom redesigned or renovated, small family bathroom suites are an excellent option.

A suite consists of a package of bathroom fixtures such as a toilet, a sink, and a bath. Purchasing a suite is more economically friendly than purchasing the fixtures individually.


If you are in doubt about which family bathroom suite to get, the Bromley Small Cloakroom Suite is a popular choice. The suite’s muted colours are minimalistic and contribute to its exceptional versatility. As such, it is suitable for a wide array of bathroom styles. It has a cabinet, a square close coupled toilet, and a ceramic sink — all of which are manufactured using highly durable materials.

The Victorian-inspired cabinet has a round doorknob, and it has a spacious interior that accommodates your toiletries. Hence, this leaves your washbasin clutter-free. The toilet has a soft closing toilet seat, which prevents the toilet seat from slamming. This in turn ensures the safety of your children and provides a greater level of hygiene for your family.


Overall, here are the five tips which you could bear in mind before renovating your bathroom. Family bathroom suites offer one of the best deals, where you will get quality manufactured bathroom fixtures at a relatively lower price. Get going, and grab a good deal today!