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Fitness is something that has become a staple in many people’s daily routines and it’s a welcome change. Daily exercise helps warn off many health problems and has been proven to help massively with mental health issues. The only problem is that we get bored with our workouts so changing it up every day is a helpful way to keep things new and exciting. When it comes to what workout to do, it’s down to personal preference but it’s always handy to have some gym equipment to make those sweat sessions even better. It’s a tough decision knowing what to invest in so here’s your fitness guide: the ultimate home gym equipment.

1. Exercise Bike

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Gone are the days where an exercise bike used to consist of your pushbike hooked up to a trainer. Now we have options all over the place including some that involve a heads up display with live workouts and classes to take part in.

Understanding what’s the best choice for you and which one will be the best investment is always going to be tough. The professionals at state that reading real-world reviews from fitness experts is key to understanding which features are worth it in a home environment and which ones are best left for the gym.

The difference in price can range hugely depending on which style you choose so making sure you’re going to utilize everything on the bike is key to not wasting any money. One thing loved by many using the heads up display is the versatility of your workouts. Climb the mountains in the Pyrenees or take a spin class, the choice is yours.

2. Treadmill

Going running is very much weather dependant and having the motivation to get out when it’s lashing down is immensely difficult. Having a treadmill in the house takes away all the worries of the weather ruining your plans and allows you to run in the comfort of your own home. Watch your favorite tv show or film whilst running an easy-pace 10 miles or get the music pumping for a 5 kilometer PB attempt.

With the number of settings, a treadmill has to offer you can replicate outdoor running by setting a route that involves rolling hills, steep uphill climbs, and long uninterrupted flats.

3. Assault Bike

If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that will offer one of the hardest workouts there is then look no further than the assault bike. This will have your heart rate up in no time at all, working every aspect of your body.

The difference between an exercise bike and an assault bike is the assault will work out your arms, core, cardiovascular system and legs at the same time whilst a conventional exercise bike will work on only your legs and cardiovascular system.

Anyone into CrossFit will have heard of the assault bike as it’s a major part of their training and even shows up in competitions across the planet. For a full-on, sweat drenching, heart racing workout, look into purchasing one of these.

4. Multi Gym

For those lucky enough to have enough space in the home for a dedicated gym, this has to be a piece of equipment that’s included. A multigym is a freestanding weight gym that includes a number of different exercises focussed on growing and strengthening your muscles.

For those wanting to lose weight, it might be tempting to go for the traditional cardio approach but in reality, it’s much better to be taking part in resistance training. It’s proven to burn calories for hours after you have finished your workout and not only that, it helps tone you up and feel amazing.

5. Rowing Machine

Another heart-pumping workout, the rowing machine is not only fun but will do wonders for your arms, legs, core, and help you gain incredible stamina. Take to the rowing machine at your peril, the more you put in the quicker you’ll wear out. It takes some time to build up to true rowing fitness and it only takes looking at a rower to understand the incredible shape they are in.

The great thing about these machines is there are so many on the market at different price ranges. There will definitely be one that fits yours.

6. Adjustable Dumbbells

These are reasonably new to the home fitness world and they couldn’t have come any sooner. In reality, who has space for 10 different sets of dumbbells? Unless you have a dedicated room for working out, it’s often pretty difficult to find a space to put all your different weights.

The adjustable dumbbell provides all the weight you need, packed neatly away into a smart and compact device. Only two weights are needed and each of them will usually range between 5 and 52.5 pounds.

7. Heavy Bag

Any boxing enthusiast will probably already have one of these slung up in their garage or shed but for those of you that don’t, it’s a good idea to invest in one. The heavy bag is a boxer’s bread and butter and offers a workout like no other. Have you ever tried hitting something constantly for 3 minutes straight? No? Well, it’s incredibly difficult.

Boxers have some of the best stamina amongst athletes because of the immense physical power they’re exerting and the amount of concentration. If you’re looking to hone your punching skills, look into some boxing equipment. Not only is it incredible for fitness but it’s awfully fun, too.

8. Kettlebells

The kettlebell workout is a special kind of exercise. There isn’t anything else quite like it and it will allow you to work on such a variety of muscles you won’t know where to start. According to, work on your goblet squats to kettlebell swings. A whole-body workout is guaranteed with these in the home set up.

What’s brilliant about these is you don’t need every weight available as it leans more toward endurance mixed with strength. This means you won’t have tonnes cluttering up the floor space. There are even adjustable kettlebells on the market now just like the dumbbells mentioned previously. You can also click here for professional kettlebell workout tips from the trainers at Tone It Up. Sometimes tips from professionals can be a great deal for your progress.

Getting fit in 2024 has literally never been easier. The demand for home fitness equipment is on the rapid increase meaning there are plenty of companies battling it out for the top spot. Not only does this mean there are lots of brands to choose from, but also that the price is dropping to compete with others. Take fitness into your own hands this year and start your journey to feeling great.