You’d be surprised that there is a lot of fun, free, and exciting this to do in Milwaukee. The city is by no means the size of Chicago, but that’s what makes it so unique. There are lots of amazing attractions, museums, restaurants, and landmarks in Milwaukee but they aren’t as large (or as crazy!) as in big cities. You can visit this site of TouristSecrets for more landmarks in Milwaukee.

Learn more of the best things to do, and places to visit with our list of top Milwaukee attractions:

9Milwaukee RiverWalk


If you want a unique way to explore the area, stroll along the two-mile Riverwalk just right next to the Milwaukee River. You can even make a stop at lots of excellent local restaurants and breweries along the way.

There are several public exhibits, turned “outdoor gallery” where you can witness some of the city’s current art trends. There are a couple of art installations such as the bronze sculpture of “The Fonz” from the TV series Happy Days, and several colorful signs that tell about the city’s history.

Milwaukee RiverWalk also serves as a venue for several annual events in the city like the Milwaukee River Challenge, and River Rhythms.

8Historic Third Ward

The Historic Third Ward is found south downtown and houses the city’s main attractions. This used to be a busy district where frequent fights happen, which is why it earned the name, “Bloody Ward.”

In the present, it houses the city’s Arts and Fashion District, where several theaters, spas, galleries, restaurants, and shops. Here, you can also find the Milwaukee Public Market, Broadway Theatre Center, Third Ward Riverwalk, and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Because of its renaissance, it has managed to attract locals that enjoy Third Ward’s atmosphere, and some of them bought warehouse-turned condominiums.

This fun, vibrant neighborhood is the place to be if you want to go for a little shopping, catch a show, or just simply walk around and enjoy the place.

7Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery


Located at the old Historic Pabst Brewery, this place is a tavern, gift shop, and event center all rolled into one. The owner restored the place while keeping some of the original parts of the old brewery.

Take a guided tour that would take you back to the interesting history of Pabst brewery from 1884 when it first all started up to today. Then, explore the historic Blue Ribbon Hall, and get to walk past the old brewery’s preserved areas. Guests also have the chance to taste the brewery’s outstanding beer.

6Discovery World

Discovery World offers guests with a wide variety of fun and exciting activities. The facility focuses on both science and technology, making it challenging, intimidating, and fun at the same time.

You can get to observe stimulating exhibits like learning unique facts about the human body, knowing what makes robots and other machines tick, and about the Morse code and wireless telegraph.

The entire family will experience a truly fun-filled, educational experience.

5Milwaukee Public Market


Found at the neighborhood of the Historic Third Ward, this is certainly one of the prime attractions in the area, where tourists, locals, farmers, artisans, come together to buy fresh local food, load supplies, people watch, or just stroll around the area.

You’d never run out of choices while you’re here. You can buy fresh produce, meat, seafood, cheese, wine, spices, coffee, baked goods, and candies.

There are also non-edible items for sale like clothes, flowers, and other goodies. The market also hosts regular cooking classes, cooking demos, and is open daily.

4Purple Door Ice Cream

Does beer and ice cream make sense? Well, in Purple Door Ice Cream, it certainly does. Just don’t bring the kids though- all of their frozen desserts are purely adults-only treats because it contains 1-3 percent of alcohol.

You can find this unique ice cream parlor at the historic Walker’s Point area. Over the years, it has become a popular go-to place for both tourists and locals that are craving for their favorite scoop of ice cream (with alcohol, of course!)

Currently, they offer 20 flavors of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, pops, sundaes, pints, and ice cream cakes!



Streetza doesn’t offer your everyday pizza. It’s a food truck that sells delectable, mouthwatering pizza. They’re so popular that they have been declared as the city’s Best Street Food for four years straight.

You’d find a Streetza truck anywhere there’s a public gathering, concert, or street party.

They sell traditional pizza slices, but always make sure that they have something special added on their menu.

2Manfred Olson Planetarium

It was a physics professor who first opened way back in 1965. Today, the planetarium is piquing the interest of its guests, particularly those that are into science.

The facility is well equipped with digital projectors and stunning visual effects, giving guests a fun and unforgettable visual experience. If you’re looking for a fun, and engaging activity that you can do with the kids, then head over to the facility.

The planetarium also displays several items of interest, and there’s an observatory where you can hold stargazing sessions. Guests can use their telescopes to observe planets, stars, and several astronomical wonders.

1Brady Street


Take a stroll on Brady Street and admire beautifully built buildings and other stunning architecture that was built between the 1860s up until the 1930s.

This area has one of the most ethnically diverse communities because it is where early immigrants from Ireland, Poland, and Germany settled.

Today, the street is filled with the city’s best restaurants, lounges, boutique shops, cafes, and taverns.

It is also a place where locally owned businesses are currently thriving, passionate about selling everyday goods, as well as a collection of rare and incredibly unique items.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. By no means this list is complete, but this will give you a good picture of the cool and fun things to do in Milwaukee. Hope that you enjoy your adventures in this city!